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  • USA would like you to believe that this is their Thursday night sexy and erotic soft-core porno about marriage dissatisfaction. The commercials made me (an early 20s male) not want to see the show at all. If not for a friend's recommendation I would not have watched one of the best pilots I have seen this year.

    Satisfaction is not afraid to ask the hard questions. What is the point of the American Dream? What is living a worthwhile life? Neil Truman has reached the pinnacle of the working mans dream. He has everything a man could want and yet he still can't see the point. Why work so hard making money, when you don't get to spend any of it with the ones you love? His wife is living the "perfect woman's life". She has nice things, a daughter, and a job. The one thing she wants is more attention from her husband. Their daughter Anika, goes to a great school, has a family with money, and everything society says will make her happy. And she too is dissatisfied. It is sad that all three just want each other and instead go elsewhere for satisfaction. Funny enough the highly paid male escort is the only person who seems happy. The pilot goes on to be full of twists and turns as each character fights to find satisfaction in their own way.

    I connected with satisfaction because I too ask the question, am I content with the "perfect" life society sells us. Why am I going to college? I am getting in debt just so that I can get a piece of paper, which allows me to get a job. So that one day I will make money, have a family, retire, and die. What is the point?

    Are you satisfied with the life you are "supposed" to live?

    Matt Passmore, Blair Redford, and Michelle Deshon were fantastic. Each had several scenes that I enjoyed. Matt Passmore plays a strong lead character; Blair Redford played a male escort that I found myself rooting for on more then one occasion. Michelle Deshon had a brilliant scene at her school talent show. I unfortunately cannot say the same for Stephanie Szostak. For some reason she never seemed believable to me, and her performance annoyed me.

    Writing 8/10 Cast 8/10 Directing 10/10 Production 10/10

    I look forward to seeing if they can keep as high a production value for the following episodes.
  • "Satisfaction" begins with Neil Truman (Matt Passmore) having a terrible day. To top it off, he happens upon his wife, Grace (Stephanie Szostak) getting it on with another guy. Neil discovers that the other man is a paid escort, Simon (Blair Redford).

    Neil comes into possession of Simon's phone, including all his contacts. On a whim, Neil takes a call and manages to fill in for Simon with a client.

    Neil's heart belongs to his wife and his daughter, Anika (Michelle DeShon), who is having her own issues. But he has dipped a toe into forbidden waters and he is fascinated. He meets a modern day madam, Adrianna, played strikingly by Katherine LaNasa. She offers him a job working for her, which he declines.

    As Neil juggles the various aspects of his life--and dabbles in Zen meditation to cope--things get more complicated. He knows Grace is lying to him. He is lying to her too, but she doesn't know it. The web of deception allows them to seek answers outside the marriage while they try to save it. Can that approach work? "You never really know where enlightenment will come from," he says in a voice over.

    I find the story, after two episodes, to be well written. This is a sexy show. And there is an air of mystery surrounding the entire storyline. The acting is good.

    On message boards, I have seen comments about the characters not being likable, but I disagree. Though they may be confused, they truly care about each other. The dilemmas they face are real and not uncommon. They are living in a world that is recognizable to many who work in high-pressure jobs, who lose sight of what their family needs, who wish to find a balance that promotes happiness for themselves and those they love.

    So far, the story is in a state of imbalance. It is difficult to know what will develop and how Neil and Grace will achieve some equilibrium in their relationship. At this early stage in the story, I am interested in watching to find out.

    Update 8/22/14: As the story lines expand to include other characters, the show is getting more interesting.
  • The pilot of Satisfaction was very good. In its 65' feels more like a movie than an episode of a series.

    Neil, a successful investment banker and a family man, has an epiphany and thinks he's living a life without meaning. He decides to do something about that, to speak the truth, to take matters in his own hand, but... the results are far from what he might expected! After the end of the pilot everything seems completed though. Most of the characters did their circle and any farther reference to them anymore seems futile. But it's a show, not a movie! So these characters keep coming back. Their story didn't end but now they seem totally unnecessary.

    Just finished watching the second (42' this time) episode and now my initial good review is changing to the worst. The editing is now avoiding crucial parts of what is happening. The script is making the characters more wooden and predictable. I, as a viewer, now care less about them.

    The show unfortunately turns into a sitcom. There are even some elements of comic relief, like with a Buddhist "Monk" (another character who completed his circle in the pilot, but he is still present in the 2nd episode) who's pickpocketing a cellphone to send a SMS.

    Also in the second episode we get to see the title sequence, with a nip-tuck version of Satisfaction (by the Rolling stones), that I really truly wished not to be the music theme of series, but in vain.

    Overall: See the pilot. If you question yourself after, "Where the show goes from here?" skip the rest of the series.
  • I remember how I felt the first time I watched the series. I thought I was looking at an everyday-person's boring life being sure that something good would come out eventually. Passing the first three episodes, the only expectation that I had was kind of a need for having some questions answered rather than genuinely wondering about the next one and looking forward to it.

    Then the surprise took over the entire plot. Neil started to show the other side of his actually amazing character and Grace was stunning on her scenes. The 4th episode was a real junction that the scenario took to another direction. The series was now more than a late-night cracker that we usually consume when there's nothing easy to eat in the kitchen.

    The season finale met my expectations to the extent that I left the show to a long break rooting for another season and checking out the USA Network website every other day in the hope that they didn't cancel the show. It turned out they did not and that was a relief.

    The second season started off with a near-perfect play and plot, which I'm sure all other fellow fans would agree with me on this.

    I strongly recommend you give it a shot. You're not going to regret the time you spend on the show.
  • One good, interesting and intriguing series and that one they cancel? What are they thinking with? The wallet of course, but why not do some better advertisement and give people a chance to learn something new and get rid of their wrong preconceptions.

    I suppose the Americans have a little double standards in their thinking - they think its OK with violence, rape and drugs in movies. But when it comes to mutual accepted and agreed sex inside and outside the marriage THEN they are horrified and appalled.

    They are like the three monkeys - see nothing, here nothing say nothing - then everything is OK and I don't have to learn anything new.

    Or am I wrong?

    The bottom line is - I'm sorry this series was canceled.
  • This is a series that although has some attraction (the two leads a better part of making that happen).. the basic underlying storyline just does not gel. He's a handsome, genial guy who apparently loves his beautiful and talented life partner, and he has all the financial stability he'd ever want or need, doing out of character things. And yes, she's frustrated with her life and wants to be doing something more fulfilling (which btw, he seems to have no objection to whatsoever, in fact, he's totally supportive of her efforts), and she deep down cares very much and loves him too. They both come off as nice people doing not so nice things to each other, with others, who are not nice people at all. All for what. they're bored and so shallow and uncaring of each other, they're easily willing to throw it all away after being together for 20 years.. for those two loser users? That sucks, and doesn't say much for the future of traditional marriage in society should it be what we've evolved to. It's only one season, and it's not a show that you really want to turn away from so quickly.. but they better shore up the core storyline, otherwise it's the viewers that will be growing increasingly 'unsatisfied' with the relationship.
  • Sure there are tons of shows in prime time and elsewhere where adultery happens, but a show whose very premise is based on something that most of us, in our personal lives, find ugly goes a bit too far. And tit-for-tat infidelity is just wrong. To walk open-eyed into extra-marital relationships just because a marriage is unsatisfying is easy but at heart, lazy. Either work on the marriage or get a divorce. But as my mother used to say, "Don't land another plane until you've cleared the runway." The funny thing about us humans is that even though we are 21st century hip, we still, thank God, cannot jettison our morality and our emotions when we are on the "victim" end of violations of that morality. Wrongness wrapped in beautiful sets, rocking bodies, and decent acting is still wrongness. So low marks to a show that tries to make us forgot our moral compasses in exchange for cool.
  • sadettin306922 August 2014
    Satisfaction has very interesting and unusual plot. Even though scenario is little bit annoying, chain of events are amazing and addictive. Especially secrets between Grace and Neil also Neil's question about his relationships are real power of this TV show. Actually, Satisfaction show us consequences of very common problem in the world that is Married Couples' monotone lifestyles with unusual storytelling and incredible acting. Nonetheless, I have some doubts about continuation of Satisfaction, because when secrets between Grace and Neil are revealed, What would happen, after the revelations unless there will be strong scenario like previous episodes, ıt would be messy. I hope after the sharing or revealing secrets TV show does not lose its unique atmosphere and original storytelling, because everyone knows that TV series like Satisfaction includes clichés at some point. Anyway I am just waiting to find out what will be going on next eagerly and gladly.
  • The well-titled "Satisfaction" is about a couple who believe that there is something missing from their basically contented, affluent lives. The show begins with something out of a dream: having discovered that his wife is paying an escort, the husband takes his rival's phone and decides to take up the business. His wife's infidelity does not sadden him so much as it provides not only a motive but an opportunity, presented here in a very ingenious way, as the husband follows headlong into another life. His wife, too, despite being far too stunningly gorgeous to be paying for sex, has her own power as a character, though she is offered a kind of international compensation at the end that is highly implausible. The show's very interesting, plausible view of the complications and kinks of husband and wife will be exciting to anyone who has experienced married life, though the same cannot be said of its view of parenting; the daughter and her boyfriend are utter bores.
  • What can I say for the new USA series "Satisfaction" it's a show that teases you watch it week after week and nothing really big happens true their is plenty of skin and love scenes still the story still does frown you with it's drama and discovery. Still it's a guilty pleasure as a plot about a husband Neil Truman(Matt Passmore) and wife Grace(Stephanie Szostak) who have an open marriage of sleeping around with escorts to spice up their love life is interesting. And the series has good eye candy in the form of pimp business lady Adriana(the sexy Katherine LaNasa). Overall it's a sexy series with lust, fun and intimate feel certainly a different kind of series for USA network.
  • gitrdonex43 August 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is off to a good start. It gives a totally different scenario as to what a man would do if he caught his wife sleeping with another guy. Instead the main character tries to understand the root of what caused this spontaneous attack on his marriage. Every time the show comes on I want to know when and if he'll confront his wife about the truth. He keeps giving his wife a chance to admit she cheated but she just denies anything is wrong. It's a great show to watch as the character journeys down a new road in his life.

    The only scenario I don't like is when a guy quits his job, and then his boss decides to promote him to partner. That just made me go "come on".

    The guy doesn't want to loose his wife or connection with his daughter. He really does care for them. I like the idea of him going to get advice from a Zen Master about right and wrong of what he's doing with what he knows.

    Can't wait to see what happens next Thursday.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Season 1 was slow moving, but had potential. This was something most people (married or not) could relate to on so many levels: how to find happiness and fulfillment within our lives. We wake up one day and wonder how we got here - that this wasn't the life we imagined growing up. What do you do when you feel stuck or don't know what's missing in your life? These are universal issues at the core of all human beings.

    In the beginning, I loved Neil's character with what happens at his job and on the plane, and discovering, (even through an atypical way of being a male prostitute), discovering what role he played in losing touch with his relationship with his wife, Grace.

    Season 2 destroyed all potential. Only watched 3 episodes of season 3 so far, but the writing, the acting, the logic, and believability all hit rock bottom. It became an unrealistic soap opera.

    In Season 2, Neil is compassionate with the women he is "escorting" and communicates well with them and wants to understand them. But with Grace, he remains a granite face, emotionless, and hardly says anything. And for a man that continually says he wants to get back together with Grace, he never once tells her he loves her.

    For a man who wants to get back with his wife, at one of her most darkest moments (Grace learns he is opening an escort service to basically have sex repeatedly with lots of different women, which is understandably hard for her to grasp, PLUS Adrianna just handed them unexpected legal separation papers), Neil tells Grace he has to leave. He makes no apologies. Business is business and obviously comes before his relationship with his wife (that he keeps saying he longs for) and her feelings. (His actions and behaviors with her need some adjustments to make it more believable otherwise make him quit saying he wants to get back together with her)

    Grace's behavior is just as ridiculous. After what Adrianna did (playing her the fool), it is completely unbelievable Grace would go to Adrianna's to stay. That made no sense. Has she no other friends or family?

    And don't get me started on the 911 call in episode 1. The surveillance cameras would be time-stamped, showing how long they waited until calling the police, also showing they called Adrianna first (why oh why would you call someone else before the police, hmmm?) Did the police wonder why Adrianna was there?

    With better writing, the show could have explored open marriages and other unconventional lifestyles. With better writing, this show could have held its own on its intrinsic value to connect to all human beings and reached a broader audience.

    Honestly, once all sexual concepts are explored in the show, not sure where else the plot can go. I anticipate the show being canceled after this season.

    On a personal note, I don't know what it is about the guy who plays Neil - either he can't act or by trying to bury his Australian accent, his face remains rigid and void of most human expressions, which makes his statements about things seem even less believable.
  • sd71228 October 2014
    Wow...I was hooked after 10 minutes!!!!!!! It takes a lot to impress me and Satisfaction exceeded my expectations in every way. What a great storyline and superb acting by every cast member!!!!!!!! Neil and Grace do an amazing job - they are powerful but subtle which makes their behavior so mysterious. This series has the potential to go in many different directions and will keep you hanging after each episode. I can't wait for the next season. I hope the writers keep on writing year after year. It really makes you think about life and relationships and in one way or another the storyline connects with every single viewer. Satisfaction is truly a winner!!!!!!!!
  • Man992047 May 2015
    I am normally a big fan of Matt Passmore. He deserves better, far better, than this awful series. It is not just bad, it is painfully bad. So bad it will make your teeth hurt.

    A large part of the problem is with the inept quality of the scripts. They fail to engage the viewer. It is hard to feel any empathy for a bunch of thoroughly miserable people with no redeeming qualities. Materialistic Yuppies with no social conscience are just not that entertaining.

    I cannot recommend this Series. Pass this stinkeroo by - you will be glad you did.
  • Is this really what USA is considering a good, or worthwhile show? How much more vile, without morals and integrity can a show be? Why not just go full XXX and have the explicit porn and attract that level of viewers. Yes, I have tried to watch it, the TV was on for background "noise" and this show was on. Im not going to go all Mother Teresa, but how can anyone care about people that so obviously don't care about themselves, their relationships or the commitments they make to the people in their lives? This show makes me want to turn OFF the USA channel. Good thing they also have the BEST show on TV, Suits. Who would have ever thought the Lawyers would have more character than the people in this show? Miles Rinis
  • Pretty interesting, but think they really are missing an opportunity. It is really all about sex, just like Sex and the City, Masters of Sex...but not enough to really get much of a crowd to support it. It is about infidelity, and prostitution. Should just admit that it is for adults, and not be so modest. Don't think too many parents would want their kids watching this, and I don't think this show has a chance because they are too safe. Really just another soap opera, but a bit more extreme. With all the other shows that are more R rated, this just does not have that much to offer. Compare to Masters of Sex. They got a second season. This will not.
  • Grear show, great acting.. good chemistry between characters
  • After waiting patiently for someone in the TV industry to bring back to the weekly TV screen one of the very few sexy, exciting, and entertaining male actors of today- I am mortified to see Matt Passmore wasted in such trash as "Satisfaction"

    What is wrong with the decision makers of TV? Sure, there is a certain few who like pornography but there is a far larger world of normal women who would follow most any premise featuring such a likable personality that Matt Passmore possesses.

    I know of many women in an age range of 16 to 66 years old who loved Matt Passmore in "The Glades" and, like me, looked forward to seeing him in a new series. Matt Passmore's likability rating has to be off the scale for all genders, so why can't we find him in something that the entire family can watch. The BBC can handle sex with class in shows such as Sherlock but I have yet to see any new American TV series do so.

    So disappointed!
  • Just when I thought it could not get worse it did. It was scattered in the writing all over the place. Perhaps watching the program RUSH before this one has an effect. It moves so fast RUSH exciting then you have then very slow program on. Spoiler alerts? What spoilers except the brat kids. I was so bored I got up and cleaned the HOUSE. Then started counting the minutes until this would end. The writing was all over the place without a real plot. And seriously the most emotion I saw in Matt was over an app. Maybe I was suppose to read between the lines.. who knows.. again WHO knows. It is not clear. I swear I have seem move crap happen at a BINGO game with the elderly in a nursing home.. really. You guys need to talk to the writers of RUSH. Now that is DRAMA. I will drop this program. Especially if I have to choose between it and another one. RUSH I will Keep watching. At first I was so mad a doctor did drugs. My DTR is a doctor and I am a nurse so I was upset. Then the drama hit and made me forget all about it. You need this type of writing in this program if you want to keep it going. I didn't clean the house while RUSH was on. So all this time and what for? To discover what? If you want to know about satisfaction you need to ask someone with experience. Someone who has cheated on their spouse. Clearly you have not. Their would be more detail and emotion. Clearly you are not single or you would have more info on the habits of the dating and sex world. Will probably drop it. I don't expect to be kept up at night wondering what happens next.. but the other program perhaps. Good Luck with this. Hope you pick it up. WB