• StewartMoore4 October 2015
    Hilarious, brilliant....genius.
    Astonishingly negative reviews here on IMDb for a show that is a total original, very funny and very well acted. The lead actor is such a brilliant oddball. I've watched most of season 1 and it builds very well, sustaining the development and the nightmare scenario while somehow keeping the wants of the lead out of his reach. Thwarted, might be the word. A set of circumstances that evolve in an amusing way. I can't think of a show like it. Looking back over the negative reviews here I find myself wondering if that is something to be proud of. It is far from lowest common denominator. It will likely not appeal to many, but I believe it has the makings of an underground classic.
  • dongwangfu21 September 2015
    Why is this show so polarizing?
    For some reason, there are a huge number of reviews that expect this to portray all the details of its post-apocalyptic premise exactly the way each reviewer imagines it should.

    It is a sit-com! Was "Bob Newhart" accurate about mental illness? No. Could actual human beings live the summer camp style lives led by the central characters in "Friends"? No. Is "Last Man on Earth" anything more than an excuse to throw together different character types for humorous effect? No.

    But as a sit-com style serial it is really very, very funny. Will Forte, the central character, is weak-willed but occasionally self-reflective anti-hero, and Kristin Schaal and January Jones are just two of a set of excellent comedians who play supporting roles.

    The only reason I can think that so many ratings are so low is that people may have been looking for show in a different genre, and started watching and were unhappy it was basically a sit-com.
  • jeffreyblezard22 June 2015
    Not so much a review, but rather me sharing my opinion with everyone.

    I thought that this show was absolutely hilarious. I genuinely haven't laughed as much as I did to this show, in such a long time. I loved how it was brutal and so very dark. I hope that there is another season. How anybody who has watched this from start to finish, for me that was in one sitting, can say that it is pure garbage is beyond me.

    I think that it is a very well written show with some brilliant acting performances, even the bad ones were somehow good!

    I honestly couldn't care about all of the people that are trash talking this show or saying that it isn't funny. You ARE wrong.

    I really can't praise it enough. 10/10!!
  • dallascowboyfan-4836026 September 2015
    absolutely hilarious and original
    I don't understand the negative reviews at all. I have never laughed so hard watching a show. It is a breath of fresh air, original and immersive. I just wish the episodes were longer, it's strange how they are about 22-23 minutes long. I can't wait until tomorrow when the second season starts. I love this show. I can only guess that the negative reviews were from people who possess one of the follow attributes: lacks a sense of humor, doesn't appreciate an original plot, does not like to be immersed in a show, does not watch enough of a show to truly judge it. This show allows me to fantasize about how it would be to do things that we can't do in real life. When there are so few people in the world you can just drive to a city or town and move into the house of your choice, go to a liquor store and grab what you want, go to a movie theater and turn on the projector and watch a movie all by yourself, help yourself to some candy and popcorn...provided you have been handy enough to get some electricity going...not hard to hook up some solar panels though.
  • abondgirl5 March 2015
    Hate is not a strong enough word.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have never written a show review before, but I was shocked by how much I actively disliked this show. Maureen's critic review on Huntington Post is absolutely perfect, in my opinion.

    For a comedy, to me, the main characters were extremely unlikable and unfunny. Phil is a lazy, self pitying, boring jerk. I loved other reviewers references to him as a "Charles Manson" wannabe. Maureen also referred to him as "BEARDO" which made me laugh. It's too bad there were so few laughs in watching Last Man on Earth. The humor was sophomoric, scatological and sometimes mean. If you like watching a grown man throwing balls all over the place, crashing cars, trashing a house and using the swimming pool as a bathroom, then maybe this show will appeal to you. I thought the show would improve with the introduction of the other character, but it didn't. It got worse.

    I would not watch this show again if it were the Last SHOW on Earth.
  • neonrt-492-487174 March 2015
    i had such high hopes, i made other watch.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was so excited for this show because i have imagined what i would do if i was the last man on earth. This show went no where with it. So much so that they had to introduce the woman in the first show. I would have loved for him to visit museums and trash them, go to the zoo and ride something that wouldn't eat him or swim with the fish. I am guessing the budget only covered two cars and 9 fish tanks. The water thing threw me off. Unless you have a well water comes from that huge tower and works when there is no electricity. Unless it leaked out he would have a lifetime supply, if it ran out then move to the next town. Even zombie movies have running water. Speaking of where are the dead people and traffic jams? I would have picked aliens vs a virus to explain why the earth was so clean. More important than the stuff that is wrong is the lack of him doing much of anything. Unless they dive into a vault of gold coins like scrooge mc duck in the next episode i wont make it to the third.
  • Reviewer74625 March 2015
    Painfully Bad
    Warning: Spoilers
    I find it difficult to enjoy watching a show that leaves you rooting against the survival of the human race.

    The series starts out decently with the first episode being genuinely funny and marginally interesting. In fact, by comparison with the rest of the series so far, the first episode was so good that it was the only thing that kept me watching to episode six. The second episode introduces the first female character who you're wishing will just off herself by the end of the episode. The lead character (played by Will Forte) doesn't lose all traces of likability until the fourth episode and by the fifth you're wishing he would jump off a cliff.

    The other two characters that have been added so far are such uninteresting, two dimensional plot devices that one can easily predict what their lines are before they say them. Somehow, Phil seems to be the only character who was in any way affected by the intervening year or so without human contact. All the other characters have carried on as normal (with Carol presumably being batshit crazy before the epidemic).

    There are a few technical problems with the plot that I feel the need to mention just to disabuse potential viewers of the notion that this is post-apocalyptic genre. 1) Arizona is an interesting choice of residence in a world without air conditioning. 2) He chooses a house that is apparently disconnected from the city water supply as it has no running water (even though he visits the municipal water tank). 3) There are no bodies of victims of disease or even vehicles to be found anywhere or for that matter, any evidence of an epidemic taking place. 4) This one's really minor but, fuel oil and gasoline have shelf lives of only a few months so the survivors are going to have issues running cars and electric generators when it's been over a year since the epidemic. 5) Finally, the show's title is incorrect (they're averaging almost one new person per episode).

    To be clear, minor technical issues like the above barely factor into my rating. This show isn't meant to be a believable post-apocalyptic survival guide - it's a comedy. But the form of comedy is the real problem...

    This is the worst cringe humor I've seen in a long time (somehow topping SNL's abuse of the genre). The last few episodes of the show (in which Phil tries to win Melissa's affection) are so cringeworthy they're actually physically difficult to watch. It's not funny, it's not interesting, it's just horrendous script writing. The only reason I watched the sixth episode is because I was hoping the show would turn around. Unfortunately, it got worse and I can't go on.
  • z z4 March 2015
    What a let down!
    Warning: Spoilers
    I for one was very excited to watch this show. The concept of being the last person on earth, has been a dream for many of us. Unfortunately, the concept isn't executed well in this production. The main character isn't strong enough to stand on his own, as his antics get old in the first 15 minutes. So the producers added another character. Again, unfortunately, the additional character makes it so much worse. I was hoping the main character would've thrown her out of the car, the instant complained about stop signs. That or he could have taken her to a cliff top and shoved her off... however they kill he off, doesn't matter, only that it happens sooner rather than later.
  • Harry Catchpole18 August 2015
    Seriously Worth a Watch
    I feel this series really did hit home with me, it's humor is just right and the story really justifies how any normal person would act if they were to be the last person on earth.

    Any bad reviews are just hate that can't appreciate it's in depth immersion that this story plunges you into. When i began watching i could immediately tell this was a hidden gem of a series.

    The acting is top notch and the overall setting of the series really does make me feel like human life ceases to exist, and all of this is done while maintaining an up beat feel and comedic value.

    I would say this is well worth the watch if you have a decent sense of humor and love a good story.
  • Hulio99927 March 2015
    Went from mediocre to awful
    Warning: Spoilers
    When the first episodes started out, my impression was that the show was mediocre and didn't have enough about Phil truly being the last man on earth.

    Phil has become more and more annoying, to the point that the show could move in a great direction by killing his character off. His acting is painfully bad on top of that. The other three actors have been great, but there's only so much they can do when the lead actor is awful.

    Add in the excessive fat jokes, and I have better things to watch than this. Racism's probably up next. Hopefully this is cancelled and we never have to watch anything by this team of writers again.
  • Steve Bryan16 March 2015
    This show is awful on an epic scale...
    Warning: Spoilers
    Just a quick check of the title "Last man on earth" would make some believe that it may just mean that this guy is the last guy... Who honestly didn't see a woman entering this show? Now there are 2. Based on cast, soon a third woman will enter along with a guy... Way to keep with the title of the show...

    Beyond that obviously flawed fact, this has to be one of the most unoriginal shows on TV. Every plot has been regurgitated and it is so completely predictable. That is forgiving the horrible cgi contained so far.

    Then people should begin to question why Tuscon? This guy who magically gets enough gas to drive around the entire country chooses to live in one of the driest and hottest places in the country.... Can anyone honestly claim that they would choose Tuscon with everything being available?
  • Michael Shaffer3 March 2015
    Fifteen minutes I won't get back
    Warning: Spoilers
    The fact that anyone would rate this better than one star has me seriously fearful for the survival of this race. There was absolutely nothing new or funny about this show. Unless their attempt at comedy was to bring out every single cliché, every tired trope that had ever been done about the genre, then I don't see the point of even making this.

    The lead was someone who you just don't care about. Who actually makes you a bit angry because if this was the last man on earth, what does that say about humanity. He was nothing but a bag of everything that makes people go "eh". When he gets to the point to be considering suicide, you actually get excited, hoping they were going to introduce the real character who is supposed to be the last man on earth. Someone you could care about. He is the guy you invited to your parties just to increase the count.

    I watched until the second commercial break. Here are some of the things you are supposed to think are funny/deep.

    He travels around the country searching. Stops in the middle of Utah, the last state on his checklist somehow. In the middle I mean hundreds of miles from anywhere. And a shot of the mobile home he's in as he "screams in frustration and despair".

    He goes back home to Tuscon (see it's a joke! No one lives there voluntarily even today!) and goes back to his apartment. Then, and only then, does he realize he can have any house he wants.

    He watches Castaway and ridicules the Tom Hanks character for talking to a ball. Shortly afterward he had twenty balls named that he had conversations with. (See? Humor!)

    He goes to a local _dive_ bar regularly, "just to get out of the house". I think there was a Cheers reference in there but not sure. (See? Humor!)

    He has to work up the courage to speak to a girl mannequin. I turned away for the kiss. He goes to shake her hand and is devastated when the arm comes off.

    He asks God to tell the last owner of the house he took he will take good care of it. A few months later it is completely trashed and he's using the pool as a toilet. (See? Humor!)

    His birthday comes and he hasn't found anyone so that along with his failed romance of the mannequin convinces him to suicide.

    His choice of suicide was to slam his truck into a rock he had painted red circles on to make it a target (See? Humor!)

    He speeds through the sand of the desert, getting up to a speed that was sure to cause injury, maybe even a broken nose (They included a shot of the steering wheel that was obviously shot long after everything else showing the airbag removed). Then at the very last second, or two, he looks to his side for absolutely no reason and sees smoke going up into the air! He slams on his breaks and his vehicle slides three feet to a stop. Saved! Damn!

    He goes to where the fire is. It is a _tiny_ campfire, throwing no smoke, heating a coffee pot. On a line is a blouse, a bra, and I think a pair of pants. He grabs the bra and starts rubbing it on his face and sniffing it. (See? Humor!)

    A blurry figure comes up behind him and clears throat. He passes out. (See? Humor!)

    He wakes up and he's laying in the lap of a pretty lady. "I can't believe you found me!" she says without a trace of irony considering she had just said she had been following his signs. (See? Um... Pathetic?)

    She says his voice is like music to her ears. He asks if he can sing to her. She almost swoons as she says yes! (Oh hell no! *click* I am not into horror.)

    Those are the ones I remember off the top of my head. That was fifteen minutes into it.

    Is M. Night Shyamalan secretly writing and directing this???

  • dignified_laughter26 April 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Terribly unoriginal and unfunny writing. Phil Miller hates life, he acts like a jerk, he somehow redeems himself only for someone or something to screw it all up so he hates life again - rinse and repeat for every episode so far.

    There isn't a single character that is likable and for a "last man on earth" premise there are 7 people so far. If writing unlikeable characters was intentional, they did a good job in not only making us hate the character but the actor as well. The characters are all either overblown stereotypes (the fat-nice-guy, the bitchy-pretty-blonde, the horny-old-cougar etc - and don't get me started on the most irritating woman on earth, Carol) or they act as though they've never considered what to do if civilisation ended other than sit around complaining and playing house as they would if they hadn't just experienced the entire world die and thought they were alone for nearly 2 years.

    I understand that it is probably supposed to be an extended SNL skit where the audience needs to suspend belief for 30 minutes and not think too hard about what they are watching just to tolerate the poor acting/writing/storyline, but come on! How are decently written, smart, witty shows being cancelled while this is allowed to air? Will Forte must be laughing all the way to the bank being the creator, producer, writer and star of this show - I can only hope it will be his last ever endeavour in the world of television.
  • christiank72 March 2015
    So not funny
    Warning: Spoilers
    So not funny and so typical of a society in serious decline under the stewardship of the cancer known as LIBERALISM. This is a sad day for comedy and an even sadder day for the image that these Hollywood morons want to impose on our society. What in the name of anything were these fools thinking when they funded this garbage. No way should this ever become more than a a mistake in the overall pathetic production line of modern TV land. If people find this stuff funny then I am seriously worried about them. The nature of life is so much more than what they assume and I am very ticked off that this is even airing. OK Enough said. Just do not want to waste more time on this stuff. Geeezzzzzzzzzzzz!
  • GrimeyRickGrimes26 April 2015
    Terrible show
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have tried so very hard to like this show. I have watched the first two episodes and the 11th and 12th episodes. One of the main problems with this show is the lack of direction the characters have. They are all written flat and none of them have any personality. The characters are lazy and have no depth.

    The main character runs around trying his hardest to sleep with any survivor he comes across. The joke is he never gets to do any of this. He is constantly his own worst enemy. This would be funny if they did not keep going to this time and time again. The other characters are mean, annoying and needy.

    There is nothing new here rinse wash and repeat every Sunday.
  • Radu Malureanu (radursm)5 May 2015
    Worst humor ever.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Simply as that: Watch it only if you find humorously to discuss it ALL the time about: - how you poop in a pool/ fountain, - how you masturbate/ why/ how often, - how you can drink spirit from a small swimming pool that you are in, dressed like a hobo, - how smelly you are when you don't shower for days, - how to fit/ fix water pipes with duck-tape (really?), and how to read in a book about this "method" (really? - again), - poop, - masturbation (Yeah, again), - non-hygienic sex, smelly genitalia.

    If you like these, then, it's your show to watch. Not for me. Gross, horrible, scary as hell because of its IMDb rating (who are these people, anyway?). I keep wondering how the quality of the shows could drop further down. "The Last Man on Earth" might be one of the worst ever made. I really hope they'll stop making this kind of TV series/ movies, whatever. Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" has come to reality in this case. Are we living a dystopia, already (I repeat, this show has a high rating on IMDb!!!)?

    -10, if it were up to me...
  • sev-9351815 April 2015
    Was very disappointed
    Warning: Spoilers
    I had very high hopes for this series, after the first couple of episodes it looked like it might be something good to watch. As they developed the main character, Phil, he turns out to be a lying, self serving loser, that really cares for nobody but himself. I read another review where they compared him to Gilligan, but Gilligan's gaffs were good natured, best intentions gone awry. Phil is like an evil Gilligan, where evil intentions go awry. He's always out for himself at the expense of others. It's hard to watch a show where you despise the main character and he has no redeeming qualities. After watching a few episodes, you can boil the show down to the following formula: 1. Phil hatches a plot to get some advantage for himself by being mean, deceitful, inconsiderate, etc. 2. Phil Get's caught in his game. 3. Cliffhanger ending to see what will be his punishment

    Not every episode has been like that, but it's pretty much, Phil screws up, everyone else gets mad, rinse and repeat.
  • anlau61313 April 2015
    Wasted potential
    Warning: Spoilers
    Reviewers who see this show as brilliant like to say that people who don't like it just have no sense of humor, or don't get the fact that we're supposed to hate Phil. The humor derives from how despicable he is and how cringe-worthy his actions are. I get that. And I've suffered through many episodes (8, but it feels like more) so I'm not judging it on the first episode or something.

    I just can't believe, out of all the human issues and problems they could highlight in this microcosm of society, the only one they're bothering with is: my wife isn't that pretty.

    I mean, it's not like he actually likes any of the prettier women he keeps trying to sleeze into bed with--he gets along best with his wife even though he finds her annoying. But she's not as pretty as the other women, so...angst! Is that really all they could come up with? Really? Even MacGruber and the Falconer were more deep than this. I can't believe Will Forte would sink this low.

    Are they just waiting for season 2 to get as interesting and intellectual as I know Forte can be? Because I for one will not be watching that long.

    I keep on waiting for someone as morally despicable as Phil to just decide to kill his wife, and then they have to cast him out or bring him to justice and we have the beginnings of some kind of new society mythology of evil developing, but no, he's just a loser and nothing happens and people call him a jerk sometimes, roll their eyes and put up with him.

    I do kind of like the fact that the apocalypse hasn't somehow made people automatically heroic and cool or life more interesting, but one good idea is not interesting enough to make me suffer through this.
  • lynchards12 March 2015
    The premise of the show had "had" potential
    Warning: Spoilers
    *** This review may contain spoilers *** I've watched 2 shows thus far, and I know virtually nothing about the main character, or the situation. Character development is extremely important in a story. . .it gives you the motivation to care about what happens to the main character. So not only do I know nothing about the background of the main character, what little personal traits I have seen of his activities leaves me liking him even less. He's unintelligent (stupid), disorganized, and unhygienic (slovenly). For an apocalypse, I haven't seen one dead body, nor have I heard anything about the disease.

    Now even if this show was well written (which it isn't), they're burning through material so fast it won't have much longevity. I'm into the second show, and not only do I find out that he is not the last person alive, but he has gotten married and he runs into a blond girl at crossroad. I can already see the "funny" infidelity skit in the makings.

    Booooo . . .bad job. Lazy television. The second show was my last show for me.
  • Rob_Taylor6 March 2015
    Plagiaristic nonsense that isn't funny
    Warning: Spoilers
    So, in general I enjoyed the first episode of this series, though it was a bit slow to begin with.

    I do take a bit of issue with the claim (from the front cover image) that this is "The most original comedy in years" since the plot is near identical to the movie "The Last Man" made in 2000.

    From this movie similarity, I deduce that a second man (or woman) will appear to upset the happy emerging relationship of the the pair at some point and it will come to blows and comedic violence before everything works itself out.

    I also deduce that I watch far too many movies and have pretty much spoiled any story for myself as I can see similarities and plot lines from a mile away now.

    However, just because it is, essentially, based on something else doesn't mean it can't be good. I just hope they don't take it too far down the road of cringeworthiness else that'll kill it straight away.

    For now though, it is pleasantly amusing and I'll see what they come up with next.

    EDIT: Wow! It took until the second aired episode for a third character to show up as I expected. Now I expect it will descend into cringeworthiness.

    A MUCH LATER EDIT: Yep, cringe-inducing nonsense. Somebody save me from comedies where the main male character acts like a child. Please.
  • Dez Adams17 April 2015
    Obvious fox pays for reviews
    Warning: Spoilers
    I cant believe that this show has such a high rating. People you can judge for yourself from all the 1 star consumer reviews this show has. All the major reviews have to be paid for by fox. This show is absolute drivel! you have Phil the main character who is just extremely unlikeable in every single way possible. How can you make a main character so unlikeable? Its uncanny! I kept watching this show in hopes of it getting better but every episode just got worse and worse, I did not think it was possible.

    You have a main character who makes every bad decision possible, never thinks about any of the things he says, constantly repeats the same mistakes, and never thinks about the consequences of his action. Just a total unbelievable fool, there's no way that someone could possibly be that stupid and be the last man on earth. Then he meets Carol who is extremely annoying in every single way possible also and marries her just to have sex. Then a hot girl comes along, and instead of just telling the girl the truth and telling Carol that he really doesn't want to be with her (which would have solved all problems) because he isn't even obligated to be with her and it wasn't even a real marriage, he decides to try to weasel his way to the other girl?! The plot just forces stupidity and thats what makes it bad. You have to have absolutely no taste whatsoever to like this show.

    1. The main character is too unlikeable 2. The plot is terrible 3. Where are all the dead bodies and dead animals? 4. Why is there so much food still available? stores would have been ransacked in an epidemic 5. Just too many plot holes and unlikeable characters! 6. Why aren't any of the characters trying to find solutions to problems??

    Fox please cancel this so we can get a show with real substance to take its slow. Thank you
  • Ricky Couture9 October 2015
    Ignore the bad reviews...This show is hilarious!
    I suppose it's expected that a show this unique is going to have its fair share of love/hate responses, but I'm extremely surprised to see it get this much criticism.

    My suggestion for the detractors out there is, because it's a comedy, just let go of the OCD nature of trying to dissect what is and isn't realistic in a doomsday scenario and just follow along with the show's humor. Don't overthink it.

    Too many reviews are criticizing needless things, like; "Where's the abandoned cars in traffic?", "Where are all the bodies?", etc...But those things are completely unnecessary in terms of buying the show's premise. I think they did the right thing to not edge themselves out with grim imagery. It doesn't need a drama element.

    It's supposed to be funny, and for that reason they had to make the decision (and rightfully so) to dismiss the typical and obvious aspects of a last-man-on-earth scenario and just go straight for the comedy. If they didn't, none of the humor would land as quickly and easily as it does.

    Personally, I think this is one of the funniest and most interesting shows I've seen in a long time. It's rare to have a comedy nowadays that's so quotable and full of brilliant one liners, and because the characters and the situations they find themselves in are so strange, what comes from it is an incredibly original and fresh show with the potential for many future seasons of hilarious moments.

    So if you're at all reading this review and are comparing it to other reviews to see if this show is worth watching, I suggest you just watch this show and see for yourself. I, for one, love it, and can't imagine how someone wouldn't. If it's not for you, you'll know instantly...But if it is, you just found a gold mine that will have you in laughing out loud at least a dozen times an episode. Definitely recommend!
  • frankkerrigan29 September 2015
    Fantastic series
    So the world ends and everyone dies, who is left a perfect man from middle America who will take mankind to a new level. No its Phil a damaged little man who is less than perfect. He's flawed, petty but has a great pool idea that I would love to copy. Remember not everyone one at the end of the world is perfect, what you have is what is left and you have to make the best of it or in Phil's case make the worst of it. This is laugh, Phil makes you cringe as he struggles to cope with changing circumstances, but it is also very touching if you look a little deeper.

    This is really worth watching and worth sticking with it and it only gets better with the second series, episode one is season two is a shocker, not a walking dead shocker but it brings home how fragile the world that Phil lives in now actuals is.
  • empbb28 March 2015
    Boring and repetitive.
    Warning: Spoilers
    The show started OK. The last man on Earth - Phil is very pleased blowing things up and taking a margarita bath. Nothing really funny happens but it's not bad. There is hope it will get better. And it does get better! Enter Carol. She is easily the funniest character on the show and she has a major role in the second hour. She insists that Phil stops at a stop sign even though there are no other cars. She want to repopulate with Phil but only after they get married. She makes funny(absurd) corrections to Phil's English. I'd actually give the second hour 8 stars. Unfortunately, it doesn't last. The show quickly deteriorates to complete waste of time. Melissa shows up and Carol's character is showed to the background. The show becomes Phil running after Melissa like a dog, trying to score with her. It's not funny at all. In fact, it's anti-funny. Finally to top it off, Tod shows up and that pretty much puts the final touch on the show for me, since Phil is not even the last man on Earth any more.
  • emphedokles29 March 2015
    Its like school theater made up by eight year olds
    You know that when you ask kids to make up an own story and the first thing they do is just take ideas from movies they have seen about that topic before? Its exactly like that. This series is like an endless very boring deja vu of all that "one guy is somewhere completely alone" movies you have ever seen. The additional "ideas" are about: What kind of things would you do when you have a whole city for yourself and no consequences to fear. Their answer to that is: Destroying stuff. Again just like what an eight year old would came up with.

    Also the male protagonist is unbelievable annoying. But not in any funny way. It is just a permanent pain in the a** to watch what a complete moron he is. The female may have been planned as the crazy part. But she is not somehow funny crazy. She is also just annoying and talks all day long about diarrhea.

    Except of the very bad story and characters the whole setting does not make sense in any way. For unknown reason they eat all the time horrible food mixed out of very unfitting ingredients. Just like dried and canned food was never invented.

    To summarize that. I have never seen any series which is such an complete failure on every level and i really wonder how it is possible that it was not trashed after two episodes.

    This show gets on IMDb a rating of 8 and there are several very positiv reviews with a rating of 10. I really hope and pray that this is somehow made up by a fraud. Because if not, humanity is lost.
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