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  • Above average thriller with plenty of twists , turns and a suspenseful finale . It contains unstopped action with great cast and nice supporting actors giving good performances . Furthermore , displaying a colorful and luxurious cinematography as well as a stirring and emotive score . ¨Retribution¨ or ¨El Desconocido¨ deals with a bank executive called Carlos : Luis Tosar , who faces a risked situation when he receives a mobile phone call informing him he has just a few hours to get a large amount of money or a bomb under his seat will explode , but events are about to be worst . Complicating things still further , the police pursues him and surrounding his car and then happenings go awry .

    This is a top-notch thriller about a high-powered banker submitted to weird circumstances surrounding him , that's just the starting point for him , and a bit later on , things get even worse . A film in similar quality other Hollywood blockbusters . As this film results to be a crossover from other benchmarking successes as well as grossing American films , such as : ¨Locke¨ by Steven Knight (2013) with Tom Hardy , "Speed" (1994) directed by Jan de Bont with Keanu Reeves , and "Phone Booth" (2002) Joel Schumacher with Colin Farrell . This splendid Spanish movie has a lot of action images , including pursuits , car crashes , explosion , and Police Helicopter scenes . The plot can not be very realistic ; however, displaying several scenes have you on the edge of your seat . The picture increases the relentless tension as well as the flick progresses on screen . Thrilling and nail-biting film with a lot of scenes of drama , tension , emotion and action , all of them at equal parts . This is a highly suspenseful and cerebral thriller , filled with plot twists , including an unexpected denouement in its final part . Hitchcock style psychological thriller , being surprisingly good and stunningly directed . The picture is pretty well , though sometimes stagy , as developing into the car , and it has a lot of turns . However , being very entertaining for its continuous suspense . The original as well entertaining premise is overspread across the movie adding some brief conventional pitfalls . The well assembled cast is frankly good , including masterful direction of players , such as : Luis Tosar as the selfish winner businessman , Javier Gutiérrez , Elvira Mínguez , Fernando Cayo , Goya Toledo , Luis Zahera and special mention for Paula del Río as his daughter Marta . It packs a colorful and evocative cinematography by Juán Inchaustegui . Shot in Vigo and especially in its Plaza de Vigo , A Coruña , Galicia . Rousing and moving musical score by Manuel Ribeiro . Soundtrack is really helping to keep tied to what happens .

    This increasingly potent thriller was compellingly produced by Mercedes Gamero , Juan Carlos Caro , Emma Lustres , all of them have financed a great number of hits in the new Spanish cinema . This new film by Spanish writer/director Dani De La Torre was compelling and professionally directed . Dani previously realized short movies as ¨Lobos¨ and Minas¨ , and TV Mini-Series : ¨Mar Libre¨ and his first film was this ¨El Desconocido¨ , a film full of emotional thrills , suspense , mystery and non-stop action .
  • fregenold8 March 2017
    An attention grabber and holder that takes place in the Galicia area of Spain, north of Portugal. I think the main actor's portrayal is superior to those of the last two years in the Oscars. He displays a very wide range of emotions sitting in the driver's seat of his car. Never a dull moment.
  • I liked this movie, but I was not to impressed. There were already a bunch of movies with a similar storyline, but because it was a spanish movie I liked it more. The spanish movies are getting better and bettere each year and this movie prooves it. The main character's acting was on point, plus the kids were just as good. 7/10 for me.
  • A banker goes to work one day and takes the kids to be dropped off at school but before that can happen, he receives a phone call from someone who tells him he has placed a bomb under the seats of the car and tells him he must arrange a transfer of money to him.

    It's the kind of idea that has been seen before whereby someone on the end of a phone is controlling someone else for their gain but from the offset we are sent on a thrilling journey making you wonder why this is happening and making you wonder what you would do in such a situation. The director manages to keep things fairly grounded and so the realism assists in building up the tension. There are a couple of twists thrown in which keeps the pace going.

    Good acting from everyone involved in a cast that I am unfamiliar with due to the Spanish production. In the decade of remakes and reboots, this is certainly a film I can see being remade at some point. Provided you do not mind reading subtitles this is certainly worth the viewing time.
  • I only watched this film because I wanted to practise my Spanish and didn't expect to enjoy the flick. In fact, it had sat on my hard drive for nearly a year before I got around to finally watching it. Imagine my surprise and delight when the movie kept me on the edge of my seat for the duration. It is formulaic, to be sure, like most action films, but still has enough twists to keep up the suspense. Plus, the acting is great across the board. So, for those like me who always want more of the same, it hits the spot.
  • A normal day in the life of an bank executive, he wakes up early, answers phone calls related to his work, takes the children to school and notices that the door of the car was already open, but he does not do anything and gets in the car with their two children and is on his way to take them to school and then go to his work at the bank.

    Everything goes well until our protagonist (Carlos) receives a call from a cellphone that is not his, he finds it strange but he answers it and on the other side of the line is a stranger who demands a large money transfer to his bank account, if Carlos does not what the unknown person says him will blow up a bomb that's on the inside of the car, and also Carlos will have to make the transfer inside his car because if he gets up of his seat it will activate a bomb inside his seat and will blow up the car as well, leaving him with no possible escape to this problem.

    Basically this is the premise of the film, a very intense thriller simply breathtaking and with a unpredictable outcome. One of The best movies from 2015, and with an extraordinary performance by Luis Tosar. My Vote is 8

    I recommend it.

    Title (Portugal) - "O De$conhecido" ("The Unknown")
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A bank executive receives an anonymous phone call informing him he has just a few hours to obtain a large amount of money or a bomb under his seat will explode. El desconocido (2015) is a film that will totally surprise you especially with how good of a film it is even if it's not made in America but Spain plus you can totally see that it had a pretty low budget but even with that it still kept me on the edge of my seat it had a pretty simple premise, the action was handled very well and there was a lot of suspense plus the acting was terrific and especially from the great Luis Tosar that keeps getting better and better. For me this movie was amazing it was everything that i wanted it to be and it also surprised me in a lot of levels (A+)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is an absolute firecracker of an action movie from Spain, another indicator that the country is producing some of the world's most exciting films right now. Its "madman" plot is reminiscent of "Grand Piano". This time the madman claims he's planted bombs beneath the seats of the car in which a banker (Luis Tosar) is transporting his two young children to school. If the banker fails to transfer a specific amount of cash to the blackmailer's account, or if anyone leaves their seat, the bombs will be activated. As with "Grand Piano" disbelief is suspended because the suspense is racked up with cunning skill every fifteen minutes or so. It's impossible to predict the next diabolical development. Around the halfway mark there's a bravura single take in which the camera prowls around an enormously complicated set-up in a square in A Coruna, a city that may benefit tourist-wise. First time feature director Dani de la Torre does a flawless job and as sure as eggs are eggs he will go to Hollywood. But will he direct the English language re-make, which is surely in pre-production? Ten out of ten for an action movie because there's more going on here than just car chases: the "hero" is a banker who has promoted worthless investments. The "madman" is one of his victims. During the devastating finale, our sympathies are divided. Sensational performances from all concerned but Paula del Rio stands out as the banker's daughter.
  • If you take LOCKE - starring Tom Hardy spending all the feature length speaking in a cell phone whilst he drives his car - and Joel Schumacher's PHONE BOOTH, starring Colin Farell trapped in a phone booth because of a death threat over his head - not a bomb but a sniper - you will easily get this film topic. OK, that a pretty good suspense, but admit that since a couple of years now, you have many of those topics emerging every where; I mean phone calls involving death threats, or a person asked to kill some folks by unknown killers using a cell phone. A very predictable scheme. When it is not persons buried, locked in a coffin, room, car chest, basement...I guess you will see many more in a near future. Only a not predictable ending can spice those suspense stories. It is also a little "tribute" to the economic crisis; the banker accused to have pushed a woman to suicide because of her lost savings...
  • kosmasp14 December 2016
    Not just cruising, there is a lot more weight to this (pun intended). It does show that there is a really good genre scene in Spain. While you could argue that this is a mixture of different other (American) movies, it still keeps an original touch to it. Now the message on the other hand is a bit convoluted.

    But let's keep it real: How many movies can really balance political or social statements and deliver on the thriller aspect the viewer is expecting? Not that many who are really exceptional. This is still pretty strong and good, even with a couple of plot holes and suspend your disbelief kind of stuff. If you're able to, the movie will be a somewhat enjoyable ride (pun not intended)
  • dimostzor18 August 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Another very good thriller film from Spain. Direction, plot, performance of the actors-actresses, are all excellent. It's one of the fortunate examples of the cinematic art treating subjects like revenge, family members' affairs, hunger for success by all means and a very direct "moment of truth" for the protagonist.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    the film begins promisingly, but as the action unfolds, the script begins to lose credibility ... starts talking sense that it is a Spanish film that tries to make an American thriller .. out there .. we go wrong when we try to compete with American... No one in Spain speaks on the phone, as if he were a radio announcer. But hey, even there, there are certain things that can make it work until ... I do not understand that the boy was injured very seriously in the leg and the car does not suffer, apparently, no external damage after the explosion of the car of his friend, but hey, leaving that aside, let's what concerns me ... the moment they turn off the mobile covert and, therefore, the remote control of the bomb will not work ... anyone will have gone to disarm the bomb, and Luis .. dear, stop hiding the maniac's mobile phone, WHY DO YOU DO THAT, you are showing the police someone is speaking to you on the phone, but you don't give it to them when you have the chance to... IDIOT, you give the phone to the police, they track the call, and then he could be caught. And then, the police let that guy go to the car wearing a bulletproof vest.. just that?? now one goes with him... in Spain???? I'm sorry, but we must make credible things, if phones do not work, the remote of the second or third bomb wouldn't work as well... which by the way ... how many bombs could one person place in just one night??? but really, for 67,000 € ???? LOL
  • paulcreeden27 July 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    The only reason I don't give this a "1" is the cinematography, locations and the fact that a city was inconvenienced for the filming.

    There was no plot beyond the dirty banker getting manipulated by a sadistic victim of fraud. That's it. The rest is badly written and awkward moments of gaffs by the writers/director who allowed things to happen which made no sense at all. The whole thing could have been resolved 30 minutes before the end by the protagonist without all the melodrama. And the protagonist, actually a bad guy, was supposed to be crafty and wily. Just not wily enough to do several obvious things that would have foiled the villain.

    If you like stupid suspense films, this is right up you alley. If you like watching people who are hysterical beyond belief, this is your pick. If you like routing for criminals to get away from other criminals, go for it. I just wish I could get my two hours back.