Many real underworld people acted in the movie, of which some convicts had to be bailed out just to act in this movie. Some of the infamous rowdies who acted in the film are Jedarahalli Krishnappa, Bekkina Kannu Raajendra, Korangu and Tanveer.

Before its release itself the film generated curiosity among film buffs not only in Karnataka, but in the whole nation. The Week magazine came out with a cover page story about this film much before its release and expressed that this kind of film shouldn't have made by legendary Rajkumar's banner.

The film has attained cult status and continues to run in many theaters in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka.

Om has been re-released every year in the theaters since 1995 due to its immense popularity in Karnataka.

Om earned a record 10 Crore Rupees (for a classic film) for the sale of its TV rights in 2015 highest for any Kannada film even after its 20 years of release...

The movie broke all the opening records of the Kannada Film Industry when it was released. It went on to become the highest grossing Kannada film of that time by collecting more than INR25 crore (US$3.8 million) at the box office.

Om is the most re-released movie in the history of Indian cinema!!!!!

The censor certification board refused to clear the film unless the climax was altered.

During the Karnataka State Film Awards 1996, Shivarajkumar won the Best Actor award, Best Actress was won by Prema, Best Screenplay was won by Upendra and Best Cinematographer was won by B C Gowrishankar.

Shivarajkumar won the Best Actor award at the South Filmfare Awards in 1996.

Om has a limca record of re-releasing more than 550 times from 1995 to 2017.It has a record of celebrating 100 days in over 75 different times of it's re-release .It is considered to be the most re-released movie in India.