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  • Rectangular_businessman23 October 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    In a similar way to other DC Nation shorts, this "Deadman" animation shows a much more lighthearted version of this character, with simple but funny stories and a more cartoonish aesthetic: While in the original comics Deadman has a far more serious appearance, here he looks like a little friendly ghost.

    While I'm not familiar with the Deadman comics, I found this particular version done by CH Greenblatt (The creators of animated shows like "Chowder" and "Harvey Beaks") to be a decent watch, mostly thanks to its neat animation style and designs, making it an okay superhero animation for kids.

  • Even though I am not a fan of Chowder and I have never read the Deadman comics but CH Greenblatt did a good job doing these shorts. Making it more kid friendly and not too violent which is a positive.

    The animation/ art style is cute and the voice acting even if it was just Matt Jones is good.
  • tomsievins16 May 2022
    For dc which makes mostly super hero stuff this is amazing its changes up things i liked it alot as a kids thing kinda sad it only has 3 episodes tho:( soo i recommend it and thanks for reading my review.