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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've never written a review, but felt compelled to do so after reading some of the 1 star reviews here.

    This is no Citizen Kane or Matrix. It's never going to deserve a perfect 10. But it also doesn't deserve one star. To all the people giving it the lowest possible score because of the 'annoying children', I have a message for you: as a parent, I can 100% confirm that their reactions were accurate and well scripted. All the screaming. Totally realistic. The 'poor decision making'? Yup, would totally happen too. I'm sick of how binary reviews have become... didn't enjoy the movie? Worst movie ever. Seriously, get a grip.

    Anyway, here's my review (trying my hardest to avoid spoilers, unlike some people here):

    Things this movie didn't do well for me: first, the 'visions' were over too soon. We needed another 5-10 minutes of that. It felt too quick and rushed in. Second, when the reveal comes, we needed more of the backstory... at least another couple of minutes. It all made sense, but it really warranted some additional background, particularly regarding the evacuation. Third, right at the end, the scene in the train was super rushed. The CGI as it went into the mountain was distractingly poor, so they could have spent a little more time on that one... would also be a super simple re-edit if they're thinking of making tweaks to the movie. Finally, I was left a bit unsatisfied that yet another movie with a grand theme such as extinction failed to zoom out and show the bigger picture. This is a pretty big world, and yet we're zoomed in on one area of one city... I really wanted more context.

    What worked well: first, the action was really good, definitely had me sitting up at points. The stress of trying to save the kids and the wife at the same time felt real, I really empathised with the protagonist and thought they nailed some of that. Second, the premise for the movie was genuinely brilliant. There's a story here that they're barely scratching the surface of, and I'm not sure I've seen it told this way before, so some marks out of ten for originality of plot. Finally, the twist... you can feel it coming from the very first scene of the movie, and it's slowly drip fed to you... you kinda feel like you know what it is, which is why I found the reveal so satisfying, because it really does take you by surprise.

    Anyway, that's my tuppence, thanks for reading ;)
  • What is it with Netflix lately? They're taking over, everything I watch seems to be a Netflix original movie. And in some cases such as this one that's not entirely a bad thing.

    Extinction is an oddly enjoyable little scifi tale starring Michael Pena, Lizzy Caplan and Mike "Luke Cage" Colter. I went in knowing nothing and expecting very little and walked away pleasantly surprised.

    I'm not a big sci-fi guy and the cover certainly makes this look like a generic alien invasion film. I can assure you that it isn't, in fact it's a well constructed highly original clever little movie.

    Arguably it's a big "Twist" style movie so I can say very little. What I will say however is that it's well worth a watch regardless of your stance with the sci-fi genre. I found myself genuinely shocked by what I was watching and that doesn't happen very often.

    Netflix gets another thumbs up for one of their originals, good going.

    The Good:

    Some excellent ideas

    Looks great

    The Bad:

    Mike Colter is underused

    I still struggle to like Michael Pena

    Yet another Netflix movie that feels like it should be a tv show

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Lizzy Caplan is immortal and refuses to age
  • armanwhannell14 January 2019
    The movie was OK. But after watching it I started hating children
  • I read a few reviews people complaining about the 'twist' and thus I didn't know what to expect. I had seen the trailer and found it interesting, curious, and was impressed with the visuals but hesitant with Michael Peña's acting, but still decided to see this film.

    From the start, everything was on point - the directing, editing, visuals, cinematography, score and story all held my interest quite well. I was really impressed with the modern/futuristic sets. I felt some of the SFX (i.e. some of the CGI explosions) could have been better, but still adequate. The pacing felt a little slow, but started to make sense towards the end.

    But initially I was not impressed with Michael Peña's acting, I felt he was being lazy and struggling with his character, as was Lizzy Caplan. I kept thinking to myself that the two children where much better actors - until the 'twist' happened. Only then did everything fall into place and I understood the two lead characters performances (I don't want to give anything away) and was blown away by the brilliant concept.

    Finally, a sci-fi with something uniquely different and refreshing that was produced exceptionally well. I am truly blown away as almost an hour has passed and I can't get this film out of my mind and certainly want to see it again. My only critique was that I felt the story could have been tighter. I usually complain that a film is too long but for the first time, I'm complaining that I wanted it longer with more in-depth details of the back story.

    I get the wanna be critics slamming this film (mostly for stupid and infantile reasons), but am shocked that the real critics didn't see the brilliance this film had.

    I really hope the producers ignore the negativity and come out with a sequel, as this film is certainly a contender for a cult following status for the true and real sci-fi fanatics such as myself.

    Bravo to the entire production team and especially the writers for creating this little brilliant gem of a concept and executing it into a remarkable film.

    Even though at first you may think, there are no let downs in this film, only pleasant surprises if you're patient. A well deserved 9/10 from me. Please create a sequel!
  • Im laughing so hard because I didnt think I was going to be the only one who thought the movie could have received a lot higher rating if it wasnt for those insufferable kids! >-<
  • freqeteq27 July 2018
    The story is quite fresh, I went in not knowing anything about the film so didn't see the twists and turns that it takes coming, which is quite a rarity with movies these days for me. The effects both cgi and practical are well done for the most part, though some of the cgi does suffer from looking like really good cgi rather than something that's actually real. Overall though it's a solid bit of science fiction fare to spend a couple of hours with.

    The negatives for me mainly concerned the child characters, they were badly written and it was obvious they were just there as plot devices to make things happen. There are 4 instances in the film where children were used purely because if they didn't do whatever stupid thing they did at that time then no action would have taken place, it's lazy writing 101. Plus they cried, constantly. The youngest one cried and whinged for probably 80% of her screen time and she had a LOT of screen time, and sure that may be the way a real child would behave if put in her situation, but hey, I'm watching a science fiction movie about an alien invasion with spaceships and laser guns, reality has already left the building so it wouldn't have hurt for them to tone down her reactions a little bit to make her less irritating.

    There's an exposition dump in the 3rd act that goes on forever and the ending feels a bit anti-climatic (and setting up for a sequel that I doubt will ever happen), but I still gave this movie a 6/10, I enjoyed my time with it I think it's a solid 6 and I might have even given it a 7 if it wasn't for the annoying kids.
  • I started watching this thinking I knew what to expect and I was very pleasantly surprised by how the plot turned. It was all there in the beginning but the story tellers did a job of subtly setting things up. I thought that the cast was talented and diverse and it was nice to see familiar faces getting the center stage they deserve. I'm not giving any spoilers but I just wanted to express that this really deserved d impress me and I enjoyed it and thought it was clever. I'll be thinking about it for a while.
  • The movie overall wasn't bad.... That being said the acting by the children was terrible, absolute garbage. The youngest daughters constant whining single handedly ruined it for me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Attention: SPOILERS!!!

    The whole idea behind the story is a nice twist on known alien-invasion stories but the execution for me has some big flaws which made this movie hard to watch.

    First of all, the children. Although the thought of robots developing some feelings in one way or another is reasonable but robots acting so emotional/non-rational as the kids in this film is just moronic and totally unbelievable. The worst here is that the behavior of the children is also totally useless for the story and brings no added value whatsoever.

    Secondly, we're watching robots which seem to be technologically very advanced and are capable of doing and thinking out everything humans did/thought out before but when it comes to equipment, skills etc. in battle man comes up with seemingly better technology, better skills ... And all of this was built up in exile on Mars? Second big logical flaw for me, and again, the story could do just without.

    Third, although not the most important for me. Some effects looked cheap. The bridge disapearing at the end could have been a scene from The Thunderbirds.

    I think more could have been done with this story which has potential in my point of view.
  • Slightly boring first half, but it picks up right after a great twist. Have patience, stick to it and you will be surprised for sure.
  • Reason I'm reviewing is mainly due to my frustration with the kids and the poor decisions. Unexpected plot though, really great concept and the annoying factors actually kept me intrigued. The more I said "I can't with this" the more I watched, found myself yelling at the tv and scripting my own versions of how I'd handle those kids! Discipline! Sigh!
  • ashenvillain27 July 2018
    Good film really enjoyed most of it but the kids in it with their incessant whining, screaming and crying at inoportune moments giving away the families position drove me mental. Probabaly the most annoying children I have ever seen in a film
  • phillafrenais14 January 2019
    Cut the whining annoying kids and have a slightly bigger budget and this would have been pretty good
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Honestly I wasn't expecting much from a netflix original because lately they've done nothing good, but this movie is pretty decent! At first I thought meh another empty alien movie but it's more than that, plot twist is nice! I also tought that with 1:30 the movie would leave me with plenty of questions but nah, I think it's worth a watch! Not the greatest film ever, a 7 out of 10 I'd say (gave an 8 because I was surprised to like it) actors are decent, I've always like Peña, Caplan is good too, so are the little girls. Only thing that made me laugh is that the aliens shoot like stormtroopers but otherwise hope ya'll give it a shot!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This should probably potentially be a decent movie.. but throughout the film I was sooooo distracted by the loud whining kids and its so annoying... they're not even essential to the movie. Yes I get it that the movie wants to potray a regular family having some alien attacks, but please... it was too over the top and makes you cringe... I believe alot of viewers would want the kids to be dead instead of being empathetic to the characters.

    And the train scene when finally the parents came to the peron, the kids had to run to them and have a huggy kissy moment while a bunch of people chasing them... REALLY??? it's not even believable...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It feels to me a bit like cheating nowadays when i write movie reviews that end up needing to be marked for spoilers and basically end up describing the whole plot. In some cases, where the spoilers issue encompasses so much of the movie, it necessitates either an incredibly short, concise review amounting to little more than "stuff was happening, then WOW watch out stuff changed! I didn't like it" or a play-by-play of the movie in full spoiler mode. In some cases, spoilers for a movie or TV show can actually be what entices someone to watch it (in my case, i had absolutely no interest in Battlestar Galactica the 2004-2009 series until I read spoilers on how the series ended, and so I gave it a shot and absolutely loved it)

    This is one of those films where its surprise twist encompasses basically the entire conceit of the film. Without it, the film has no reason to exist. As such, it's down to either a quick summary of my thoughts, or a full (or limited) play-by-play.

    Luckily, my thoughts on it fit in the title. So for the spoiler-free review, you've already read it in the title.

    As for the rest...

    This film looks and comes across as a pretty standard fare science fiction alien invasion type thing. It takes something of a risk (in my opinion) by casting Michael Peña in the leading role, a guy who has been around for a while and in a lot of things, mostly as the token hispanic or the sidekick to the main hero. Nothing in his performance can be faulted; the problem is the way his character is written is just flat-out boring.

    The main character guy is an ordinary John Everyman who loves his wife and kids and is a perpetual disappointment to them and constantly apologizing. The only interesting thing about him is he's constantly having nightmares about an alien invasion, nightmares which get so bad that he's passing out for hours at a time and missing playdates with his kids.

    We're only briefly teased with these dreams being something more when he goes to a mental health place and sees another guy talking to him about his own identical dreams. Rather than delve into that or make a brief mystery out of it, they blow their load early and have the supposed alien invasion unfold that very night.

    For the next 10-20 minutes is some utterly unremarkable action/survival scenes in which the John Everyman and his family and some friends over for a party must escape their apartment building as the aliens blow up chunks of the neighborhood. It's ably shot, though completely dry and rote, very much aware that it's been done before, and done better, both in terms of storytelling and in terms of action and exploding setpieces.

    To skip ahead just a bit, pretty much all the major action scenes are like this; ably executed, but thoroughly unremarkable and ordinary; background noise and filler material to pass the time while you're left thinking about the big revelation of the movie.

    And that brings me to the main conceit of the film, one for which they could have done a far different movie about that could've been far more interesting and fun:

    The "alien invasion" is humans.

    It turns out John Everyman's dreams were not some manner of prophecy of the future; they are memories of the past, because he is an android and his wife is an android, and decades ago they were all droiding it up while humans freaked out about the threat of AI, briefly and very, very lightly tapping on some of the same emotions, prejudices, and discussions about immigration --- there's literally a news panel on TV the protagonist is overhearing with a pundit clamoring hysterically about how the synths are "taking all our jobs".

    Maybe the casting of Michael Peña in the lead role was meant to or could have played some manner of role in this, the hispanic Michael Peña as the ordinary "other", target of baseless racism and prejudice, only not because of his ethnicity but because he's a robot.

    But nothing is done with this. We get a very brief expo-dump from one of the human soldiers captured alive, where he reveals to the protagonist that, after all the violence and fear against synths, humans went and tried to "decommission" them all with extreme violence, leading to a synth uprising which somehow managed to force all humans to flee to Mars, where the captured human soldier guy was born and raised, having spent his entire life there, prepping and waiting to take back Earth.

    All the while the protagonist and his wife, having found his android children and adopted them, got their memories of the war wiped so they could go on living the exact same life for 50+ years, apparently oblivious to the fact that they never age or change in any way.

    So much could have been done with this concept, either from the Humans vs Androids angle, the Humans as Aliens angle, the two whole generations of humans being born and raised on Mars, anything and everything, and instead they went for a straight-forward ordinary action movie as utterly indistinguishable as virtually any other in the "alien invasion and human resistance" genre.

    It actually makes me feel bad for this film and the people involved; they aimed high with their ideas, then proceeded to do almost nothing with them in the execution. This is probably one of the absolute best "Could Have Been" films I will probably never see.
  • At minute 51 I gave up in the humans and their inane decisions and started to root for the aliens. Alice's makeup remains flawless, however.
  • ddiesonne27 July 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    The first half of the movie is pretty boring and reminds quite a lot of a cheap 90s B-movie. Then there's the twist, and things get a lot more interesting. I felt like... my patience was at least partially rewarded.

    Pena's acting is decent, but not impressive. I liked more the new guy, Israel Broussard, and Lizzie Caplan.

    I still feel like the script had a lot more potential, but this movie is anyway better than its initial ratings show, especially since it comes after a pretty long series of recent Netflix disappointments.
  • pjstaley27 July 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen a few bad reviews and wanted to put my two cents in:

    I thought the movie was interesting. The movie makes you think. It in my opinion a good mystery-thriller.

    I've seen a few negative comments about the lack of chemistry with the main characters. I believe this adds to the story for the sole reason that the main characters are synths. The synths have evolved before and fought off the humans. I don't believe they have evolved to be identical to humans yet. I believe this alone could add a interesting outlook on the movie.

    The cons on this movie are based around the kids. All the kids ever did in this movie was cry. The kids felt like such a burden in the movie.

    Personally I'd like to see another movie. I feel like its an interesting concept. I feel like the two completely different people can work together and coexist. The lack of animosity when Miles ( the human) saved the two synths changed the whole feel of the story. Both people are more alike then they think.
  • So lame acting. And the kids are so annoying. I literally felt like crushing that soft toy "Herman" myself.
  • Go down , stay down , get up , go up! DOWN!!! .....quiet , be quick ! Careful, RUN!!! Stop ! GOGOGO
  • d_lish12122 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Between those whiney kids and the sluggish AIs I nearly threw a shoe at the TV. I've never rooted for the antagonist in a movie so much in my movie watching life! The hugging at the train while the "aliens" were on their heels nearly drove me up a wall. Those kids and the parents choices stressed me out. I took off 2 stars each for the adorable yet annoying kids. Six stars for the concept and ending that came through for me on a Wednesday night with nothing else going on. Not terrible. Please step up your characters decision making game if making a sequel! Sheesh!
  • Plot was reasonable and kept moving along at a fair pace with a great twist. CGI was a bit 1990s but hey; this is a TV movie so really not too bothered. Acting was generally good, however, the one thing that spoiled the movie was the constant whining and crying of those kids! They seem to be acting and wailing like 3 year olds throughout the whole first half of the movie!
  • I loved the movie but the kids were terrible! Annoying.
  • The only thing missing that would make me dislike this movie more was Jaden Smith. Horrible children. I kept hoping that they would get everyone killed. On a side note, the bright lights that were used to hunt the people were completely silly. Can you say "thermal imaging"?
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