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  • ¨Insidious 3¨,by Leigh Whannell himself , both , actor and filmmaker , making for a choice that many genre fans should love with actors as Dermot Mulroney , Lin Shaye starring in . This is a creepy , rare , bizarre , terrifying movie in which keeps it horror with yet another haunted house film . Supernatural horror plenty of weird phenomenon , frights , creepy beings , shocks , and eerie events .A prequel set before the haunting of the Lambert family that reveals how gifted psychic Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) reluctantly agrees to use her ability to contact the dead and to resolve a ghastly mystery in order to help an adolescent girl (Stefanie Scott) who has been targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity. After investigating the house and encountering paranormal phenomena , then appearing the usual ghost hunters Specs (Leigh Whannell , also screenwriter, and filmmaker) and Tucker (Angus Sampson) . They seek to uncover the mysterious secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world . Little do they know that the house is haunted . The family looks to prevent evil spirits from a realm called The Further .This is how you die .The darkest chapter goes back to the beginning.

    Insidious: Chapter 3 results to be an adequate and passable prequel , but inferior than former chapters , being filled ,with scary deeds , thrills , chills and lots of scares . This is a haunted movie that contains restless horror as when the invisible and threatening beings attack . Tension , creepy atmosphere , genuine chills , suspense is continued and appear lurking and menacing into dining room , hallway , and rooms . Great loads of screams , shocks , exploitation and terror abound with the usual poltergeists phenomenon caused by the weird entities . It's recreated with magnificent make-up and high grade plethora special effects which are frightening and horrifying the spectator . Writer Leigh Whannell stated at the Toronto Film Festival that when he wrote the film he had a list of horror movie clichés posted above him, so he could avoid using them ; he said the first one was to make sure the family moved into a new house once the haunting started . Eerie musical score by Joseph Bishara creating a spooky atmosphere. Dark as well atmospheric cinematography by Brian Pearson ; a majority of the film was shot in South Broadway, Downtown,Whitley Ave Los Angeles, (Street scenes) California, USA (The Building, main location) anmd Ave 53, Los Angeles, California, USA Los Angeles, California (Elise Rainier's House) ,

    Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions, which produced both Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2 finance this installment along with Oren Peli and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones , Charles Layton , John R. Leonetti , Peter Schlessel, Lia Buman and Entertainment One's Xavier Marchand are exec producing . The film was well directed by Leigh Whannell . Being Leigh Whannell's directorial debut and he even has an important role as ghost specialist . Leigh Whannell teamed up with James Wan and he told him that if they wanted to get a film made, they would have to pay for it themselves. Saw (2004) was born. After nine months of writing, Leigh had written the screenplay for what he thought would be a self-financed, "Blair Witch"-style feature, with him starring and James directing. The script gained so much attention that soon enough, they were shopping it around Hollywood . Subsequently , they wrote and directed the ¨Insidious ¨saga . This Insidious 3 takes place in 2007. Insidious (2010) and Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) take place in 2010. Leigh is an expert writer , actor and filmmaker on terror genre as he has demonstrated in ¨Saw¨ saga , and the Sci-Fi ¨Upgrade¨, among others . And of course , his biggest success ¨Insidious¨ (2010) with Patrick Wilson , Rose Byrne , Ty Simpkins , Lin Shaye , Barbara Hershey . It was followed by ¨Insidious Chapter 2¨ (2013) with Patrick Wilson ,Rose Byrne , Lin Shaye a Elise Rainier , Barbara Hershey as Lorraine Lambert and Steve Coulter . Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson were the only actors to appear in all three "Insidious" films. rating . 5.5/10 . Acceptable and passable .
  • hkpastilhas4814 October 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I do not understand , It had everything to be a success ... ruined the saga with the third film . The first and second were divine , this only mediocre ... I am extremely disappointed . The suspense of the first films already gone. The soundtrack is not equal . And my god ! What the hell did the production to the demon ? It was pathetic ! I became fan in the first film , but today I feel robbed. The film could actually be better . I feel that the production made ​​things running. I expected an improvement in special effects. Not that got worse. I hope that the fourth film is well crafted. I would like to hear again the violins . I would like to see the sudden shadows again
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Insidious 3 relies on the heavy theme coping with loss, starting within the characters and extending directly to the viewers. Quinn has lost her mother and launches the plot forward because of her attempts to contact her.

    Quinn's father has lost his wife and has trouble coping with the fact that he has to parent his two children alone; throughout the movie, he also seems as if he's lost his motivation for each scene, leading to the inability to cope with the emotions in which he should deliver each line.

    Elise is everyone's favorite psychic, and she herself has some loss as well. Her husband committed suicide, and she decides to abandon her gift after the attempts at contacting him lead to a woman threatening her with death. She also loses her husband's sweater, and that kind of stinks for her. It smelled just like him.

    The demon taking a hold of Quinn has lost the ability to breathe, and has trouble really expressing himself except for a kind, tender moment he has at the end stroking the face of a semi-corporeal Quinn within the further world.

    Quinn loses her ability to walk.

    Quinn has a brother whose only purpose in this film is to suggest an introduction of two familiar characters to the series or else the audience would feel cheated if they never showed up. Her brother loses his chance to be involved in the ending. The screenwriter couldn't take on the challenge of including him in any meaningful way.

    That's where the loss and coping effect starts to happen with the audience. We are introduced to characters that show up and never return. Quinn's friend, it seems like her best friend, just disappears halfway through. Quinn's love interest, the last we hear of him he is staying at his grandma's house. Poor Jeris Poindexter loses his wife, and we never see him interact with the plot in any meaningful way. The director/screenwriter gives and takes away. What is the point in shoehorning characters in the plot that do nothing? This movie is so incredibly lazy.

    This movie is so incredibly manipulative.

    Atmosphere is replaced with silence which is ear wrenchingly interrupted with jump scares. So many jump scares: the bane of modern horror. People who watch this won't get scared, they'll get startled. And the sentiment isn't a result from caring about the characters, it's from the director/screenwriter pulling on a social milieu of losing a loved on; we as an audience, as human beings, sympathize with this complete base feeling of loss as we internally direct how we would feel if we lost a mother or a wife. This is emotional manipulation on the part of the director/writer. Emotional pandering at its worst.

    We as an audience feel the loss of losing any character development within the plot, especially for those side characters. They are excess weight holding down this movie. We lose any meaningful shot composition, and are left with flat camera angles. We lose any character development, no one really learns anything except that we should really avoid trying to talk to dead people.

    Let's hope this is the last remnants of the awful jump scare movies. An audience deserves a cold and articulate atmosphere.
  • Not a terrible movie by any stretch of the imagination, but sadly nowhere near the standard of the first two Insidious movies. I found the characters pretty flat and uninteresting and the story less imaginative than the previous installments.

    That said, as a stand alone it's not a bad horror film, especially considering it was a first attempt at directing by the guy who usually does the screenplay. I will admit to jumping out of my seat on more than one occasion whilst watching. It certainly doesn't lack in scares, what it does lack is depth, there isn't enough going on between the "jumps". By all means, go and see this film, just don't expect it to match the brilliance of the first two.
  • I walked in with zero expectations and ended up being very pleasantly surprised. This movie was fun, well crafted and extremely entertaining. Being a big fan of the franchise (and of the genre)I was very happy with how this prequel explored the backstory of the psychic/medium and her future "helpers". The effects were great, the different ghosts/spirits/ entities were all different in their background and aspects. The plot was well developed and the jump-scares were well placed. There is no "repetition" from the previous two movies so this movie gained in originality.

    You will not be disappointed.

    Very fun ride!

    NB: look for two thrilling cameos!!
  • begob21 June 2015
    Obscure story - girl gets haunted because ... her ghosts need to be dispelled?

    The first hour is impressive. As always with this series, the sound is excellent (although the shrieking-witch violins are held back to the end credits), and there's an effective jump scare at 30 mins + at 50 mins a really well lamp-lit journey in the after-world. And it's good to see Lyn Shane carrying a film.

    So the whole thing is nicely set up - maybe an allegory for a father's grief over his daughter's suicidal tendency - and then ... they introduce the ghost busters team and ruin the whole effect. Also the rest of the jump scares are lame. Pfff. And the father has no real character. And James Wan is part of the cast - the director in the theatre.

    The tone changes so radically in the final act that you have to think the producers reduced the plot to a marketing vehicle so they could plan for the next sequel.
  • FubarSFBD24 June 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Insidious 3 is a pointless and unnecessary sequel (actually, from a story perspective, it is supposed to be a prequel, although it honestly does not matter how you place it in the overall story line, because it has nothing to do with the 1st two movies with the exception of few actors and a forced "cliffhanger" ending), which only serves as a cashgrab attempt to milk whatever is left of the franchise's name. There is absolutely nothing scary in this one, if you are one of those people who actually get frightened by the predictable, lame, cgi jumpscares, then you have no idea what a real horror movie looks and feels like. The story makes no sense, there is no explanation as to why the girl gets haunted, other than the excuse that she tried to contact her dead mother and now some entity has attached itself to her. The entity itself is not scary and at the end lets go of her in the lamest way possible. Speaking of the end, it changed the tone of the film completely and turned it into a lame romantic family drama which felt corny and out of place. The two "dudes" with the internet show that "tried" to help were ridiculous and overall I was under the impression that the movie crew had no real idea if they want to make a scary horror movie or a parody of some sort. Like I said in the summary - complete garbage, horror fans - avoid, there is nothing original or remotely scary to see here.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't believe in gods or ghosts but I enjoy a good horror, this had a few scares but there were several things which dragged my rating down. The first was the abysmal sound, I watched this on Sky at home and usually watch things with the sound at 14 I had to rack this up to 100 to hear the dialogue and then the mute button as the sound threatened to wake the village. The second point was the total lack of building any character into the support cast. Her best friend is introduced and ditched, the same could be said for her love interest and her father and brother far to peripheral. It was as if the writers found it to hard work to weave a plot. The last negative was the comedy ghost-busters, these I take it were introduced to give a comedy/horror contrast but really could have been left out. Not the best or worst film I have ever watched.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Oh my. I have to be honest here, I found the first Insidious hilarious, as it wheeled out every spook house trope in the history of horror cinema and then topped it off with a cameo by Darth Maul (as we all know), so I avoided part two like the plague as I really didn't need any more old Amityville throwbacks in my movies. So now its part 3 and a friend dragged me (quietly) kicking and screaming to see it and I honestly did hope things had improved. But.... Nope. This was quite easily much, much worse than the first one. For a start its a long time before anything even happens apart from some silly muddy footprints around a house and some dreadful SFX which are nothing more than actors covered in some grey greasepaint. The acting is incredibly hammy with heaps of cheesy dialogue (that guy from Sex & The City being the worst) then its time to bring in (wait for it.........) the paranormal investigation team!!! Yes, it's really THAT original. Once again we have a plot development used in like 1000 ghost house movies since time began (yawnnn) and I find it incredible how anyone can find any of this horrible tosh original. On then to a (much expected seance) and the ham and cheese really gets ramped up. I mean who are the audience for Insidious? They clearly know little about horror of the past (you just can't know anything and not see this film as rehashed dirge). I saw films exactly like this in the 1970s for goodness sake. But hey, maybe this film is for the newbies, maybe I'm missing the point. But for anyone else this is a tired, played to death, remake of a pile of old dusty movies that most of us really don't need to see again. Insidious is about as original as acne and I certainly enjoyed playing spot the movie watching it. And guess what? Darth Maul appears again. Yay!! We missed him (you gotta wait til the end though).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film basically sets out to explain how the woman in black from the first movie and the physic became acquainted. The films starts with Quinn, who wishes to contact her dead mother, turning up at psychic Elise Rainier house looking for help. From this point going forward things turn a little sour.

    The acting is OK but no Oscar nominations. Stefanie Scott does a good job to add emotional content to an average script and there are a few jump moments to keep you entertained.

    Sadly those are the positives.

    Essentially the film has a "make it up as we go along" stink to it. The woman in black is annoying rather than scary, Darth insidious offers a laugh out-load moment and the plot is obvious and at times ridiculous. I doubt much thought went into this chapter other than the suits calculating the profit.

    There will be more Insidious movies to follow this one – a la paranormal activity - and less and less we will care.
  • I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through this movie. It brought me back to when I first watched The Exorcist as a young boy.

    I'm actually quite surprised at the low rating here though. Perhaps I thought it was brilliant because I really had no idea what the movie was about before watching it. I tend to avoid all previews and articles prior to watching movies so I go in fresh without any clues on what's coming. That behavior may have served me well with this one.

    Honestly speaking, I jumped out of my chair a few times and even more satisfying, I experienced a few prolonged bouts of sustained horror. I sat there in total fear at what was transpiring right in front of me which I absolutely loved.

    What an incredible surprise of a film and I'm still buzzing as I write this review. Job very well done. I can't remember the last time a horror film had such an effect on me. Bravo!
  • Now why did we enjoy movies like insidious (the first) and the conjuring? it was because it was able to mix a decent plot with a truly genuine scare galore coupled with some great classic tones.

    But in this insidious 3, we get a very predictable, stretched out and mediocre representation of a horror movie. This movie takes at least 25 minutes before anything interesting happens. Then it goes on to take another 30 minutes for any genuine suspense or scares to happen. If you think thats bad wait until I tell you about the ending where a single old woman................ (dam wait spoilers) but its not worth your time anyway.

    The scare scenes themselves are predictable as hell (infact you would already know how and when the next monster would show up), because of that when another one comes around you loose all interest. As if thats not enough, some of the sound tracks during the scares were was like that music which you pray for to stop.

    I would advise any true horror movie fan to stay away from this movies. it is not scary, it is boring and lacks any real finesse.
  • Fans of the original Insidious (especially fans of Lin Shaye's character, Elise) should find this movie very enjoyable to watch. If you're new to the series, then it's a strong movie on its own right. I loved the first two movies and given that this is the third installment following two very strong films - I feel like they were successful with the storytelling. I was expecting this movie to have nothing to do with the first and second movie, but I really appreciated that they tied in plot lines from the previous movies.

    I have to say that I love Lin Shaye's character - I fell in love with her in the first Insidious and it was really great to see her kick some demon ass. I could probably watch Elise exorcise demons forever.

    Was it scary? Yeah, I'm gonna have to say that it was because I actually jumped a few times and I rarely jump during horror movies anymore. The jump scares were clever, but it isn't ONLY jump scares. The atmosphere is still very "Insidious" - eerie and fun. However, the demon in this movie leaves a lot of questions unanswered. It actually looks like it could have a story connected to the family, but they never really explain the demon (perhaps there is nothing to explain and I'm just reading into it too much). At some points in the movie, I could see classic Japanese horror elements and it works great here.

    After James Wan left the director position I was skeptical how well Leigh Whannell would do. I have to say, congrats to Leigh Whannell for successfully continuing the Insidious franchise.

    Will there be an Insidious 4?
  • The teenager Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott) visits the medium Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) expecting to contact her mother Lillith (Ele Keats). Quinn explains that she tried to contact her mother alone, but Elise refuses to help her. Soon Quinn is haunted by the fiend of The Man Who Can't Breathe (Michael Reid MacKay) in her room but her skeptical father Sean Brenner (Dermot Mulroney) does not believe in her words. However, when Quinn is violently attacked by the evil spirit, Sean asks Elise to help his daughter. Elise tries, but she is attacked by the Bride In Black (Tom Fitzpatrick) that wants to kill her and she refuses to continue. The desperate Sean is convinced by his son Alex (Tate Berney) to contacts the charlatans Tucker (Angus Sampson) and Specs (Leigh Whannell) that have a blog relating their supernatural experiences while Elise meets her friend Carl (Steve Coulter) that convinces her to help Quinn. Can the teenager be saved from the possession of the evil spirit?

    "Insidious: Chapter 3" is a horror film and prequel of "Insidious" that uses the same successful formula rekindled. The performances are convincing and the storyline is well written. The astral projection of Elise is scary and the viewer will certainly startle many times. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Sobrenatural: A Origem" ("Supernatural: The Origin")
  • The "Insidious" franchise has gone through some lengths to rejuvenate old-fashioned spook. The first movie was a surprise hit, giving the audience back their interests in horror movies to come. The second one worked sporadically with critics but still kept audiences wanting for more. And now, here comes another sequel (I meant prequel). Will it pay off? Maybe.

    Quinn Renner (Scott) is a young woman seeking a clairvoyant to contact her deceased mother. She calls up to Elise Rainer (Shaye), who informs her that she may have been contacted with an evil spirit who will take her soul. Slowly, Quinn starts to have scary occurrences. And it's up to Elise if she can help her or not.

    From the first scene, I can sense something different this movie will be heading. Even though there's jump scares aplenty, most of them doesn't pack a punch like its' previous movies. But, Whannell has a way to orchestrate frightening and rich atmosphere, that almost cover all the flaws.

    Back to that something different, it is the emotional undercurrent that stood out, talking about grief and coping from it, while limited. It is something the first two didn't really tell.

    The actors and actresses has done a great job. But, the real thing is Lin Shaye. She is a revelation. Her range as an actress can be seen solely from this movie. She makes you root for her, care for her, even laugh with her. When the movie starts to fumble, she holds it from falling apart, avoiding clichés and conventionality. A plus one for that than just being a good film.

    If you're looking for the same intensity from the first two, you'll most likely will be disappointed. But, if you're looking for not just the scares, you'll get something more than most horror movies.

    7/10... bumped up to 8/10 for Lin Shaye.
  • A scare is much like a joke, tell it too many times and it will lose its charm. The third chapter of Insidious aim to repeat the success of the original with new characters and old proved methods of distributing chill. It has different atmosphere than previous rural haunting plus screeching hymn, which is a nice change of pace. At times it might revert back to repetitive gimmicks, but ultimately the capable cast led by Lin Shaye as they witness the perilous yet private story of a haunted girl manage to fright and fascinate.

    Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott) is saddened by the loss of her mother. Out of desperation she seeks Elise (Lin Shaye) to make unworldly contact. Elise is reluctant to help the troubled girl as she is distraught by her own problems. Though unwilling she still senses that an entity follows Quinn, but it is the farthest thing from her mother. While this premise is similar to The Conjuring, or others of the genre, it still works simply because the characters in predicament are likable.

    Lin Shaye is very good on drawing sympathy, she looks fragile yet her on-screen compassionate nature is infectious. She also has a way to convey dread as a sort of more neighborly psychic instead of outright doomsayer. The new cast of Brenner family is also presentable. Stefanie Scott as Quinn is believable as an ordinary teen girl, with her typical girl issues and aspirations. The way she might seem plain, not a scream queen, is actually a boon to the movie as she's so much more relatable.

    Dermot Mulroney as Sean, Quinn's father is a great choice. He appears convincing as a father, especially as a single parent who must deal with raising two kids and now the addition of invasive entity. The chemistry between the two as father-daughter is solid, while other supporting characters build up the suspense or deliver a glint of humor between the dark days.

    It all comes down to the how horrifying this third chapter is. The set-up for horror is exceptionally done for the majority of the film, at several scenes it has some clever ways or perspectives to raise the thrill. However, it's still plagued by the same flaws of the franchise, such as resorting to screaming jump scares or it might lose steam as it goes further like the original. These rehearsed stuffs are admittedly have worn out their welcome, whether they persistently linger of not.

    What really nails the horror is the victim, Quinn, as she is gradually gnawed by this malicious existence. In an analogy of a young woman abused, both physically and emotionally, she is shown of losing herself bits by bits. It has a bit of oriental touch as some scenes reminded me of Japanese thriller, and they work very well in tandem with confident acting of the cast. It's much easier to invest to their ordeal as it looks so personal.

    Before the story Lambert family, there is a tale of breathlessly unfortunate lady. Familiar her story may be though the private display of her trial is suitably eerie.
  • Although I believe Insidious (chapter 1) is one of the most ARTSY, VIVID, TERRIFYING and brilliant horror movies of all time, this film, Insidious Chapter 3 has got to be one of the worst movies in all history of cinema. Except for one scene near the beginning of a creepy man waving in the distance, this movie is not scary. It is full of cheap scares that were supposed to be startling, but did not make me jump, or feel terror. (Like in this film)-Something simple like the presence of an entity in your room is NOT SCARY like hearing a creepy man whispering on your baby monitor (as in the first films.) This movie was not any scarier than Goosebumps. The acting was not better than Goosebumps. I honestly felt like I was watching a Halloween special on the Disney channel; As the first Insidious nearly made me crap my pants, and kept me from sleeping by my window that night. Yes, I saw them both in theaters. This is not an Insidious movie. Wasn't impressed with Chapter 2 either. These sequels were a disappointment and a sad loss at what could have been a fantastic, original horror movie trilogy. I will always think the first film is very original and terrifying; the content was not like any other horror movie. But the second and especially the third film may sadly ruin the reputation of the first.
  • mfrunzi26 June 2015
    Me and wife wife loved the first two installments of the franchise, so we of course were really excited for a third part.

    Wow, what a let down.

    Besides just a few hints and pointers that make me say, "Oh, from the first film!" this movie had nothing to add to, or do with the original story.

    The scares were sub-par. I few 'quiet for a little bit and than noise and jump' scenes, but nothing to write home about.

    If you want to see a good horror movie, might as well skip this one and stick with the first two films in the franchise.
  • Without a doubt, this movie is the king of all the Insidious movies. I feel like this is undoubtedly due to the fact that it makes you all at once feel horrified and sad, while also having mild undercurrents of comedic relief. This movie has way more substance than all the others in the franchise. For instance, I actually felt a connection to the characters in this movie. The tension between the father and daughter was so intense that it was palpable. I found myself feeling sorry for the father for having to carry such an emotional burden while also feeling bad for the daughter for basically having to take on the maternal role in the household. I can honestly say that the first two movies didn't do that great of a job at making me feel any emotions resembling sympathy toward the protagonists.

    My favorite part about this movie was that it really tugged at the old heart strings. As one having dealt with the loss of many loved ones over time, I understand the deep desire to reach out to them from beyond the grave. Somehow the subject of a teenage girl wanting to contact her deceased mother made the old wounds of my own personal losses feel fresh. Toward the end of the movie, I found my eyes welling up with tears. I can honestly say walking out of the theater, I felt like it was a great ten bucks spent.
  • I really loved this film!! The atmosphere was true to form in what we have come to expect with these films. I think there were even a few moments that took the level of scare up a few notches than what we found in the first two films. The story line was extremely believable. It was also clever to show the audience the history of the "further" and how dangerous it could be for anyone who crosses over. There is just something so horrifying about considering who might have passed away in these old rental buildings in large cities. That is a fear most of us can relate to on some level since rental life is a reality for many. It is a good feeling to see a movie that actually delivers on the promise to scare us out of our wits!! I just feel so disappointed with most horror films today. Please don't let the critics silly comments ruin the fun for you...go see this one and you won't be disappointed!! Enjoy!
  • I honestly don't understand why some people are so positive about this flick? I actually fell asleep watching this. (no joke) It's so unbelievably predictable. You can just listen to most of this without even watching at all and you'd most likely get most of the visuals spot on or probably better presented in your mind's eye. It's one cliché after another. At one point they even managed to rip-off The Ring. (Come on guys, seriously? And they screwed it up as well btw because it was totally out of place. Hilarious...) And the asthmatic bad guy, or in this case asthmatic bad ghost, is hella lame. Don't waste your time on this pre-chewed, inspiration-less attempt at horror. There are better films out there. You know, horror films that actually "scare" you.
  • Just watch this movie today on 5/6/2015 in my country Malaysia and what I gonna say is its the best INSIDIOUS ever! From the beginning I can sense something different from this movie, like always, filmmaker trying their best to running away from cliché but what about cliché that's still gonna work forever? That's it! Leigh Whannel as a scriptwriter, director and actor knows this best! I can place him as one of the greatest modern storyteller since Jonathan Nolan! You know it will come when there is no sound at all, every time.... and I'm glad because I'm not the only one who shocked in the cinema, the whole audience shocked and I'm afraid if one of them might get heart attack from this movie! Hardcore critics like always criticizing down this movie like this is one of Hammer movie but audience will prove you that they get what they want, to feel afraid, to feel worried, suspense and every negative thinking and that's it! Like I always said in all my previous review, "if that movie's genre is horror and it do make us feel horrified, so it's works. Same for other genre too." Its fun, contain some laughable comedy, make us jump a lot. Just watch this. Don't think anything anymore. For now, this the best INSIDIOUS ever! Sorry for my bad English!
  • If this is a battle of fright and affection, one would find himself atop the middle of an emotional seesaw bar, desperately trying to fight the creeps, while also fighting a strange cathartic surge of emotions. This is what watching INSIDIOUS 3, feels like. There's more horror in it, but there's more than enough poignant soul delivered to tug at the heartstrings.

    The movie follows the gifted psychic Elise Rainer (Lin Shayne). She's reluctant to use her spiritual gift, but she agrees nonetheless to contact the dead, when Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott), a teenage girl who thinks her dead mother is trying to contact her, comes to her for help. But the help that Elise has reluctantly given Quinn, may have some horrifying consequences, and unluckily, their first meeting has only triggered more supernatural occurrences for Brenner.

    While this is your ordinary horror flick that teems with relentless hair-rising scares, INSIDIOUS 3 finds depth in its characters' emotional tragedies. The narrative is well-constructed and the characters story lines are well-knitted and beautifully crafted, that in spite of those countless sudden appearances of malign spirits, and all the screams that follow, it isn't hard to connect with the entirety of the story and feel the emotional outburst of the characters. The endless pursuits of supernatural spirits and escapes from them, warrant a thrilling creepy experience. But as it gets even more intense, the film keeps its heart in tack, and in its climax, it delivers one of the most heart rupturing scenes one could see in a horror movie. The final moments are also heartfelt and impossible not to shed tears for.

    This film is no doubt a satisfying entry to the Insidious franchise, but there's more to its being a safisfying horror moview that makes it a stand-out. While INSIDIOUS 3 delivers solid doses of creeps and scares that might follow you in your sleep, it imparts an overwhelming warm-hearted drama, that is impossible not to haunt your cerebral senses.
  • I hate that I read so many good reviews for this movie. They even made me want to see it and then I did. Really boring crap. Okay so we all know the first Insidious movie was a bit confusing. The second one not only explains it better but has better scares. And of course I know Leigh Whannel wrote and directed it which is cool and I do have to respect the writer's vision however I don't have to like it and I didn't. Pretty much from the start I was bored and the scares were so mediocre and predictable it almost wasn't even worth watching.

    Obviously there was nothing wrong with the cast or direction but this movie was so unbelievably cliché. Enter Elise to give random explanations of why stuff's happening, throw in a little possession but instead of calling it that say "the spirit has half her soul". And I really don't understand why people were saying it was such an emotional movie. Really? They must never have seen The Orphanage because THAT is what an emotional supernatural movie really is.

    This was your typical haunted house crap with a typical backstory of the "evil spirit" to match. As a prequel it was also pointless. So the ghost guys didn't always wear suits. That's pretty much the only thing we learn from this prequel. As pointless as most of Hollywood's remakes.
  • I am going to be completely honest with you guys, I have never seen Insidious or its sequel. I saw this film today because i needed to pass some time and i couldn't be bothered to wait an extra half an hour to see San Andreas. I've heard that the others in the series are good films but i am not a huge fan of modern horror and prefer the 70s/80s vibe that we got with It Follows. Insidious Chapter 3 doesn't have that vibe, but it is still a lot better than most modern horror today and i found enjoyment out of it. I was also pleased that this film was a prequel because i had no trouble following the plot.

    Going straight into it, the film follows a young girl called Quinn who is trying to reconnect to her deceased mother and visits a retired psychic. The encounter however leaves her with something else, instead of her mother trying to contact her like she first thought, something much more sinister approaches her and with the help from her father, the psychic and for some reason a couple of ghost hunters from the internet (really?!) They try to rid the evil from her. It sounds pretty basic and for the most part it is, but when it all wraps up the story between Quinn and her mother is surprisingly sentimental for a horror film and leaves quite an impact afterwards which is something i don't experience much with horror. This is a concept that an earlier horror film this year, The Woman In Black: Angel of Death, had the potential to do but ultimately failed. The way it is executed here is much better and that was really nice to see because it could have easily been another crappy modern horror prequel like Annabelle.

    As for the horror itself? I can safely say it is one of the scariest horrors I've seen for a while. Like i mentioned, i'm not sure how scary the others are but this one will have anyone feeling unsettled at points and even made me jump out of my seat a few times, which was good because jump scares rarely have that effect on me. I think it worked with Insidious Chapter 3 because of the tense feel throughout and the fact that it doesn't throw one at you every couple of minutes that go by. It took a little bit of time for the movie to actually become interesting, but when it did it was enough to keep me entertained for the duration, which was all i wanted to be honest. I don't know any of the cast members from anything prior to this, but they were pretty 50/50 to me. The actresses who play Quinn and the psychic were very good whereas the father and the two ghost hunters were kinda awkward to watch. Was that enough to make this a bad movie? No, because it was not one.

    all-in-all Insidious chapter 3 is an entertaining and tense film which is the right blend of jump scares and atmosphere, still not my favourite horror of the year (that goes to It Follows) but i enjoyed it more than Unfriended and The Woman in Black and liked the emotional twist it gave us. My biggest complaint is the cop-out ending. I don't know why horror films these days insist on having an ending where a mysterious figure pops up at you and screams because it doesn't look good it feels tacky and takes the atmosphere away from the film which is the number one complaint i have for Unfriended. But it didn't completely ruin the film for me and i think if i had seen the others i would understand what was happening so maybe i don't like it here for that reason. It kept me intrigued and made me want to watch the previous two, which is perfect being a prequel and all, so that is just what i will do.
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