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  • For a fan film that wasn't seeking profits, this was fantastic! Expertly shot, written, and no to mention acted! Anthony Misiano was marvelous as the Joker! He really brought his own brand to the character with more subtly and appeared as though he came straight from the comics themselves. The guy playing Batman was also good, but in his defense, there has never been a Batman that has out-acted a Joker. Anyways, I have nothing but a large amount of respect for the guys who made this, because they didn't want money. They just wanted to entertain, which makes the experience all the more better! If you a big fan of The Bat, go on you-tube, search this film up, and give it a try. It might surprise you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "The Batman Chronicles" is a three-part mini-series from 2014 and it is once again all about Batman fighting his possibly biggest enemy: the Joker. The director is Joseph Petruccio and the writer is Mike Lupia and this was released on Youtube over the course of two weeks. Each episode runs for 10 minutes or slightly longer, which results in a total of 35 minutes, so you can watch it easily in one sitting. I think this one starts off okay, but around the middle of the second episode, it loses quality a bit and overall turns out mostly forgettable in the end. It is still fine for a fan film, just not really memorable from a professional perspective. Early on, it seems as if the Commissioner may be the main antagonist, but the Joker takes care of him quickly. Daniel Petruccio Daniel Petruccio and Anthony Misiano are the core actors in here. The Joker is once again very memorable, but I think this is more because of the epicness of the character than because of a great performance. The only really bad moment here was the Catwoman scene. As a whole, a solid watch for huge Batman fans. Everybody else can skip it.