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  • megascene28 January 2017
    I binged on this show. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen and in the end I was screaming, ready to watch season 2. I saw that it wasn't there so I decided to check up on it on google. My heart broke a little when I saw it was canceled as this is definitely a new favorite show. :( You can't end it on a cliffhanger!! That's just mean :( We need to bring this back! I need to see how this end and how it affects everyone's lives! Please!! Bring. It. Back! Why would you even cancel it in the first place?? It got two nominations and from what I can see most people loved it! It's such an exciting show and the characters are very interesting! I feel like I've gotten to know them so well!
  • suzypaperclip17 January 2017
    PLEASE PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK! No one cares that it is a remake. I hate when people don't like shows because of that reason (for example US Skins another great canceled show.) I loved this like the US Shameless which did very good. I don't like the original version of this at all. But this show left you wanting more and more.Everyone did a great job acting in this show and due to the fact you don't have to constantly read the subtitles you can catch the whole story. I need to know what happens. Why would Netflix bring this out? They should buy the rights and continue with the series. There is really nothing more I can say except snobs need to get over it, so many remakes have been done in America and so many remakes have been done of American movies and or shows.
  • I don't know what some of the people here want, but that show is fabulous, and so are the actors... I was stunned reading some of the reviews, and to think I almost did not watch it based upon those reviews.. I say people, watch it and decide for yourselves, everyone has their own taste and opinion.. I am so looking forward to the next episode. I especially like how there are a few characters in different areas and it is not focusing on the one, plus the story lines are great.. I never realized how hard it is to write a review without putting in a spoiler or two, so I am not chancing it.. As I said, watch it for yourself and decide from there, if you are into these kind of shows and movies, I'm sure you will like it..
  • I didn't know that this was a remake of the french original. so it didn't bother me, it was the original show to me, and it was really interesting. I'm just sorry that it ends suddenly after 10 episodes and they've canceled the season 2 so we'll never know what happened.

    such a pity

    I can't believe they'll just leave it like this. if they followed the same plot as the french one maybe I would have tried to switch to the original in french, but as they differ I can't and I don't want to watch the french version with different characters etc now that I have watched 10 episodes of this show...
  • I didn't know this was a remake of another show. I enjoyed watching this and it was something different to watch. Plus, it also makes you think about who would you want to come back if it was possible. Naturally, even if the technology was there to bring someone back who had been dead for years there is no way it would be done no matter how much people would want it so. Why? Because this world is getting over populated as it is and if people came back then we would be in a lot of trouble. After all there are more dead people than living on this planet.

    Hence I love SC-FI series it gives me some escapism from the real world. Some series even make me think 'What if...'

    I've been waiting and waiting for the second series but gathering from reading some of your reviews there is not to be one. Disappointed! I hate it when you get into a TV Series and then somebody sat behind a desk out of touch with 'real' people just decide to stop filming a series. I know, before somebody berates me, that if the series is not doing so well then they pull the plug. It's all about the money and not what the viewer wants. They did the same to Stargate Universe. But that's another review I have to write.
  • I feel so inferior for not realizing that this show was as horrible as some other, wiser and more informed viewers, found it to be. Fool that I am, I loved it, and thought it one of the most imaginative and entertaining offerings I've ever seen. I watched all ten episodes over a three or four day period, forgetting all about my usual T.V. fare in the meantime. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of what it is that should be entertaining for me and in my ignorance, I didn't have the acumen necessary to realize that I was watching a very inferior product and was finding it as entertaining as the European offering upon which "The Returning" is based. Perhaps someday, I'll become as informed and aware of what entertains me as many of the wiser expert critics who have already condemned this series, and when I do, I'll stay away from offerings such as this. In the meantime, it looks like I'll continue floating blissfully along, unaware of how unentertained I am while hallucinating that I am actually being entertained.
  • Why do we as Americans feel it necessary to remake every good show or movie. The vast majority of movies made today are remakes, reboots or sequels. Many of today's popular American shows have been appropriated from foreign titles. Homeland, Real Humans, Mad Dogs, and now The Returned just to name a few recently remade titles. I fear we will soon see an American take on Orphan Black and Black Mirror. Do the studios really feel that their target demo is too dumb to enjoy foreign TV? Would it not suffice to simply purchase these shows in syndication and broadcast them stateside? It's not like we are bringing anything new to these shows. Some of them are literal remakes of the original scripts. Where have all the original story ideas gone? If this were truly a golden age of television, one would expect to see our studios teeming with top notch original content. Game of Thrones and Walking Dead are unquestionably high quality American productions, but they're adapted stories. Many of the foreign TV shows brought to America prove to be successful. I'm sure it's easier to break a show when half the work has been done for you. I like a lot of our American adaptations, but by and large I prefer the originals. The American adaptation often kills the original production. If we would bring them over here instead of remaking them, they would probably last longer. By remaking rather than importing these shows, we are stunting the growth of foreign television and dumbing down the average American TV viewer. I'm going to get off my soap box now and try to put my money where my mouth is. Thank you for reading this. /rant.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Now... what the other reviewers does not seem to understand is that this may not be as creepy or spine chilling as les revenants... but thats what the producers want to do.... the series is more interested in exploring the emotional dynamic between these newly resurrected souls and the living townspeople who have mourned (and, in certain cases, tried to forget about) them. For some, these returns are miraculous, a sign of fragile hope. After a brief prelude, The Returned opens with Camille (India Ennenga), a young teenager killed four years earlier in a school-bus accident, wandering back to her home. Her mother, Claire (Tandi Wright), returns from a support-group meeting to find her once-deceased daughter making a sandwich: "I know you're probably worried," Camille says, presuming her mother's dismay is because she's come home after curfew. "I would have called you, but I lost my phone." Claire contacts her now-ex-husband (Mark Pellegrino), and the pair gaze at their daughter with a mixture of wariness and awe. The couple's gratitude is tinged with dread; counterbalancing their apprehension about the forces that have permitted Camille's resurrection is the fear that she might just as easily disappear again. This is a promising new series with great actors and awesome production....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It cracks me up to see all the TV snobs knocking this show because it isn't as good as the original French show. Well that is a matter of opinion and I found The Returned to be quite entertaining contrary to most of the reviews on here. Is it atmospheric and creepy like the French version? Not really but in the United States people watch TV differently and foreign shows sometimes have to be changed up a bit to gel with American audiences and in this case I feel they did a solid job. I watched the French version and found it boring at times but I still enjoyed it. I've noticed that in some of the other reviews the writers are reaching for reasons to not like it. One reviewer went as far as to complain that the two actresses playing the twin sisters didn't look enough alike where as I felt the casting was done well. They are supposed to be four years apart in age and during that stage of a girls life many changes in physical appearance occur. If you're here to read reviews on this show please go past the negative ones written by people who never gave the show a shot because it is a re- pop and give The Returned a chance.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Please, bring The Returned back. My daughter's and I binged watched for two day's, even told friends about the show and now they are watching and upset there will not be a second season, after cancellation. The story line is compelling and the setting is beautiful. We love to find out why Camille kills the teen boy through sex, why did Peter grow old and the little boy Henry stayed young. Will Adam now kill Lena when he finds her in the woods and blame her for his bother's death. Will Rowan ever find out of Tommy's deception of how Simon really died. Did Simon's premonition come to pass given that Helens lit match go's out.

    Such a climatic finale and now no second season.

  • This review is based on the first episode of the American remake of "Les revenants", probably the only episode I'll ever watch, given its almost overwhelming inferiority. Once again, someone - in this case, Carlton Cuse (who I have nothing against; I enjoy Bates Motel) - has gotten it in their head that a standout European offering needs to be remade in America. Remember "Gracepoint", the American remake of "Broadchurch"? Yeah, neither do I.

    They follow the French script almost exactly, but the execution is terrible. Many of the older characters are made younger; most of the plain or even ugly characters are made at least somewhat attractive, if not hot. The pacing is terrible. Whereas the original featured shots that lingered over scenes to create atmosphere and lingered over characters' faces to allow them to subtly emote, the remake features fast cuts and dutch angles. Thus, the show loses any sense of subtlety. The original was a carefully crafted character drama with the feeling of an elegiac dirge; the remake is a plot-driven mess with none of the atmosphere. The characters simply are not believable in the way the characters in the original were; their motivations and emotions are completely opaque. The language is sanitized, presumably for some ratings board, but due to this does not feel real at all. The music is a far cry from the utterly atmospheric soundtrack composed by Mogwai for the French version. At best, this is an incompetent blunder; at best, it is a travesty against good taste, especially with "Les revenants" so widely available, including in America.

    American studios need to start coming up with their own concepts and executing them well instead of badly ripping off European television. And they're certainly capable - from "Six Feet Under" to "Carnivale" to "Breaking Bad" to "True Detective", there have been plenty of good-to-great American programs. But they just fail every time they try to remake an exceptional European show. What's next, "Spiral", the American remake of "Engrenages", starring Angelina Jolie as Berthaud, Justin Bieber as Roban, and shot with a fisheye lens?
  • I loved the first few episodes, the opener in particular, it was fantastic, absorbing, interesting, and it had you asking a load of questions, such as, 'were the returned back to punish?' 'What would you do if you came face to face with somebody you'd grieved for? and 'Why was that kid so creepy?

    I must admit my interest did fall off a little towards the end, some things were dragged out a little too much, some of the characters became a little uninteresting.

    It shouldn't have been cancelled, up until about part six you're treated to some compelling viewing, there was definitely more material in this show, Jeremy Sisto's character Peter was very interesting.

    I'm sure fans feel short changed by its early finish, but honestly, half way through it ran out of steam after a hugely promising start. 6/10
  • The opening lines of this series are the same as the French original series which bears the same name; this show is a remake of drama made in 2012 about people who come back to life in a small French village. The original show portrays a perspective of how families would react if this was the case and what the implications would be of these persons' returning to their own daily lives and families.

    This remake does not attempt to create its own identity with the plot of the original, it merely poorly imitates both the plot and the atmosphere of the original. The original created an eerie atmosphere which made it engaging and intriguing. It blended beautiful cinematography, an outstanding soundtrack and solid acting to entice you to enter this small village and engage with its world. In this remake the camera shots do not suit the atmosphere it wants to achieve, neither do the actors or the soundtrack.

    A remake does not have to mean too replicate; yet this show chooses to replicate the original and does it poorly.
  • My partner & I loved this series. We eagerly waited for each weekly episode release on Netflix.

    We got several of our friends hooked on this show too. After seeing every episode an wanting more, we obtained the french older version once shown on channel 4 which although was OK we preferred this version an really wished they has carried on with more seasons of this show. As this version is very watchable an better than a lot of stuff on TV. The acting is superb, Drama is gripping People cast in the roles are well suited to their characters. Not too much violence or swearing just good acting with a good plot and good scenes an sets.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay this is the same series they have been putting out for the last 10 or 15 years. I happen to really enjoy it. Everyone else seems to think that it was terrible.

    I have not seen the French series so this is my first bite of the apple and yeah I was impressed.

    The age old question of where have they been surfaces yet again. Some people are in a bus that crashes and others just return. A bit like in Surface and a host of other returned type shows.

    The characters and actors are very good. It is well shot and looks great in HD. Of course I was hoping for something like Twin Peaks but the 4400 well that is a good second choice.

    Though if they had a flying dog in it I would give it a 10. Nothing to do with the review but I do not have enough lines so I thought I would use the lines from Paradise theatre by Styx. The line as sure as dogs can fly. Now I bet I have the right amount of lines.

    Well I enjoyed the show.
  • Great Series!...I Very rarely write or review anything but lets say it how it is with regard to The Returned and it's quite simple. Firstly, you really do not need to be a professional reviewer or an intellectual to know what you do or do not like when it comes to a TV series. In this instance I downloaded this series and watched each episode over a period of 3 evenings. Usually any viewer would know by the end of either the first or second episode whether they are hooked by the series or end up watching each episode under duress. In my case I was hooked by whole series and by the well rounded performances of the actors and the clever plots and subplots. Sadly, it wasn't until I reached episode 8 and wondered where the series was going that I found out that there was no plans for a second series. It's a major shame and criminal that there are Television companies out there that are legally allowed to dangle Television series in front of its viewers and then deprive them of a follow up series or, at least, a well rounded finale to the whole series. The French counterpart to this series, Les Revenants, at least had the decency to film a second series. Putting the Television viewer first, before its ratings! Shame on you A&E Studios!
  • Although the need for an American version may be unnecessary to many people it's obvious that the average American, whoever they are, does not like sub-titles. Or anything that's foreign come to think of it. Sofie Gråbøl echo'd this point when she said that she couldn't see the need for the US version of The KiIlling, Forbrydelsen in the original Danish TV series, and could only assume that Americans didn't like sub-titles. This is another example of a great foreign TV series being transform into an American one. I have watched a couple of episodes and it isn't too bad. Well it's better than most of the rubbish that's made so I've got to give Netflix some kudos for at least bringing it to an American audience. Of course it should have been the French original that was sufficient but it would mean that more people in the US would have to start reading sub- titles and, come to think of it, it would also be a good idea to stop complaining about English accents when they originate outside the USA. In the USA it's a ratings game, more so than in the UK or other countries it seems, so for the American reviewers who have been negative it's your own country folk that are to blame for the "need" to create these cloned series. The Returned has only just started so at least give the show a chance.
  • Stephen King says he doesn't plot. He just starts out with a situation in mind - one that can usually be described as a 'What If?' situation - and lets the story grow from there. It works for him.

    This show also had a 'what if' situation in mind: 'What if dead people started returning?' Well. Great. Now you've got a premise. Lets see what happens next, shall we?

    NOTHING! Nothing happens next! Well, of course some things happen, but it's more of a regular drama now - with love triangles and such - and it has hardy anything to with the premise anymore. I mean, sure, some of the people involved are now 'returned'. That fact registers, but it doesn't affect the drama. (The Australian show 'Glitch', which has the same premise, does this better.)

    Sure, we get SOME 'hints of development' here and there, creepy kid is indeed creepy and such, but there is no actual progress in the development of the basic premise. If that's point A, we don't get to point B. We find out nothing as to why, how, who, and/or what's next. We're basically stuck watching a regular soap opera.

    A badly written one at that. If you 'break up a fight' not by pushing or holding people away from each other, but by almost bashing someone's skull in with a heavy and blunt object, the guy whose skull you almost bashed in is obviously going to be a bit grumpy, isn't he? You're going to at least have some words about that. In this show too? Naah. Bash someone's skull in, guy says nothing about it. Doesn't even blame you. After all, you were breaking up a fight weren't you? Therefore you meant well by almost murdering me.

    Also, apparently you can shoot unarmed people for no reason and still be the good guy. Woman who loved your victim all her life to the point of obsession won't even blink, lie to the cops for you.

    Both of these scenes are bad enough on their own, what makes them worse is that they are completely out of character. Both of these guys are supposed to be the boring, sensible ones. Were we viewers wrong about them? Were they actually psychos and it's only now revealed? Nope. They go back to being boring and reasonable as if nothing happened. No reveal. Just bad writing.

    More I think about it, more terrible it was.
  • Watched this first episode and can guarantee this will never get any better. Obviously copied the French script but without the acting ability to compare to the original "Les Revenants. To write a review of this dross in a minimum of 10 lines is extremely difficult due to the fact that there is absolutely nothing positive I can say about this episode. I cannot remember watching anything so awful for a long time. The music doesn't belong to the story line, whoever chose the sound track must have watched the wrong TV series by mistake. Having watched and enjoyed Resurrection which is based on the same book "The Returned" why do we need a similar story so soon, especially this utter drivel.
  • Don't waste your time. This is just a cheap imitation of the far superior French show. Only an arrogant American television producer would think to try and remake this show. The plot is nearly identical. The actors spew out lines with such rapidity there is no room for actual acting. There is absolutely no character development. Victor lacks the icy creepiness of his French counterpart. Not to mention Pierre Perrier is absent, which itself is enough to make me lose interest. There is absolutely nothing good about this show. I take that back, the scenery is nice, but the director has no clue how to integrate it into the show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched the French version first. (I don't know French but I know how to read subtitles unlike some other review.) I liked the French one a lot. It was Breaking Bad good as far as I was concerned. Needless to say I liked the French one better but was willing to give this one a shot. I thought Sandrine Holt was a wonderful Julie. And the actress who played the twins mother was very good. None of the others stood out but it was okay. I loved the French one and really wanted to see how this would turn out.

    I ended the experiment when I discovered how they changed the character of Madame Costa. In the French version she was this sexy, nihilistic, wise-cracking, tough, sort of scary middle aged woman. The Americans got Michelle Forbes to play her American doppelganger, Helen Goddard. I thought that that was a perfect fit. And if they let Forbes play the Madame Costa character it would have been great. However they decided to Americanize her by turning her into a loud, boring religious freak. They destroyed a really interesting character even though they had an actress with the capacity to play her.
  • firecap-7829429 April 2015
    like it
    Did not see the euro/french series. I am enjoying this thriller just fine. Feel bad for actors that people are beating up on. I don't think that is a good summary of them. I do agree with the remaking of many movies/series. I watched one episode of Secret and Lies. Whoever is directing that series was not a gifted director. Facial expressions from Lewis made me crack up. Terrible remake of a good Australian series. Just like the series The Slap. Which again was Australian. Gracepoint should never have been done,either!! No way to top Brits in that series. Not sure who is making these decisions.But it seems like so many shows I do watch on cable seem to be cancelled after the first season. Bad calls being make by people with info that I don't understand where it comes from? But bottom line I am enjoying The Returned on A&E
  • So as of two hours of the show has passed, the plot seemed not as thrilling as i expected it to be..

    Most of the secrets and mysteries has been reviled or to 90% is.

    in the Genre it says Horror !! yet in this show it definitely means something else.

    The script seems really disoriented,, i think the cast were okay they maybe tried to cover up the script's Holes but it's seems like it's not working out.

    The execution of the idea of some people coming back from the dead is not new,, whether it's the original "Les revenants" or somehow like "The 4400",, but still stuck with the expression of "people are coming back and let's act like it's normal" !!! well it's not at least Freak out you guys !!!

    I gotta say, the french did it better,, 8 "Magnifique" episodes and a possible second season ;) I recommend everyone to see it first.

    Honestly i can't remember i ever watched a show on A&E Network but i think they had it a bit wrong in here.
  • Camille Winship returns home and shocks her family because she was killed in a bus accident 4 years ago. Simon Moran is showing up to his fiancée Rowan Blackshaw but she's engaged to someone else and she thinks she's seeing a ghost. Doctor Julie Han finds a young mute boy and takes him home. Her nosy neighbor is curious about the boy in the single gal's apartment. She names him Victor and in flashback, he's standing in the middle of the road causing the school bus crash that took Camille's life as well as many others. There are other stories of other deaths, disasters and other people coming back from the dead.

    It's a day late and a dollar short. This is an Americanized version of the French series Les Revenants. It's over a year since another show Resurrection debuted on American TV. They're both about dead people coming back alive in a small town. Sometimes the first one to strike gets the gold and Resurrection struck first on American TV. That show got the gold and also got canceled after two seasons. So people who would like The Returned have already seen a version of it and got bored. They're unlikely to watch another one.

    The story is problematic because it follows too many characters too quickly. It should dig deeper into the girl and her family before adding more returns. The story becomes unfocused. Each addition just muddy up the story even more. It needs to lay down the foundations before it starts building on top of it.
  • I personally found The Returned to be quite tedious. It was slow to evolve into something interesting and came across as quite predictable.

    Everybody seems to be annoyed at how it isn't as great as the french version but forget about the french version hasn't anyone ever seen the show The 4400. They can change it up all they like but it's too similar, even down to the creepy "special kid".

    I thought it might be interesting but I don't want to see another remake of this concept. The cast are all mediocre, not technically bad actors but just boring and missing that star presence.

    Give it a miss as it ends before it really got a chance to start. You'll be left with many questions and an unsatisfied feeling.
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