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  • Given that his work is generally all-sex or merely cynical (see: numerous Massage Porn videos for producer Bree Mills lately) Barrett Blade is an odd choice to direct this typical Wicked Passions romance movie starring Remy LaCroix. Skye Blue or Stormy Daniels would seem the logical helmer.

    The screenwriter goes uncredited, but story is a familiar one: Remy's romance with Danny Mountain is interrupted when he goes away to college in London. Even though proposing to her and giving her an engagement ring before matriculating, he never comes back and doesn't stay in contact with her at all. This lapse is a big deal in the script but very poorly resolved when it comes time in the final reels for him to return and confrontations to occur.

    Main fly in the ointment is local country boy Xander Corvus, Danny's best friend who ends up marrying Remy in his absence. Story is corny, but the lovely leading ladies including Remy, Chloe Amour and Madison Fox keep the XXX opus entertaining. Tattooed lady Christy Mack seems miscast here.

    Fine cinematography by Wicked's contract cameraman Francois Clousot supports an otherwise bland feature, closer to Nick Sparks than porno.