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  • This film directed by Kannada's most talented and innovative film maker Upendra, it is said to be the huge milestone in Indian Cinemas, the way he build the story was truly appreciable, the wondering thing is that its plot has not loosed its importance even after its 20 years of its release, it has maintained enormous craze among the audience masses, it's because of such typical style of Upendra he is considered to be one of the best minds in Sandalwood, the way that story moves has very strong grip and never loses its hold anywhere in between the flow, the role of Satya performed by Shivaraj Kumar was the best ever performance in his cinema carrier which then repeated in ''Jogi'' Prema had rendered her brilliant performance which upholds her involvement in the character, her double shade role in the movie has come out very well, the intro of Satya and the gradual enhancing flow of the movie and those unforgettable music along with good message makes OM the evergreen master-work by the Master movie maker.
  • avi-jh8026 September 2015
    Upendra has been an excellent Director and writer. His work demonstrates in every turning point of the movie.

    His thinking ability is really par ahead than a director, depicts the reality as straight forward as possible. His movies will have only the needed scenes, dialogues and actors. He has been one of the best directors in showing real life scenarios in Kannada film industry.

    Movie gives the facts and scenarios of the people living in the times and facing challenges getting into trouble. Movie seems to be complete comparing to the new movies which are made as short as possible to please the time.
  • I know the term 'cult classic' is being thrown around like hell, but if there's any movie deserving to be actually called one - it's Upendra's "Om" The leads Shivaraj Kumar and Prema's terrific performances, Upendra's genial director skills, Hamsalekha's music, Raj Kumar's voice and the cinematographer's raw treatment of the frames everything melts splendidly into this behemoth of a film called Om.
  • OM the movie name itself gives you chills. Thats the power of Upendra.But the real show stealer is Shivarajkumar .The Acting is great.the story is great. The Ending is great . i have watched this movie When i was small and again after 20 years it aired on TV . It still has the power to grip the audience . priest turned underworld don for the lover and He gives up the crime For the lady love. Excellent camera-work and screenplay is gripping. It made for the perfect emotional love triangle. Mafia and two lovers .This movie is like a Godfather for all the kannada cinema Containing Violence.The dramatic context of the violence usually gives it a 10 star rating .Sathya alias Sathyamurthy a son of a priest who turns into a rowdy for love. But the same love brings him back into being a civilized person.But there are twists involved in the movie Which was great for a kannada movie in the year 1995.
  • one of the greatest movie in Kannada film industry till date and will be, wonderful acting by Shivarajkumar and prema, an excellent screen play to a good script being handled by director upendra, which narrates the story of the normal person turning to a goon, and struggles to go back to his normalcy with lots of incidents affecting their families during the time when he loses normalcy,all other roles did justice to their portion for the movie's success, excellent BGM at good situations in the movie,the final song is absolutely heart breaking one, well bounded script with a clear screenplay with good songs by director upendara.
  • rohitreviews16 January 2019
    Considering the time line the story acting is good. At times some aspects seems too much but overall good movie
  • Om, 1995 Kannada movie, has something magical in it. The way, Upendra, director has portrayed the movie is commendable. When look into the acting part, all the lead actors did their role extremely well, especially, the main protagonist, Shiva Rajkumar, has given 200 percent justice to his role. 'Om' is more than twenty years old, but when you watch this movie each time, you will get a new feel. Director Upendra's meticulous way of making and cinematography gave the audience a roller coaster ride.