[first lines]

Peter: [narrating] Our world never stops moving. Changing. Evolving. Every day we go about our routines - work, home, family - but who are we? Who am I? You think you know your beautiful wife, your adorable kids, and who you work for. But what if you don't? And the truth, once you knew it, would change everything.

[the attack begins, then he awakes]

Alice: You have a nightmare?

[last lines]

Peter: [narrating] Our world keeps moving. Changing. Evolving. And so do we. I know who I am now. And I know my enemy. We're not that different. Maybe, if others can see that, we'll have a future after all.

David: You remember?

Peter: Do they?

David: Like you, they had their memories wiped to start clean without fear, free of their guilt... what we had to do just to be free. A few of us, like me, kept our memories, so we could prepare for this day. But now, they're all gonna have to remember, 'cuz this... this is not over.