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  • I am very surprised this film has some bad reviews as i really enjoyed this film, Yes its a old fashion cat and mouse chase type of film but its well done. Olga kurylenko plays the lead role and shows just how good she is, the ex hit-man (2007) and bond girl (quantum of solace) is a thief with a certain set of skills that will do whatever it takes to get the job done while james purefoy (a knights take) is the man sent to stop her. Plot is basic and easily followed but the action and constant clash between olga and james makes this film worth watching, with a small role in the film for morgan freeman "momentum" is one of the better small production films of 2015 and well worth a watch from the opening scene that looks like a bunch of power rangers on speed to the final 20 minutes of the film momentum delivers.
  • chrismackey197216 October 2015
    It's not the greatest of the female-themed action adventures, but it's certainly watchable. I saw it because I'm a fan of James Purefoy and Olga Kurylenko. They were good in their roles, but each time Purefoy said one of his "Damn! She's good!" lines, it was silly. It wasn't that she was such a professional, it's more that the bad guys came across as rather inept. Some of it was tongue-in-cheek, such as when Purefoy's coat caught fire, he slowly took it off, saying "I liked that coat." There wasn't a great deal of urgency projected from the bad guys showing they needed to get back that drive quickly. Morgan Freeman's character was fairly a mute point in the movie. They could've stuck any actor -- famous or not -- in that role, that's how superfluous his character was. All in all, it was entertaining. Having seen him play Blackbeard and Joe Carroll, I have to say James Purefoy does the bad guy roles very good.

    I gave this a 5-star rating. I'd recommend this if you liked Colombiana and Salt. It's not as good as either of those movies, but it's along the same lines, and Kurylenko is good in the few action scenes she's in.
  • SPOILER: My quick rating 5,3/10. A pretty straight forward action movie with a really kewl looking robbery to start off with. When the main character (Olga Kurylenko) is accidentally seen on a supposed diamond heist, she must run from those that hired them to steal the diamonds, or was it for the diamonds at all? This leads to a cat and mouse game between them and does involve some interesting action sequences along with a solid female lead to be reckoned with. Not really anything new but enough flare to hold your attention, especially for a limited budget flick. I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to this (the ending sorta leaves the door open) since this movie did well with what it had to work with.
  • This action thriller is surprisingly entertaining. Unlike most political action movies, the plot in based around a strong female lead and has an interesting and exciting narrative. There's plenty of action, car chases, fight scenes and more, for those who like an action packed movie, as well as an engaging story with plenty of twists and turns. Although this film doesn't really bring anything new to the table, it's a very entertaining way to spend 90 minutes and I'd recommend it to all fans of the genre. Excellent acting and a lot of familiar faces within the cast ensure this will become a firm favourite of many viewers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    'Momentum' is an action film and for that reason it has to be compared with other films of the same genre. And in comparison with many other action films it is actually well done.

    The story is good and believable. The dialogues may not be at the highest possible level but there are some original lines. Also, the car chase in the parking lot looks perfect and well-thought. I find it interesting that they used camera angles that differ from the standard ones and give a nice touch to the whole perception of the film. Another interesting thing that can be pointed out is that it was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa which is a pleasant change of scenery.

    Olga Kurylenko gives a solid performance portraying a strong woman, even tough at times. She proves that she can play different characters with ease because her role here contrasts with what we've seen from her lately ('November Man' and 'The Water Diviner'). What makes a nice impression here is her use of face expressions, unlike others (and not in this film only) who wear the same faces film after film.

    As a whole, it is an intense film with enjoyable action that feels real.
  • It's quite ironic that the title is called Momentum seeing that the pace is rather slow for an action movie. Credit for trying to set up espionage twists along the bullet spree, but things eventually feel like they are conveniently forced to make the heroine look good. Still, Olga Kurylenko does look fittingly attractive and strong for the female role, the action is also fairly presentable for a leisure watch.

    Alex (Olga Kurylenko) is an operative who got caught in a web of conspiracy after a botched heist. She must try to survive from other agents while trying to figure out the secret agenda. Like Milla Jovovich or Angelina Jolie before her, Olga admittedly looks the part. She's nimble and athletic enough to pull off the operative persona, which is already half or even most of the movie's appeal.

    James Purefoy as Mr. Washington is convincing as the antagonist, it feels like he's comfortable on suave charismatic villain after his role in The Following series. Morgan Freeman rounds out the cast, he appears in so many movies lately and for a good reason, relatively. His past few roles might just be supporting ones but he does give air of authority when he's present and a famous name can't hurt.

    The main problem is the movie tries to incorporate too many angles, be it may the sinister villain and some unexpected allies. However, these subplots don't really mash well together, in the end it resorts to cheap Deus Ex Machina twist and even stalls the pace. Some of the characters might feel out of place or simply appear out of nowhere when plot demands them. The tricks used are far from refined, which make it even more far fetch when the movie tries too hard to sell them.

    These flaws notwithstanding, Momentum does offer what expected of it; a strong female lead shooting through and outsmarting her foes. It may not receive many merits from the story or consistency, at times it seems like watching a femme fatale wearing heavy plot armor. but it delivers a decent action for simple movie night.
  • I am surprised by the low reviews after watching this film. I expected a film full of clichés and bad acting, but what was delivered was quite entertaining. If you went into this filming wanting action packed scenes, thrilling chase scenes and just a lot of gun will be surely delighted. I found the relationship between the main antagonist and protagonist very refreshing. The sheer admiration that the antagonist made the film more interesting. I guess my rating could be a bit bias as I am a big Nikita (tv show) fan and this film reminded me very much of that. Anyways, if it's Friday night and you are looking for an action packed film to kick back to, this will not disappoint.
  • JupitersFire121412 November 2015
    First off, it was nice to see Olga Kurylenko in a lead role. I have been somewhat of a fan since seeing her in Hit-man. The character she portrayed in this film was was not what I was expecting. But I was not disappointed at all.

    Although, the action and fight scenes did not really play out to their full potential, it wasn't all drawn out too long like most movies these days. It was still worth watching. They kept the movie focused on what was important.... THE STORY and plot.

    The background of the lead character could give way to another "Bourne"-type franchise. And giving the way the movie ended, I am hoping to see this story continue and hopefully progress into something better.
  • kosmasp29 November 2015
    The action is really nice, even if it might start off on the wrong foot (or at least it feels like it does). There's conspiracy, there is fighting, there is shooting and there is chasing. What else would someone need? A more decent plot would be a helpful suggestion, but since there is none to be found here, let's roll with what we have and have a good time with it.

    Olga is pretty fit (if you'll excuse the pun) and is able to pull off and make it look believable, what her character is going through in this movie. Sometimes it seems she is portrayed a bit weaker than she actually is, but that does not bother the flow of the movie too much. Light and fun entertainment, nothing more and nothing less
  • Without any new or unusual plot in his female centred action flick debutant director Stephen Campanelli has not succeeded.

    Myself tired on hearing 'One last mission', 'Find the secrets behind the mystery', 'where is the ____?' in action thrillers.

    Entire movie revolves between Olga (protagonist) & James Purefoy (antagonist). Torture scenes lead by James Purefoy shown him as a powerful villain. Former Bond girl Olga is not bad in action.

    Another keyword in the cast is Morgan Freeman. His presence as senator doesn't make any difference to me. Repeated story deflates the entire movie.

    Overall you can spend 90mins if you love to watch ladies in action, others please don't waste your time.
  • jared-1267 December 2015
    For some reason my wife and I hired this the other night, and it took all our willpower to get through to the end. I just didn't care. Didn't care about the characters, the story, or the outcome. Lifeless acting, terrible dialogue, and an unnecessarily drawn out story. There are no plot twists, so don't wait for it to improve. The gore is completely unnecessary, although the cringe-worthy splashes of blood to serve to distract you from everything else, albeit briefly.

    The score, however, was terrific! Thoroughly enjoyed the music, and thought it was the absolute highlight of the film. So, kudos to the composer.

    Summary: buy the soundtrack and do the dishes to it :)
  • Oh Lordy Lordy what turkey this was. Only bothered to watch this coz of Morgan. The first few seconds with his voice over sets up a kewl vibe where you reach for a brew and blunt and get comfy in the lazy boy and then… nothing but corn camp villain with English public school accent (coz we all know the British are up to no good) fighting it out with a pathetic flat ass hero whose pretty face has one expression… BLAND! Even the action scenes couldn't stop me from adjusting my lazy boy to sleep mode. It's 2016 and our standards are high from Bourne Conspiracy and a zillion Kung Fu movies. The action scenes here are like the 1970's cop films, OK back then but well stale now. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!! if you're going to watch cheezy cliché crap make it bearable at least and do a 50 Cent straight to video move at least my man has swagger which always goes well with a brew and blunt.
  • Before watching I had no expectations. Luckely. If I had I might have given it a worse rating. It is what it is: a lower (not low) budget action movie. As such its good enough. Sure, the plot is thin. Sure, the dialogues are predictable. Sure, the bad guys have the obligated looks and accent. Sure, it has flaws. But it delivers what you might hope for: speed, action, a car chase, gunfights, a good looking heroin (Olga Kurylenko's acting was not half as bad as I feared) It even has some suspence, a few twists and as a bonus a small role for Morgan Freeman. It will not win prices but it's a fun movie to watch on a rainy day.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love European made thrillers (this is really a South African production but count the same anyway); they do not have the USA budgets and digital effects but have strong acting; even more strong stunt work, realistic action and scripts that hook you up and rarely let you go (I found many boring and self-import moments in Avengers Age of Ultron on the first look; but when I saw it again on BD it was worse). I saw MOMENTUM in Europe a few weeks ago; a movie with Olga Kurylenko, James Purefoy and Morgan Freeman could not be bad).

    Well I was happily surprised. It was not by far; and the twist at the end even resolve the MCGUFFY to open for a follow up.

    The movie starts with a bank heist by; everything goes fine; but one of the robbers; perhaps to high on drugs start threatening people and robbers begin arguing (and fighting ) between them. Robbers are able to escape with the lot even when one of them loses her mask in front of too many witness. From the tension of the first few minutes action and violence keep escalating almost non-stop until the end of the movie.

    But within the shouting, chases and fighting still the directors is able to present his most interesting characters and make as feel something for them.

    This is the type of movie is more rewarding if seeing without knowing a lot about.
  • I can't really talk about the details of the movie without a spoiler, so I'll just rate the main functions of the movie.

    Acting: James Purefoy is good, Olga Kurylenko isn't that great, the rest is brutal.

    Action: Quantity doesn't equal quality. Just don't expect anything realistic.

    Story: Hard to follow, what little of it there is. No substantial back story, no development.

    Fun: Not a horrible film if you're in a vegetative state and want to see Olga's butt/legs, hear Purefoy deliver some funny dialogue or watch things go boom.

    Watch with very low expectations and you might like it.
  • This a basic robbery movie that turns to political intrigue. From the trailer I though I would get a decent action movie. But the movie fails to build any momentum by layout every possible action in front of the viewer. If something is important the camera focus on it which runes any sense of a reveal/tension in later scenes.

    One glaring issue is the complete failure of the use of a sound track/score. It should help and lead the audience through the actions on screen and help build moments. But the score is heard throughout the film no matter what is happening. There is no high or lows and very generic. I think there are only a few 15-30 second intervals where music isn't heard. If anything the score takes away from what happing on the screen.

    If it weren't for the strong cast this movie would be unwatchable. With some heavy edits to give some sense of tension this movie could have been saved but the ending is left open ended like they planed to have a sequel resolve the political intrigue.
  • tolake11 May 2016
    I am already starting to question the acting ability of some of the actors and I am only 10 minutes into the movie.

    If you are going to have a budget of 20 million, at least hire a casting agent.

    Colin Moss needs to learn how to act. His performance grating.

    Olga Kurylenko is easy to watch and her role as a tough thief allows her to be tough and no-nonsense. She will keep me watching it.

    Stay tunes for Review Part2.

    Waiting for James Purefoy to show up. James and Olga should sizzle, even if he is the bad guy.

    2nd part of review after finishing the movie. They wasted a lot of quality actors on a poorly written script. The movie is so empty, that they had to fill it with chatty dialog so we would be on the edge of our seats, waiting for the next round of dialog to break up the violence. Too bad. Even Morgan Freeman and James Purefoy couldn't save this mess.

    And they left it hanging, so there can be a sequel. Tell me it isn't so.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's shocking to see other reviewers paying attention to the things which have the most tangential relationship to the script, like cars and villains appearing out of nowhere (truth to be told I haven't noticed anything like this), bad stunts or poor ragged story telling.

    The truth is this movie is what has been sorely missing in the spies movies: instead of unkillable, invincible, super fast, super strong and super intelligent protagonists, it has people who are what they are. An ex CIA agent who borked up one of her assignments is by no means a super woman who makes mistakes, who gets hurt, who underestimates her enemies. Meanwhile the enemy is smart, consistent and has a great sense of humor, or, I'd better say, sadism.

    The main protagonist is hard to root for at the beginning of the movie, but as it progresses you get to know her better, you understand who she is and what her motives are and you kinda start worrying what's gonna happen to her next.

    This movie also has a nice mix of conspiracies related to the military and CIA leaders who are not exactly the freedom fighters and who are not exactly concerned about anything other than power and money.

    This movie has some non-fatal flaws like shaky close up camera work and an open end which implies a sequel but I didn't find them too distracting or detrimental to the story.

    It's a very decent post-Snowden world movie.
  • jaydabros10 January 2016
    AS ONE OF THE REVIEWERS MENTIONED THE ONLY THING GOOD ABOUT THE MOVIE WAS THE SOUNDTRACK. The movie was written by 5 years old maybe 6, as action and logic of it had no sense. Play by actors was ... dreadful I was surprised to see Morgan Freeman it this crap movie.... but hey... still got paid by doing it My wife felt asleep after 15 minutes and I decided to give it a chance and wasted 90 minutes of my life. I would say that was the worst movie I have ever watched and

    Total disaster If you have no more movies to watch... watch the one you watched in the past as they will be more interesting

    BWhatever you - DO NOT watch it
  • I really enjoyed this one with gripping action, thrills and the chases. Olga does justice to her role and plays her character well. The suspense towards the end was quite surprising. Overall well made action thriller that did not waste my time at all.
  • I've seen several thousands of films in my life and this has to be one of the worst. And most of the other worst films ever, I watched voluntarily because they are known to be that bad, so they at least have cult status. But this one isn't even so bad it becomes funny, it's the worst kind of bland you can imagine. This movie has no soul, no story, no characters anyone would remotely care about, no exciting action, not one line of dialogue that you would like to remember or didn't frown upon. My latest visit to the toilet was more memorable than this turd. Please spend your time better than watching this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoiler Alert: Possible spoiler points mentioned, don't read this until you have seen the movie.

    First up was the introduction. There was a brief moment of hope with Morgan Freeman's excellent delivery of some lines, then it started to go down hill with the burglary scene.

    Yes the action was impressive, however it didn't justify this movie. The film 'Lucy' has already provided a terrific action film with a great female star, did we need more of the same just for the sake of an action film? For this viewer, we really didn't.

    My favorite moments in the film and the only reason I continued to watch it after almost switching it off and returning it directly to my local movie shop, was that there was the sudden appearance by 'James Purefoy' who for this fan is the face of 'Joe Carroll' from the TV series 'The Following' starring 'Kevin Bacon'. He's an amazing bad guy and certainly didn't disappoint in this film.

    Aside from that the movie really did play off as pointless and even Morgan Freeman's declaration at the end which suggests a possible sequel down the track, didn't add anything more to the film.

    It's an action movie with a women who seems to have super human abilities and an endless supply of bullets, nuff said.
  • 1bilbo30 November 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    It is difficult to review the plot of a movie when the plot is so convoluted as to make no sense.

    It is films like this that make people not bother going to the movies, I thought Spectre was bad but this is worse.

    At the start it looked promising with a team of bank robbers clothed in high tech suits taking a high tech bank. Then, one of the gang removed her high tech mask, so what was the point of having one in the first place ?

    After that it descended into gratuitous violence that that centrered around the wearabouts of a hard drive with secret plans for starting a war.

    To summerise - bang bang, run, bang bang, run - repeat sentence for an hour.

    The ending was stupid with no conclusion at all - it just ended.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I Really Enjoyed This Film and I don't get the hate for it.I thought this was a very Action Packed Film and it was extremely Thrilling From beginning to End. This Film was just relentless in its Action and I was hooked on it from beginning to End. Olga Kurylenco Plays a Clever Thief and at the start of the Film she Robbes the bank with three men to steal these diamonds. I thought the Acting was good from everyone Especially Olga Kurylenco. Olga was Great as the Lead Woman and I thought she was a total Badass,and she knew how to fight.Olga plays a likable and Strong character and I was cheering for her to Kick The Bad guys Asses.

    I thought the Bad guys were Very Evil Especially The Mr Washington Character played by James Purefoy. James Purefoy was a Nasty Piece of Work in this Film and I thought he was a Decent Bad guy,he was very convincing and he played his part Well.What I Liked about this Film was its Dark and Gritty Atmosphere, I like that kind of Atmosphere in an Action Thriller, I also Liked the intense music that was played during the chase scenes. The Action scenes in the Hotel were really good when all the Bad guys chase Olga, there were some decent Shootouts in the building too which I enjoyed. I personally Thought Olga Gave the Bad guys a Run for their Money during the Hotel scenes, she put up a good fight and defended herself well.

    The Music also adds to the Suspense and it makes the movie Even More Thrilling and Exciting. The music is a big positive for this Film because I thought it fit the Film like a Glove. Most Action Films play the wrong kind of music and it doesn't Fit with the Chase scenes but this Film has the Right Music and I was very pleased with that. I give a big Kudos to the Music Composers For their Music because I Loved it, and the type of Music they made should be in More Action Films because it fits Very Well.

    Another Positive for this Film is the cinematography, I personally Liked it and I found a lot of the shots interesting. This was a straight Forward Action Thriller and sometimes Straight Forward Works and this is a film were I thought it Worked. People need to realise a straight forward plot is Not Always a Bad Thing, This Film Was Simple but it Worked because it was Very Thrilling and Full of Action, You also have a Cool women as your Lead character which Helps. I personally Liked The Lead Woman because I thought she was Strong, I Liked that she was a Fighter, she wasn't Just Another Damsel in distress and it was Refreshing to see that for once.

    The Story and Writing were Average, I am Not Going to Lie The Story was Not Great or Mind Blowing but I thought it worked Well and I liked the story. I really Don't have many problems with the film, I guess I have only three.1:The Ending Fight with the Main bad guy could have been a bit better and maybe Longer.2:I Like Morgan Freeman but he was very Underused and I felt he didn't Even need to be in the film because he didn't do anything, he was only there to Talk.3:the Ending was A Bit Rushed and the Film was Left open as if there would be more to come,and I don't think that was Nessaserey.

    Other than those three Things I don't have any other big complaints. For the most part I was entertained by the Film and found it a Fun Ride. The Film was Fast paced and it Never got Slow, Maybe I'm just a Sucker for Cat and Mouse Action Thrillers, Either way This was a Good One,it was Brutal,Dark and Gripping and I Recommend it.
  • A group of very high-tech thieves are in the process of robbing a bank vault. It goes well, they get what they want--a bunch of diamonds. Unnoticed to them, along with the diamonds there was something else. On their way out though, the operation goes to heck. They start fighting among each other, two end up dead, one ends up unmasked in front of all the bank hostages/witnesses--it's the lovely Olga. The fighting continues on the way back and during the stop before they split.

    Back at a hotel Alex (Olga) takes a bath and gets a message from one of her colleagues. She runs to his room and almost as soon as she gets there someone knocks on the door. He ordered a call girl to visit him, behind the girl, a bunch of thugs and their leader Mr. Washington (Purefoy). Alex manages to hide under the bed. The other girl is killed and Olga's colleague is tortured. Washington wants "the drive" from him. But he claims not to know what he's talking about but instead talks about the bed being made in China. Alex finds the made in China sticker that's holding the drive. During torture the guy ends up dead. Olga finds a gun and is ready to shoot Washington but the gun is empty.

    What follows is the bad guys chasing after Alex in the hotel, on the streets. She makes it to her other colleague's loft who aside from doing heists is an artist who only has a single shotgun for protection. Alex calls the wife of her dead friend and asks for a bag he left for her, but the wife wants noting to do with her. Washington arrives, Alex has to hide again, he redials the phone, gets the address of the wife. Now both Alex and Washington will have to get there in time. The wife in the meantime finds a bunch of passports and money for Alex as well as some diamonds.

    What we lean in the meantime is that Washington's boss is a US senator. The call girl in the hotel for some reason had an embarrassing video of him. And the drive is his and he wants it back at all costs.

    Eventually at some abandoned plant, Alex confronts Washington and they make a deal that later at 9pm she will hand over the drive at an airport, which leads to some more action and surprises. We learn what's on the drive--information about an important event. As the senator says at the start of the movie, powerful people create events to change reality, "you will get your war, I will get my desk." Momentum is one of those rare action movies that aside from having great action also has a deep political story behind it, one that isn't just relevant to events in the past but is also relevant to the current situation in the world. And for a good chunk, the action is non-stop. Once Alex meets Washington in the plant things slow down and pick up again for the finale.

    Kurylenko is attractive, likable, and has shown that she can work with any role given to her. And she does great as an action heroine. What was a great surprise to me was Purefoy, for whom I've never cared so far because his acting is usually too subdued or too over the top and he overemphasizes his odd accent. Here though, he absolutely shines as the delicate yet vicious and smart criminal. The director did a great job in getting him to focus and produce an ideal performance. Speaking of the director, Campanelli, surprisingly, this is directorial debut...and he aces it. As often happens with these movies though, important aspects are edited so fast that to me it was unclear who had how many diamonds and where. I hope there will be sequels of this. Now that studios are doing nothing other than cranking out ridiculous superhero CGI nonsense, it's refreshing to see a smart action thriller like Momentum.
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