Elise Rainier: [to Bride in Black] Come on, bitch!

Elise Rainier: No matter what happens. No matter what you see. Stay strong.

Lambert Woman: [singing creepily with closed eyes, sit down on an armchair] I always wanted to know, how I would go. Tell me friend... how I meet my end.

Grace: The Man Who Can't Breathe. The Man Who Lives In The Vents. I Heard Him Saying Your Name Last Night. I Heard Him In Your Room. While You Were Gone He's In There Standing Right Now. Standing In Your Room.

Elise Rainier: Loving someone is just delayed pain, isn't it?

Elise Rainier: Time spent in conversation is never wasted

Bride In Black: This is how you die!

Elise Rainier: Not today!

Elise Rainier: [performing seance] Into the Further we go.

Lillith Brenner: [unheard] Quinn, do you remember...

Elise Rainier: Not today!

Lambert Woman: [singing to Elise in The Further] I always wanted to know... how I would go... tell me friend... how I meet my end...

Elise Rainier: Give her back!

Elise Rainier: If you call out to one of the dead, all of them can hear you.

Sean Brenner: Alex, you see this face? This is my "whoop-ass" face. When you see this face, it means I'm about to whoop ass.

Maggie: Look, we have a few months of parental guidance left, and then this reality we're currently living in is done. That's what's so great about it. You pick a college on the opposite coast. He becomes a weekly phone call. That turns into a monthly phone call when you need money. It's like he's not your dad anymore. He's just a bank you visit on Thanksgiving.

[first lines]

Elise Rainier: Who is it?

Quinn Brenner: Hi. My name is Quinn. I was looking for Elise.

[last lines]

Elise Rainier: I love you too, Jack.

[Choking Elise]

Bride In Black: This is how you die.

Elise Rainier: Not today!

[pushes bride in black]

Elise Rainier: Come on bitch!