Cancelled before the end of the 1st season, but it was allowed to finish out the season.

Created by Vince Gilligan, the man who made the Emmy Award winning TV show Breaking Bad (2008), and David Shore, the man who made the highly acclaimed and award winning show House (2004).

Battle Creek Michigan, is known as "Cereal City". Headquarters to Kelloggs.

In a scene in the first episode, Agent Chamberlain and Detective Agnew are talking to some gang members on a street corner. The street sign reads "E. Emmett St.", which actually exists in Battle Creek, Michigan, where the show is set. The tall building in the background however, is not in Battle Creek.

According to actual residents of Battle Creek, MI, very little if any of the locations shown on this show are located in Battle Creek aside from a few street names and a couple of general location shots in the opening.

Although the show's setting is in Battle Creek, MI, it is filmed in Manhattan Beach, California, USA