Quotes (5)

Jüri Jõgi: The innocent always feel guilt, the guilty feel nothing.

Omavalitsuse tegelane: Heil Hitler!

Kristjan 'Põder': Ei ütle!

[sounds similar to 'Heil Hitler', translates as 'no say']

Prohhor Sedõhh: [Red Army platoon reaches a village in Sõrve peninsula that appears to be Tuul's home] Grandmother told me that Estonia is small, but so small...!

Voldemar 'Piir': [twin brothers Käär have arrived at platoon as supplement] Who are you?

Vennad Käärid: [simultaneously] SS-grenader Käär!

Voldemar 'Piir': Supplement men?

Vennad Käärid: [simultaneously] Yes, sir!

Voldemar 'Piir': Ten men were promised, two were sent, they are also like one.

Karl Tammik: What are your names?

[brothers introduce themselves]

Voldemar 'Piir': Relatives?

Vennad Käärid: [simultaneously] Brothers.

Voldemar 'Piir': I can see that, a bit similar.

Kreml: Why did you let them go? Who gave the order to cease fire?

Kapten Evald Viires: I did.

Kreml: Captain Viires, all fascists must be destroyed.

Kapten Evald Viires: I don't have time to chase along the forest every little boy who is shooting us.

Kreml: They were not little boys, they were real fascists! Captain Viires, I will write a report about you!

Kapten Evald Viires: Comrade Stalin personally gave the order to liberate the capital of Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic, Tallinn, for the 22nd of September. I don't intend to go under court martial, maybe you do.

Kreml: We will see who is going under court martial.

[walks away]

Alfred Tuul: Kreml shitted to his pants.