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  • This movie somewhat reminded me of "A.I. Artificial Intelligence", a movie that started out like a drama and in the end felt like a fairy tale story. "Before I Wake" has the feel of a horror movie at times, but turns into, albeit a scary one, a fairy tale. The good: The actors did a fine job, especially the two leads. A well written story and the fantasy effects looks good. The bad: The monster did not look very scary, but I guess there is a reason for that in the story. The movie is promoted as a horror, I guess that will leave some viewers disappointed. This is not The Conjuring or Saw. This is a fantasy with some scary elements.
  • I'll admit the trailer didn't grip me, I watched it and thought I wouldn't enjoy it, big mistake, this is such an imaginative horror, which defies all the usual horror cliches, the usual proceedings are turned on their head, the child, Cody, is a really nice kid, not the usual Damianesque monster you are normally guaranteed. The parents are not sadistic or twisted, they're just trying to do their best and get by.

    The film is a visual treat, when it's intended to look good it's beautiful, the butterflies look stunning, so bright, and on the flipside the moths and Canker Man look menacing and dark.

    The scares are good, plenty of things going on, but you need to keep watching and concentrating. I wouldn't say it has much in store for those that love gore and twisted horror, it would be tame for those, but for the casual horror viewer, this is a smashing movie.

    The ending was the only part I felt was a little bit of a let down, such a good film deserved a better conclusion.

    Well worth seeing, 8/10
  • I scored this a 10. Let me tell you why:

    Rarely does a film surprise me at all but this film certainly did. Mike Flannigan created an enigmatic speculative on childhood love, loss, fear and death that is both uniquely interpretive and otherworldly fantastical. For those who go into this film anticipating a run-of-the-mill horror film with gruesome effects and bloody deaths, you will be exceedingly disappointed. This film is provocative in that it makes you think and feel throughout. It is at times vastly uncomfortable, but magnificently redemptive. What it achieves is a rare feat- one I would classify more in the realm of Pan's Labyrinth than something like The Ring. What it suffers from is completely misdirected and misleading marketing which has done this gem a huge disservice.

    I'd watch it again. I'd recommend it to friends. Refrain from judging it based on the posters or the trailer. It's far greater than it's packaging and will probably be better received by audiences who expect more substance.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Question 1: Please tell me why a child that size drowned in the bathtub?? Sit up kid. Question 2: Why is no one investigating her missing husband? Meanwhile she's doing "research" like most typical horror films trying to get to the bottom of it! Question 3: Does she even care that her husbands gone?? Nope. Doesn't seem to bothered by it. Question 4: Why were they so angry with her for giving him a sleeping pill only to hold him down to give him a shot??? Question 5: Why was the front door to the orphanage unlocked??? I think that's it. But I'm still pretty confused by the whole thing. Could have been great, but didn't quite get there.
  • Okay here we go... I am so sick of all the people writing reviews where they pick apart the Genre classification, like that some how makes the content of the movie bad because of their "say-so". Get a damn life and quit being a anal retentive Armchair sycophant. Couldn't you just say they got the sub categories wrong and be done with it. No one really gives a crap. If you think it really matters, Then write to the Studio that produced the film and complain to them. (guaranteed your letter will wind up in the round file") Instead, write a fair review about the actual "Movie" and move on. NOW... I liked this movie, it was done well, great acting ( the kid stole the show in my opinion). Filming was great, suspense slow and grinding, Music was good and the special effects were actual good for this type of movie. It reminded me of the 1984 movie Dreamscape with Dennis Quaid and David Patrick Kelly where he helps the kid with the same kind of problem. Done well and It was great entertainment. Enjoy.
  • Decent movie, it has a couple flaws in the script (which I can't really point out without spoiling stuff so I won't bother doing that) but the resolution was brilliant and Kate Bosworth pulled one of her better performances as of late so it's well worth seeing.

    If you are looking for a horror movie to have you by the edge of the seat the whole time, this is probably the wrong movie to pick but if you want to see something original (as far as horror's goes at least) then this is not that bad of a pick.

    So yeah a solid effort with an emotional punch and it also looks very neat visually.

    If you liked HALF LIGHT (2006) with Demi Moore and DRAGON FLY (2002) with Kevin Costner then I think this should be right up your alley.
  • zahraa_shams10 April 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie isn't a typical and predictable "happy ending movie", however it has many twist plots and is amazingly creative. I loved the idea at the end and how the ending was a bit open, making the audience think a bit for themselves. Frankly speaking, this story throws a bomb at the end as you struggle throughout the whole movie of sudden terrifying scenes, it's all worth it. Jacob Tremblay is an amazingly talented kid and his acting skills slay in this movie, especially in certain scenes. However, I think in some specific scenes, Kate Bosworth's character and her "husband", lacked showing emotions. I feel that if a bit more emotions were portrayed from the characters, it would've been much more powerful. Overall, great movie, worth the watch! :)
  • Before I Wake tells the story of Cody(Jacob Tremblay). Cody has been moving from place to place because, different foster parents have been adopting him from time to time. Now, he is in the care of, Jessie(Kate Bosworth) & Mark(Thomas Jane). Jessie & Mark soon realize, that Cody's dreams physically appear before them, as he sleeps. The deadly fact is, the same thing happens during his nightmares.

    Before I Wake is an impressive film. However, it is not that scary. The jump scares are minimal. The suspense is superbly maintained throughout the movie, by director Mike Flanagan. However, the ending of the film, is disappointing & frankly, slightly silly. The biggest flaw with this movie is that it is not properly categorized. It is supposed to be a horror movie but, it feels more like a fantasy thriller. The script by Mike Flanagan & Jeff Howard is original & unique. However, I liked Flanagan & Howard's previous collaboration, Oculus(2013) better. Jacob Tremblay's performance as Cody, is the highlight of the film. Tremblay continues to impress us with his supreme acting ability, after being lauded for his performance in Room(2015). Kate Bosworth is great as Jessie. Thomas Jane is effective as Mark. Annabeth Gish is good as Natalie. Dash Mihok is awesome as Whelan. Antonio Evan Romero, Kyla Deaver & Hunter Wenzel are amazing as Sean, Annie & Tate, respectively. Before I Wake is not a must watch. Still, it is worth a watch if you have some time to spare.
  • julialbailey9 January 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Why wasn't she bothered at all that her husband was gone?!? Why did she imagine the others returning to their loved ones and not her spouse? There are still some pretty serious psychological problems with that character.
  • I only gave it a 9 because I don't believe in perfect scores... There's so much that I love about this movie! and I think the thing that helped is that I knew nothing about it going into it. In these days trailers will often spoil things and change your expectations going into it. If the trailer is cut properly it will really raise your expectations and you could be in for a disappointment.. in my situation I never saw a trailer and only knew the title.

    Suffice to say I was VERY engaged in the movie because I had no idea what to expect.. there were many amazing elements, I've always loved the implementation of dreams into horror movies because I myself have nightmares often.. it resonates with me.. this movie pulls that off so perfectly in my mind. I also love the amazing performance the kid who plays Cody gave.

    I encourage you to give this one a chance, and try to avoid ANY kind of spoilers you can avoid.. don't watch the trailer, just check it out.
  • I've enjoyed Mr. Flannegan's movies before this one. But right from the start Before I Wake got on my nerves. You've got the perfect couple living in an amazing house without any visible means of support. What do they do for work? The kid is ridiculously adorable mini-Bieber with a cutie-pie pout and way of speaking. Perfect perfect perfect. It's pure Hollywood fantasy.

    Then there's the usual holes in the think-through of the basic concept. Like, how did the people at the orphanage (or wherever the kid was staying between foster parents) not know about his weird powers? How come no one ever thought to take him to some doctors/scientists to figure out what was going on? (The Exorcist got this part right and was all the scarier for it) How come 'let them go' results in just one release? (though we see multiples coming loose from the roots). How come the wife seems oh so fine with the situation as it stands at the end of the movie?

    I get that this is a fantasy movie... but if EVERYTHING is unbelievable/implausible then the fantasy elements are lessened and just more of the same nonsense.

    Yes, the movie is well made, the acting is fine. My gripe, as usual, is with the writing... with the way the characters don't behave like real people. Except for a bit of spooky stuff this could have been kids movie about a magical boy living in a magical land full of magic. So my end opinion is, 'Ick!'
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Imaginative and sad, the movie pulls you in with compassion for the parental figures and the child in the movie. (Which is sometimes underachieved in this genre). Though there are some points of child horror in the movie, I can happily say that for the most part it steers clear of making the child the focal point of fear, we all know how kids are basically living spawn of Satan in horror films. And if you're like me, it's a very tiring trope.

    Cody's dreams are beautiful but turn very dark very quickly, the amount of stress the boy feels is understandable and makes him an extremely sympathetic character for the audience. This is one of the first horror films that has successfully made me fear for the safety of a child (Cody) during the story.

    The movie plays on the loss the parents feel for their first child and the temptation to use Cody as a way to be with him again. This causes tension between the parents and leads to an interesting conflict between the two. Though I feel the conflict was not focused on enough before continuing with the story.

    I feel that the fantasy horror element for the movie is a fine approach. It reminds me a great deal of Guillero del Toro's films. (Think Pan's Labyrinth but with no blood and a few jump scares.) I feel that if you enjoy Guillero del Toro's films, this movie will be an enjoyable experience for you as it beautifully combines fantasy with horror and builds up to a bittersweet ending that leaves you with a bit of an inspired feeling about where the characters may go from where the story leaves off.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILER: Jessie (Kate Bosworth) and her husband Mark (Thomas Jane) are grieving the loss of their son Sean (Antonio Romero), who drowned in the bathtub, and Jessie is in a group therapy. They decide to adopt the eight year-old orphan Cody (Jacob Tremblay), who was abandoned by two foster families. Cody is a lovely boy and becomes the pride and joy of Jessie and Mark. Cody avoids to sleep and Jessie and Mrk believe the boy has psychological problems due to the rejection of the previous foster parents. Soon they discover that when Cody sleeps, his beautiful dreams come true. But the problem is that the same happens with his dreadful nightmares.

    "Before I Wake" is an intriguing supernatural story of an orphan with a special ability. One great difference from other horror movies is that the boy Cody is sweet and not evil. There is explanation for what happens but the conclusion could have been more commercial and less gloomy. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "O Sono da Morte" ("The Death Sleep")
  • sjarja23 June 2016
    This is a very "nice" suspense/horror movie - with a satisfyingly good ending that explains and ties things together neatly. As with most horror movies - i went in without too great an expectation and was pleasantly surprised that i really liked it.

    This movie may be a little bit too soppy or "nice" to be classified a real horror movie.

    It does not rely much on jump scares. Actually it uses scares only sparsely - and instead goes with story and mystery. The roles of the foster parents are actually nicely done and acted. They are a lot less clichéd than countless other "typical foster parents in suspense/horror movies".

    Special effects were alright but not too great - i would have loved to see more practical effects, because the CGI kind of made it look like a rather cheap computer cut-scene sometimes.

    All in all - recommended - but not if you are looking for a real scare. Personally i d rather classify that movie as a fantasy story with scare elements.
  • The biggest strength of Before I Wake is in my opinion the writing. I was impressed with the story and background of characters from the beginning. Horror films these days, with the exception of a few, don't seem to have plot development beyond a vague explanation. But I appreciate a horror movie that has a strong story element. Flashbacks were used throughout to show reasons behind certain character actions. The story itself is something you'd think is from Stephen King. So if you like that kind of thing this movie is for you. A foster child has the power to make dreams (and nightmares) real. His new foster parents are unsure what's happening when their home starts to become a wonderland of dream creatures..including monsters. The fantasy element colors the movie a much different shade than something like the Conjuring. As it develops, the mysterious circumstances keep you guessing which is fun if you're watching with someone. My girlfriend and I were both trying to figure it out before things were revealed. By the end I was left wanting more and while that may bother some moviegoers, at least it leaves room for a sequel. See this movie if you can and keep an open mind!
  • The stage curtains open ...

    "Before I Wake" is a visual extravaganza - mystical, horrifying, and even magical all at the same time. Not exactly a Horror movie, not exactly a Thriller either ... and not even a Drama. It is hard to classify this movie. What it is, to me, is a Fairy Tale - what could be a terrifying fairy tale, that caters to the eyes.

    Some time after the Hobsons lost their own little boy to a drowning accident, they foster another special boy and take him into their home. He is quiet, unobtrusive and is afraid to fall asleep. But when he does fall asleep, wonderful things begin to happen. Physical manifestations of what he is dreaming about actually begin to appear - starting first with colorful butterflies, then their own son next to a christmas tree ... and then the darkness begins to show through. The 'Canker Man' arrives and suddenly, his ability is no longer wondrous - it is deadly.

    This movie starts out with a bang as the very first scene grabs your attention and keeps you glued to the screen. As the movie develops though, it loses some of its steam. I was not impressed with Kate Bosworth in this one as the foster mother. She was one of the most boring characters I think I've seen in recent memory. Pretty much devoid of any personality, she just kinda floats from one scene to the next. Her facial expression is the same in every single take.

    The strength of this movie is in its visuals. Fantastic - and yet, still not really strong enough to make this a recommend. Overall, I did enjoy the story and young Jacob Tremblay was impressive as the troubled dreamer. But, it was nothing really special or noteworthy. Some people are really going to love this movie, and I can understand why. I personally felt it was just okay.
  • I try to randomly pick something different for me from Netflix at least once a week. I'm not really a Kate Bosworth fan, but I picked this one tonight and was happily surprised. Categorize it how you want, it is a movie about a foster couple who have lost their son. They take in Cody, a sweet, polite, adorable 8-year-old. They soon discover his dreams-good or bad-come true. Yes, Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane seem too 'perfect' (and what in all that is holy is up with Thomas Jane's hair?!) and there are a few holes in the plot but you know what? Sometimes you should just watch a movie without having to pick it completely apart. It's a psychological fantasy. Enjoy it. Plus, the kid is pretty darn cute and I hope to see more of him in the future.
  • kosmasp13 April 2017
    And no this is not a criticism of the movie. Nor your reaction to it. While it's hard to tell what qualify as boring for some, I do believe this is decent enough to keep your on your toes (or the edge of your seat/bed), without you being in danger (no pun intended). Which cannot be said about the characters in this one.

    And while there are some inconsistencies throughout, and the usual "why and who on earth would do that in real life?" moments, will not be a big enough obstacle for your viewing pleasure. It is what it is and yes when it comes to kids, this one ranks pretty high in the horror list. The actors make this worthwhile I guess.
  • cindiinguyen18 January 2018
    This ending got me sooooooo messed up !!!!! Overall it's wasnt a bad movie .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Warning Spoilers! I was very disappointed after seeing this movie, it was mostly predictable jump scares and everything was very rushed or not explained enough. The ending really upset me most of all when Kate Bosworth goes to the orphanage to take back Cody while all his nightmares are being released. For the first time the Canker monster decided to eat any of the people there and on top of that every time Bosworth came face to face with a nightmare she easily walked away from it. Then she sees this monster thing and gave it a hug and instead of it becoming Cody's actual birth mother (which the monster is based off of) it becomes Cody, cause you know that makes sense... Anyway Bosworth takes Cody home without any trouble, literally none, the woman who runs the orphanage is just like meh okay take him. Then Cody learns all about how the canker monster became his fear and how all those people that went missing that were eaten were just gone forever, not like anyone really looked into their disappearances from the start though. But hey Bosworth gets a new son because hers drowned no questions asked (no you will never find out how he managed to drown or why she blamed her husband for his death)
  • ramkoil2 October 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    What an awful movie. I think this director must be a total novice. The main actress suppose to be an insomniac. She is an insomniac with perfect face, hair no bags under the eye, and also perfect makeup. She is still grieving for her son, but never forgets her makeup and always bright color clothing. Has this director ever seen an insomniac?, Or has he ever himself missed 3 nights good sleep, and then looked in the mirror. The rest of the movie is the same, we know how they feel not because of the acting but because they tell us how they feel, and of course the cue music. The best actor was the husband and they killed him off halfway through the movie, because god forbid a man can not carry the movie any more. Awful directing, story telling.
  • I'm only half-way into this movie, but I already feel compelled to write a couple of comments. Even though I haven't finished watching the movie yet, I'm giving it a poor rating or 4 out of 10 stars. Why you ask? Simple. The married couple's response to seeing their living room full of blue monarch butterflies; followed by seeing their son in the flesh, IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!! Unless you were born and raised in the land of OZ, where crazy-ass occurrences are the norm, you simply wouldn't respond with the emotionally-muted question of, "GEE, WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM??" Then, if the appearance of the butterflies out of NOWHERE didn't catch your attention, don't you think seeing the butterflies DISAPPEAR INTO THIN AIR, MIGHT CATCH YOUR ATTENTION???? Not these two! They just head off to bed, like nothing ever happened. Even more RIDICULOUS YET, the following night, when they see their dead son in the flesh, THEY DON'T SAY A SINGLE WORD TO HIM!!! They hug him, and then cry when he disappears; after which, they just trot off to bed, again, like nothing ever happened. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!? The only way this response would make any sense, is if these two popped some acid; but, based on the story line, that is not the case.

    THIS MARRIED COUPLE SO UN-INQUISITIVE, THAT EVEN IF SANTA CLAUS SHOWED UP IN THEIR LIVING ROOM, I SUSPECT THEY WOULD JUST OFFER HIM SOME COOKIES, AND THEN GO TO BED!!! This is just horrible writing!!! No sane person is going to encounter these events, and then just skip off to bed, with absolutely no discussion about it at all. DUMB!!!
  • Everyone says this movie is out of genre and honestly it is a bit. But that does not make it a bad movie. Yeah, it is not the top scariest horror movie, but it has some horror aspects that can be quite scary in one's first watching. For me, this movie is more of a plot and character driving movie rather than a scary movie to get the chills. The idea is completely original and I personally thinks the movie execute it pretty good. I need to give som points for the actors. Especialle Jacob Tremblay, who acts like I think a little and scared boy in that age would act. He is the perfect sweet boy to counter his dark nightmares. I personally adore the score. It is suspenseful, when it needs to be, and it is happy-ish, when there is room for happiness.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nice movie with good plot. Cannot believe the critics that go on about the 'it's called a horror movie but it isnt really a horror movie'... who cares about the genre name tag? It is a captivating movie with a beautiful plot, the ending is touching and satisfying.
  • I just saw it at the cinema and I really loved it. It's an amazingly beautiful horror film! Something type like "A Nightmare on Elm Street", "The Amityville Horror", "Mama" and "The Possession"..

    The story was really interesting! The kid Cody (Jacob Tremblay) has unusual nightmares, but he can't live without nightmares until he finds one thing to realize something..

    The acting were good, but Jacob Tremblay (the kid who played in "Room") was absolutely a fantastic and very cute kid in it.

    Don't expect a scary movie that is actually scary, but it has some scary parts and good jump scares. The special makeup is amazing! The ending was beautiful and just sad, but also happy!

    I gave "Before I Wake" a 9.5 out of 10. I recommend this movie if you want to watch it, it will give you an enjoyable time!
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