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  • "A 33 year old Mentally impaired girl leaves her home for the first time alone, with a bag of one million dollars in cash." That movie description says it all. Horrible and unbelievable storyline, horrible acting, horrible jokes. Sitting through the movie is one of the hardest things someone can do. I would recommend they use this movie in Guantanamo to make the terrorists talk. First the music industry and now this. What a stinking pile of garbage. Please boycott such trash from ever being made. This is a pathetic and failed attempt at making a Hollywood style romantic comedy. The actress is annoying and her "nails on a chalkboard" baby voice makes me want to vomit. I really hope this is not the beginning of something disturbing. Kill it now before it spreads!
  • It is both a waste of time and destructive to watch these kinds of films. I totally agree with the comment written before mine as it is our duty to stop this kind of wave. Enough is enough. Such kitsch stinking films lower the intelligence of people. If the writer chose the main character being mentally impaired, that's fine, but I am sure she has never actually met one. Plus, a nine year old girl never speaks this way. It is completely unconvincing, however you calculate it. It is even insulting not only for the mentally impaired but for the audience. It's just a pity this amount of money wasted on such a wanna be film. Real pity.