According to the Guardian, the film took just 46 pounds (approximately 69 dollars) at ten screens on its opening weekend in the UK.

The film was written as the entry point in a film franchise.

The assassins are named after former U.S. Presidents and a World War II General. The Presidents: Mr. Washington (George Washington), Ms. Clinton (Bill Clinton), Mr. Monroe (James Monroe). The General: Mr. Doug MacArthur (Douglas MacArthur).

Morgan Freeman offered his services to Stephen S. Campanelli for his directorial debut, based on their prior working relationship, when Campanelli was a cameraman for Clint Eastwood.

Morgan Freeman scenes were shot in two days in Los Angeles.

Olga wears blue contact lenses at the start of the film, when she is about to put other lenses in, the scene cuts, and then she has her real eye color.