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  • It has been noted that there has been a recent surge in TV shows prominently featuring blacks or with predominately black casts. Some are pretty good but most are just bad - like most TV fare these days. After viewing the first two episodes, I'll state that this one is not too bad. More "dramedy" than "comedy" which is not particularly a bad thing. It will just need time to fully develop its voice.

    The writing is good. The acting is natural and not overplayed like some kind of urban passion play and there's a little subtlety there. They're going after familiar issues but keeping it entertaining and engaging without that TV show proselytizing that can drag it down.

    To juxtapose this show against another one I just recently watched also, "Black-ish" seems to have a better cast working with similar themes but tries too hard to do what "Survivor's Remorse" did without cardboard cut-outs. This show has a chance to be really good if given a chance.
  • One of HBO's pride and joy programs, Entourage, tells the story of four friends who come together to make it in Hollywood. Now, this Starz program, takes that same idea and brings it into the family. The cast of Survivor's Remorse is amazingly funny and brilliant (especially the wonderful Mike Epps, who plays Julius). Honestly, when I first started watching this show, I was afraid I wasn't going to enjoy it, but as I continued watching, I was mesmerized. I binge-watched the first season without moving from my chair and now with the release of season two, I cancel my existing Saturday plans to watch the new episodes live. I recommend that you watch this show if you enjoy Basketball or Entourage.
  • I would like to start off by saying this show is way better than I expected it would be. I heard Lebron James name associated with the production so I figured this show would have no adult themes to it being that Lebron is usually in it for he kids but boy was I wrong. They is plenty of foul language and sexual themes for anyone thinking this show was okay for their kids to watch.

    The show is basically about a kid from the inner city who made it big playing basketball and now has all these issues to deal with because he is now rich. This show basically shows what it's like to be a basketball player off the court and all the things they go though. Ethics play a huge role in the two episodes I saw as the main character has to decide how to deal with situations with the help of his manager/cousin.

    Mike Epps is pretty solid and funny at times. Tichina Arnold which plays the mom is a hoot just like she always is. She plays a hard nose woman that tells the truth and does not let anything slide. Watch this show if you are tired of the same old stuff that's already on TV.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched all of season 1 and 2, and I will admit that there were decent episodes. However the acting of some of the characters is really bad, like they are reading the script off a teleprompter.

    Season 3 has sucked so far, with no raw emotion to the uncle passing. In fact I thought the whole script around this was crap.

    There are cliché' monologues that are poorly delivered and seem like the PR department went overboard making it politically correct. Making the delivery unrealistic.

    The mother and her Asian boyfriend dynamic seems fake and over the top.

    The gay sister is horrible in her delivery.

    The uncle was OK, but they killed him off.

    The best friend manager and his wife are boring stereotypes.

    The mother is a decent actress, but the interactions with the rest of the cast drag down her performance.

    Comparisons to Entourage are way off base, the acting is sub-par to this great series. The only commonality is the underlying story of first generation wealth and the relationships with family and friend around this topic. In fact some of the episodes are (poor) copies of Entourage episodes, like the episode where friends from where they grew up were bad influence and cause trouble, among others.

    I wanted to like this show, it is a good topic, but it feels like it falls short on its potential. Don't waste your time.
  • Survivor's Remorse is described on the official website as being a comedy but I haven't found a lot of this series to be funny. It has been entertaining though. It follows the brand-new life of rookie basketball star Cam Calloway and his family, played by Tichina Arnold, Mike Epps, Ronreaco Lee, Teyonah Parris and Erica Ash with Jessie T. Usher as the lead character.

    It features strong story lines and great use of music. I 'discovered' some good stuff through this series; Bryce Vine's "Sour Patch Kids" is one such track. It touches also on various facets of new money and some of the pitfalls that may present themselves when people see you as a source of money and opportunity.

    Issues such as homosexuality, the Church and cancer patients do not make for a chuckle-fest but are approached with a refreshing candor and a new angle that may prompt some debate and discussion. I gave it 7/10 simply because if it was promoted as a drama and had comedic elements, it would have been a truer description in my humble opinion and would have scored higher.
  • I was unpleasantly surprised to find that "Survivor's Remorse" received so many negative reviews. This was certainly one of the better shows of its genre, especially considering how well thought out the characters were. The dynamic between Cam's family wasn't only interesting, but provided us with a glimpse of what it's like to achieve rapid success while many attempt to catch a ride along with you. Give this show a shot. It didn't let me down, and quite honestly, my only complaint is that it left me wanting more. All of the characters were played perfectly, but what was probably the most intriguing and successful aspect of this entire series was how the creators managed to intertwine both his current life as an NBA star with past hauntings, while also shedding light on how success has its downside.
  • bjp-149-93672 November 2014
    I truly enjoy watching Survivors Remorse. My husband and I watch it together. The show provides comedy that most upcoming black people can relate to. I also love the piece of wisdom that is subliminally displayed in each episode.

    It is so refreshing to see many dark skinned women with positive characteristics.

    The actors all resemble characters that we have in our family in one way or another. From a woman's point of view I did not find the comedy degrading or offensive. My husband thinks the show I'd hilarious and that the show is telling people it is possible yo start from a low income, single parent home and use your talents to become successful. His cousins character provides positive money management skills that everyone should consider.
  • Kinda corny, and seems too cliché but the show could be better if there was better writing, (Needs better writers)

    and WHY?? Why does the sister (M Chuck) have to come off so thirsty, she is too fine for her character to come off as the lesbian/bi-sexual (whatever her real preference is) chick that needs to make her approach so strong. Cam Calloway the superhero of the world what black kid didn't come from bad neighborhoods, and Boston is not actually the roughest seems like the writers or creators of this show are from Boston same as I expect the same creators of the 50 Cent production Power are also from Boston, they could make these stories actually more believable if they didn't try to over-reach
  • The topics already revealed have some substance, but some of these characters need a lot of work. For example, Eric Ash's character "M- Chuck" is terrible. The whole "ghetto gay girl" profile is overplayed and the profanity is excessive. I confess, that I can curse like a sailor, but it seems like the characters are trying too hard for something that normally flows of the tongue of an expert. Erica should fight for more substance in her role, because it gets tiring real quick. Ron Reaco's character, Reggie seems to be the voice of reason in the whole show, and that gets old too without anyone else having a flash of genius to invoke some common sense. Overall, the writing is not as powerful or intriguing as other Starz series, like Power. When there are so many shows to choose from these days, viewers don't have a lot of patience for a show to mature. Best of luck to Survivor's Remorse.
  • Solnichka21 August 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Bust out every cliché possible, and that's what you have with this series. You could call it an African-American version of "Entourage", perhaps. And that's not a good thing. The target audience for this show has to be young wannabes, because anyone with a brain would laugh AT it—not with it. The writing is terrible; the acting is laughable (especially the female characters, sorry to say). Re-watch "The Wire" or something instead of wasting your time on this. Seriously, there isn't a single redeeming quality to the series. Deserves a "zero", in truth. It's kind of sad how certain "celebrities" can attach their names to something, and it will sell—regardless of quality. This is just another example of that social phenomenon, except this time it's not just a can of bland soda or a pair of overpriced headphones: It's hours of your life that could be spent more productively.
  • symone19131 October 2014
    I watched the first four shows back-to-back and with each one, I got more irritated. The fourth show sealed the deal for me and I will not be watching another episode. The profanity was entirely too much. I don't know if the profanity was supposed to make up for the weak writing, but it got old very quickly. The characters are also not really developed and I don't see that changing. At the end of the 4th episode, Cam and his cousin were sitting outside smoking weed and Cam made the statement that he didn't know why people wanted to join a place (church)where God encourages hate. That statement put the nail in coffin for me. Next...
  • jakes213 July 2016
    Here you have a group of people who take pleasure in killing animals, like birds in this instance. The remark made by a female actor, "dead bird" tells this audience what this culture values most, violence. People wonder why there is so much violence among people, when people commit immeasurable violence against animals worldwide without any regard for morality or a sentient beings well being. The way we humans treat animals equates and translates into how we treat each other. Hollywood promotes itself as a socially responsible industry. An industry who acknowledges the cruelty imposed on animals and our children by society's misfits. While all the time depicting the evil in people in films and TV. Granted the entertainment industry deals with the struggle of good and evil, but it often glorifies evil as an attribute to be admired. Such a contradiction invalidates this industry's value as an participant and observer of life's issues. Arrogance is ignorance as cruelty is a mindset rooted in evil. :(
  • mrskv7830 September 2015
    The show has a terrible name. It would of had a much better appeal with a more suitable name that represents the actual show. It sounds like a Titanic remake if you have never seen the actual show...its about a basketball star who became rich and famous. With that they show how a poor family adjusts to being rich etc. Lots of racist quotes (I think they thought it was funny somehow), lots of stereotyping etc. I watched all of season 1 and I enjoyed it however Season 2 has been painful and I have stopped watching it considering there is so many other better options on TV this time of the year. I am a huge fan of Starz shows and they usually do great shows so I am kind of baffled at how fast this show is going downhill. Perhaps later in season 2 it does get better but I cant be bothered to find out.
  • I doubted this show at first, because I have always been let down in the past with black film and television that dealt with certain topics. I honestly thought this was going to be a TV version of "The Cookout" NOT AT ALL! The writers are brilliant! The script is not cliché' and the story lines really delve into its title! We are not bombarded by overplayed basketball scenes. Yes you will hear a lot of cursing, but when you do, it is hilarious! It's not uncomfortable to hear because the acting is great! In this sense, profanity is not trying to replace humor, there is humor in the profanity. They go deep into what happens off the court and in the personal lives of the stars. The casting director is even more brilliant!! The cast has amazing chemistry. I love when the characters are brought to life as opposed to watching people just "say the words." They MASTER the mannerisms! Ron Reaco (Reggie) is the new Bae! lol. He kills this role and I hope to see his career blossom. His character sheds light on how to conduct business, knowing your worth, and the importance of controlling your finances so that your money can work as hard for you as you work for it! This is a good way to get the point across! The sister, (M Chuck) is funny, I don't care what anybody says. Mike Epps is at his best. Romeo Miller's Character was great! His acting has improved tremendously. I hope they bring him back next season. I also love seeing so many brown beauties playing female leads! Starz has a winner on their hands with this one! A++++
  • I really enjoyed the first three seasons of Survivor's Remorse. The development and interaction of the characters was entertaining. The story line of an athlete who is suddenly thrust into amazing success and fortune, and seems to handle it well, should be appreciated given the number of opposite stories seen on the news today. The series started strong but it is increasingly lame. I'm having trouble sitting through full season four episodes. The show needs something to punch it up again. I do not see the show lasting much longer without a significant change.
  • I discovered Survivor's Remorse early on and I've been a faithful watcher ever since. I love it and I love all the characters. The concept and the writing are like none on television now. Yet it's things that we can all identify with. I didn't get whipped with hot Wheels tracks, but I used to get it with a piece of fishing rod, lol. I can totally relate. Everyone brings a uniqueness that complements the mix. I hate that the show dropped to a half hour this season and that the seasons are sooo short. What's up with that? But if that's what the writers have to do to keep it as fresh and funny as it be it. I recently read a review that said M-Chuck should go. F*&k them. She's part of the team. Keep it up Starz and's the bomb.
  • what can i say? this show is so laid back, i just enjoyed it. there's some laugh out moments, i just find myself smiling watching this show. there's some insanely great one liners. the one liners on here land on the mark. some moments leave me very furious at how situations work out. like being forced to issue a public apology etc.

    i hope this show lasts for at least 5 seasons. yeah, i hope we get to see a bit more of basketball in this show as well. more nudity ;-) the characters are like slowly getting fleshed out, we discover stuff about them...ay i just love this show. just check for it!

    what makes me furious is the amount of obligations Cam has. that's the part that makes me mad, as much as it makes these characters mad. when the characters grit their teeth at these obligation, i am seething in fury at the bullshit as well.
  • While Survivors Remorse is definitely far from perfect... the show in its first season has potential. I thought the writing and acting was okay not great. It held my interests and I felt like I began to identify with some of the characters. The main character or at least the focus of the show Cam Calloway is probably one of the least interesting characters on the show and fails to truly establish an identity. This I believe is ironically an accurate portrayal of a young basketball star who has focused their entire life on becoming a pro athlete and lacks a genuine persona. He's basically a super talented basketball player with a huge heart... but that's pretty much all we see. They've gotta work on building that character and making him more interesting. Even if Survivors Remorse doesn't go further I'm glad they put it out there. You definitely have my support!
  • jamiladanielel26 February 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Needs Mike Epps character Uncle Julius but still hilarious
  • I'm currently binge watching this show. I love it! I love the characters and the story lines and the ability to relate to it. However, I feel like the race stuff is a bit overdone. ParticularlY if, like myself, you are a white American who voted for Trump. I also voted for Obama so I'm not an extremist on either party views. I just think it should be fun for all colors to be able to enjoy the show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Starz made a mistake canceling this amazing show, the acting, writing, directing and just the whole look of the show is incredible. It's not just all about basketball, it's about heart and the human relationship between a family that had nothing and develop into a rich and powerful family, but in a fun exciting way. The development of the plight to richness made it deliver a message that we can have what ever we want if you work hard for it. Survivors Remorse is a fun quick watch and does not get old cause I'm rewatching the series and I'm not bored.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I know I'm behind but I've only seen the 1st season. And this so is funny and I love the cast especially Mike Epps, Tichina Arnold and Erica Ash; they bring the comedy to the show. Made me sad when Mike Epps character was involved in the car crash, not sure if this is there way of kicking his character off the series or not since he mentioned that it was an issue about him wanting more money,but I hope everything works out.
  • Definitely a Keeper! Almost wanted to subscribe to cable channel just to ensure I did my part to keep on cable listing. I viewed Season 1 & 2 on DVD and seriously debating on whether to sign up for Starz for just this one show.

    Will confess it's not for everyone and definitely NOT a family show. If you like Ballers than it's on par. If you like Power than it's on par. If you like shows like Cheers/etc, stay away or watch with open-mind....
  • I randomly came across this show and decided to check it out because I've always been a Tichina Arnold fan. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It's a nice break from the gritty dramas, and with a 30 min run time a quick watch. I enjoy how the characters interact with each other.I enjoy the amusing dysfunction and the few serious moments when the do touch on social issues .I like how the Reggie is constantly battling with Cam to reign in his seemingly infinite generosity. I enjoy the warmth in the relationship with Reggie and his wife. Its fun watching Cassie and M Chuck doing what they do. It's definitely worth checking out and I'm looking forward to the next season.
  • andinasi10 June 2016
    I stumbled upon this show just yesterday while I was binge watching Power (I just got Starz y'all). This show is amazingly written well. I like the unpredictability of it. Most shows I'm like, yeah I know what's about to happen. I like the subtle comedy of it all. The actors on this show are amazing and nothing seems forced everything happens all matter-of-fact. I hope this last awhile because this is a great show. I love how this is not a stereotypical Black show, the characters could all be White and I would enjoy it all the same. I'm almost done with most of the shows at this point and they are awesome to say the least.
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