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  • Hank Zipzer is a kid, not a regular kid, although he shares the same qualities as any other kid. He is always trying rather too hard or too less. He is a bit of a trouble-maker when it comes to school, but he always manages to wriggle out of it (most of the time) – he does have some allies, two friends – boy and girl – and a rock-star teacher named: Mr Rock (Henry Winkler) – a teacher who is always there for him, whenever Hank feels down. There are some lessons to be learnt during the episodes. And sometimes it is like watching a VLOG of someone's life. However, it has the perfect amount of comedy – and has a very strong cast to help back the show up. If you didn't know already, Hank Zipzer is also known as, Hank. He also has many books, I strongly recommend you read the books. However, you don't need to read the books to understand the series.

    The show does a great job of introducing Hank to new-comers. What really amazed me about this show was the fact that Hank Zipzer the TV-Series has already gotten a great rating on IMDb. I strongly support the young actors and actresses – I'm loving the series so-far and can't wait for another one to hit the Box. Honestly, If you love shows like: Horrid Henry, Dennis the Menace, All At Sea, - you will love this. This has elements from those three shows. With all due respect, Hank Zipzer manages to impress me, so let it impress you. Final Rating: "Give it a go, you'll never know until you try it."

    8/10 (It has everything that you'd want to see in a show starring a kid called Hank Zipzer.)

    • Written By, Rockyz Enright -
  • hadinn16 April 2016
    Best show ever. Wouldn't watch again. Is art. Ali loved it. He's a famous. Hank is amazing. Please Hank, have Ali's babies, they are cool. Would give Emmy. Where can I buy samsung s5 for free? Please to help. Is Dolph Ziggler better champ. Please Hank, tell me your secret. Ali challenges you dolph zipzer. Batman is not a good guy don't trust Batman, trust Ali. Game of Thrones is crap compared to hank ziggler. After all the one and only hero is Ali because he defeats the tieger and the dergon and dolph zipzer. I accept Hank ziggler as my lord and savior. I pledge allegiance to Dolph Zipzer, mein fuhrer and leader of the 4th Reich. Where to sell my 1997 Honda Accord? Please to help. Thanks for greatest show in existence, Hank Zipzer.