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  • I literally skipped every part that didn't envolve them. They falling in love during this series saved the day and made it bearable to follow their story. The writers did a very poor job, the ending is a mess, it seems done in a hurry. But Kadir and Neslihan make it feel so real, that Macit and Neriman are hard to forget as lovebirds.
  • A wonderful series about pure love, reminiscent of a little story about Cinderella. The girl Neriman lives with her father and aunt in a poor district of Istanbul and one day accidentally receives an invitation to a party to her rich cousin, who is madly in love with a beautiful glamorous major named Magid.
  • The worst director and writers i've ever seen in my life , what the hell was that!!!!
  • Neslihan and kadir are adorable. Story is great, good actors, good direction overall an amazing show.