This film premiered in U.S. theaters on October 1, 2014. It was removed from all U.S. theaters by October 30, and made less than one million dollars domestically.

Co-Writer and Director Jason Reitman felt so much of the acting in the film was so based on reactions to texts, chats, and photos that using dummy screens with no text would not suffice. The production team had to create very realistic-looking versions of popular websites, all on their own tightly controlled software, with which the actors and actresses could interact in real-time. According to Reitman, they spent "the same amount of budget on creating the digital world as we did creating the physical one. People know what Facebook looks like better than they do a hotel lobby, you stare at it all day, so it had to be convincing."

Cameron Diaz was offered the role of Donna Clint.

When Jennifer Garner is tracking her daughter on the cell phone and pulls up the map, her daughter's location is a pale blue dot. This further emphasizes the pale blue theory that none of this matters in the long run.

Ansel Elgort (who played Tim in the film) and Timothée Chalamet (who was also in the film as Danny) attended to LaGuardia High School (New York's performing arts school) together. They both had the same teachers and played on the same basketball team.

David Denman's character name is Jim Vance. Both of those names are in The Office (2005), a show that he was also in.