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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Set in an alternate reality where magic is real and heroes battle demons Raul Chaser has dedicated his life to becoming a hero… then the Demon Lord is defeated and suddenly there is no longer a need for heroes. Since he can't become a hero he gets a job at 'Magic Shop Leon'; it isn't the short of magic shop that sells potions and such like though… it merely sells white-goods; in this world magic takes the place of electricity. It isn't just former heroes that are looking for work and by pure coincidence Fino, the daughter of the late Demon Lord, comes to work at Leon as well. This leads to plenty of humorous occurrences as she has a lot to learn about the norms of human society.

    The early episodes follow the protagonists as Raul tries to help Fino settle in to her new job, later on some drama is added when a rival store opens which is undercutting Leon. It is only in the final few episodes that we get the sort of action one might expect in a series about heroes and demons when some unemployed heroes try to force Fino to become the new Demon Lord because they want to restart the war.

    This series is inevitably quite silly but it is also a lot of fun; this is largely down to Fino's bubbly over-the-top personality. The story isn't deep but that doesn't really matter as it is primarily there to put the characters in funny situations; something it does well. As well as laughs there is also a fair amount of fan service although any actual nudity is censored… at least in the version I saw. Fino is obviously the most important character as she provides most of the laughs however the rest of the cast are enjoyable to watch as well. The animation is nice and bright and there are some good visual gags; I particularly liked the vehicle that looked like the starship Enterprise! Overall I'd say this series was a lot of fun although it is more of a guilty pleasure than a must watch series.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.