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  • First off, I want to say that THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT A MOVIE FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE UNFAMILIAR WITH THE SHOW AND THE CHARACTERS. The movie is clearly geared towards fans of the show and it really makes no effort to introduce the characters and existing side-plots. I can definitely see how sam-victoria did not find the movie to be funny or entertaining at all and I can agree that if you haven't seen the show before (or any of the previous movies), you may as well not waste your time jumping right into this movie - you simply will not understand much of what's going on.

    Now that I have vented, I can tell you that for the fans of the show and the people who have gotten to know and love the characters - GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T YET!
  • ..just got back from seeing the latest effort from Clattenberg and company..

    If you are already a fan of the Trailer Park Boys, then you'll enjoy this flick. It is always fun spending time with these characters..

    This movie actually plays out with the feel of a mini-season of the series... You have an overall arc similar to how each season of the show played out.. At the start the boys and the gang are all in one place, and then they have an adventure where, at the end of it all, some folks are in jail while others prosper. I don't want to give too much away, but if the word is true that there will be a new season of the show on NETFLIX, then i think this film does a good job of laying the groundwork for it..

    As usual Robb Wells and Mike Smith steal the show.. Wells has some classic Ricky moments and soliloquies, while Smith's Bubbles brings the heart and soul to the show.

    Good effort, boys!
  • I watched it last night in Toronto. I won't spoil any plot points because the film is surprisingly unpredictable in how it progresses. The movie had the cinema howling from the first frame until the final credits. I had originally feared that the actors would look too old to play these characters. But with these guys, the worse you look the more convincing you are. They were all phenomenal. What I liked most about the movie is that they focused on making it more like the show again. There way more "interview" segments in this film than in the first film "The Movie". And they did away with the gritty cynicism of the 2nd one ("Countdown to Liquor Day"). All in all, I thought this movie was perfect for this lifelong Trailer Park Boys fan. I actually can't wait to see it again.
  • When the first anyone ever saw of the trailer park boys debuted as an indie film in 1998, it was a cult comedy hit because it had a formula that worked and was funny - it was a show that constantly broke the 4th wall as a Mockumentary with characters that never changed over it's first few years....then the 2006 movie and season 7 happened. Gone were the cheap cameras. People don't even realize that a camera crew is following them. Trinity isn't a little 9-year old anymore. The show's swearing and blatant sexual innuendos got more & more frequent.

    The 2008 special "Say goodnight to the bad guys" came out. it was OK. then the 2009 movie came out. it was OK. Now we have this movie. it was OK.

    There's one problem. it wasn't laugh out loud funny enough. it had some moments involving Lahey & Randy in a gas station bathroom, Ricky's Rickyisms that never get old, but the show isn't what it used to be. and sometimes I kind of wish they'd just end the show entirely and look back on what was one of the funniest Canadian comedies ever made rather than trying to make something else up.

    So in this one, Life for the boys is all but mixed. Ricky's got a great dope operation in the basement of a house, Julian's working on a plan to deliver urine (that's right, Urine) to Montreal, and Bubbles is struggling to make ends meet by delivering chicken and liquor to trailer park residents. When the word goes out that the Canadian government is about to legalize marijuana, one might think that would make the boys happy, as they can never go to jail again for possession or distribution of illegal narcotics...but if it does become legal, ricky can't sell his dope at the prices he does. So, with his beaten 1975 New Yorker with a blown transmission, He begins a trip down to Ottawa to protest against the government's plans.

    Now while I might have criticised this movie, I'm not going to lie. I'm always going to be excited to hang out with the boys again. I'm looking forward to conflicts between lahey and ricky, Julian's odd schemes to make money, and the undeniable charm of bubbles.

    Fans of the series, I encourage you to go see the film, You'll have a good time.
  • alexr367522 April 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    I just saw the movie today and it was great. It was classic Trailer Park Boys comedy. It was nice to see all the characters again, besides Cory and Trevor. Phil Collins was awesome, he made me laugh a few times in this one. Don't Legalize It was a bit of a road trip movie. In the film it was interesting to see the boys leave the park and visit other parts of Canada. I gave the movie nine out of ten because I enjoyed Countdown To Liquor Day slightly more. However, if you enjoyed the last movie it is safe to say that you will love this one as well. Thanks for the laughs, I'm really glad that they made another movie. Ricky was his usual stupid self and Julian tried a new business venture. This time things ended a bit better than usual. The movie also touches a little bit on the backstory of Bubbles and his family. I don't want to give away too much of the story, so all I will say is go see it in the theatre and support Canadian film. My favorite part was when Ricky told the dogs at Bubbles parents house to " F*#& Off!!"
  • redcuptable19 April 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    The third movie for the boys feels like the 3rd movie. Just like the first movie was very good as was the first seasons of the show.. it was original, simple and had great chemistry between the main characters which why the show has been a hit. But now with this movie just like the final seasons of the show lost it way, it got too complicated, started to repeat itself and the core elements were all but lost. This movie has some good one liners and some good laughs but that's about it. If you get motion sickness don't see this movie (in theatres) the camera is constantly shaking through out the movie. The movie had trouble establishing character development especially with the 3 main characters. The movie had too much going on that had no real pay off, the simplicity of the trailer park boys has been lost and for this reason you cant connect with them.
  • Review: I find this to be a rather interesting and very funny concept especially now because we are not that far removed from the scenario offered in this movie due to the legalization of weed in Ontario. This movie is especially relevant now with our legalization coming up and with people trying to stop the legalization of weed. The direction and screenplay are both really good. Both the casting and acting are really good also. All in all I would give this five out of a possible five stars.
  • I was the biggest Trailer Park Boys fan ever.I forced everyone I know to watch the show and created many new fans.Now that I have said that, this is not a good movie.It's just not funny.The best joke is that Bubble's parents lived in a school bus, even though it doesn't make any sense.They tried to end this series with season six and they were so right.Everything since then has gotten progressively worse.I just saw their live show on Monday and didn't laugh once.But I can't blame the guys, the fans have caused this.The fans refuse to accept these guys doing anything else so they are forced to keep this up.I would suggest only hardcore fans see this but who else would even know about it?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really advice seeing the TV show first, before seeing this movie. It will not make much sense to you if you haven't saw ot. Directed & created by Mike Clattenburg and based off, the characters of his first two films, 1998's One Last Shot & 1999's Trailer Park Boys. The Canadian comedy mockumentary television series, with the same name of the 1999 film, focus on the misadventures of a group of trailer park residents, some of whom are ex-convicts, living in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The show became so popular for its mockumentary style comedy that other shows started to mirror their style such as the American improv cop comedy, Reno 911! (2003–2009) and the smart British office comedy, the office (2001-2003). Three movies were made to capitalize on the success of Trailer Park Boys show. The first one is 2006's The Trailer Park Boys the Movie. Follow by 2009's Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day and then 2014's Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It! One of the main things that make Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It, differ from the other films is how low budget, it was. In my opinion, most of this movie, could have play out as a 3 part episodes series of a season. There isn't much to look at. It's pretty plain. In my opinion, some of the season finales, were more epic that this film. It didn't felt like a movie. The crimes and stakes here are very weak and not "Greasy" enough, compare to the previous films. I was really hoping for something grand, like a heist scene. Instead, this movie, has Julian (John Paul Tremblay) devised a stupid scheme to get rich: where he's going to sell clean urine for drug testing. This entails driving a large quantity of pee to Montreal to sell to a buyer. Along, the way, Julian's best friend, Ricky (Robb Wells) recognizes that the Canadian government's plan to legalize marijuana might threatens his pot-selling business, so he wants to protest the bill in Ottawa. Last is the optically-challenged Bubbles (Mike Smith) whom has inherited a home and some land from his deceased parents and is eager to check it out. As the three make their journey, they are chased by their nemesis, trailer park manager Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth), and his perpetually-shirtless sidekick, Randy (Patrick Roach) looking for a way to send them to jail for good. I felt that the road trip plot was kinda a letdown. The story lines never came together in a really satisfying way. Nothing, really funny or entertaining, happens on the road trip. They don't meet, any strange new characters. They rarely get into any big funny criminal hijinks. Because of this, the pacing was a bit odd. It takes for the boys to even get started with road trip plot. It wasn't until 40 minutes in that they decide to leave Sunnyvale Trailer Park. While, the follows the same guild lines tropes of any of their season finale, with somebody getting arrested. The structure is poorly timed. It opens with a gloomy scene with everybody going to a funeral. In many ways, I thought this was the ending scene and the movie would flashback to the real beginning, and show the events that lead everybody meeting at the dump. Instead, the movie doesn't show, anything about it, and just tells us, on camera, that one of the characters has die in an off-camera explosion. I felt that this opening wasn't needed, since it has nothing to do with the main plot. The twist toward the end, wasn't strong enough to carry it. The movie's canon is ambiguous, as it contains several inaccuracies to the show. It doesn't really match, the 2008's TV special, 'Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys'. The whole Bubble's parents subplot in the film doesn't match up, with the 2004's Christmas Special. It felt like a mess of a film. There were some badly done jokes, but the humor is mostly a hit to the funny bone for me. I love all of the Lahey's cocaine sequences. I think the best thing about this film isn't the humor. In my opinion, it's the speech that Ricky delivers to the Canadian Government. This movie demonstrates that he's got a fairly good knowledge of the law, to the point where he actually successfully argues, how two-faced, their government can be, when it comes to making marijuana, legal. Most of the cast is known for their extreme method acting so it had to be good. They rarely break character. Each of the characters has their own particular trademark mannerism or trait, so it had to be good. Bubbles show his acting chops, in some really emotional scenes, here. Patrick Roach actually stood shirtless in cold weather. According to production notes, Roach never complained once. That's shows, how willing, everybody is, at their work. Sadly, this was the last appearances for one of the longest supporting cast members. Richard Collins who plays Philadelphia "Phil" Collins passed away during the last week of filming. Overall: The repetitive cycle of crime, hasn't yet got old. The chemistry between the leads hasn't lost a beat. The foul language, lowbrow humor and slap-stickly violence still works. In my opinion, Don't Legalize It shows that Trailer Parks Boys isn't done, yet. This movie is a must-watch for any Trailer Park Boys fans. When the show ended in 2007, it look like, it was on its final run. Surprising, this movie got the fan base so eager for more, Trailer Park Boys that Netflix pick it up, and started production on a 8th season in 2014. It's nice to see that this film, help bring the show, back. That only, makes this film, worth seeing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    **Spoilers are pretty minor in nature and don't mention the ending.

    Apparently this was Mike Clattenburg's last visit to the Trailer Park. I don't know exactly what went on behind the scenes but the 3 main characters apparently bought out Clattenburg and Barrie Dunn and will be in control from Season 8 forwards. And that's probably a good thing because Clattenburg and Dunn made a bit of a mess of this movie.

    The camaraderie from the previous efforts is not much in evidence and some of it just seems plain mean spirited. The boys aren't getting along and Bubbles is in pretty rough shape. There is no way that the old Ricky and Julian would let Bubbles be reduced to living under J-Roc's deck.

    On top of that it isn't even set in a "trailer park"! The supposed park is new and clean with a bunch of new and clean looking "manufactured homes". It's like they spent no time at all making things look right. At least Rick still had his New Yorker.

    Overall there were some funny scenes; John Dunsworth and Robb Wells and Mike Smith did their usual great job. For some bizarre reason Pat Roach was given a Justin Bieber hairstyle that just wasn't funny and rode around on a Segway. And John Paul Tremblay didn't seem like he could really get into his role. I suspect he might have been less than happy with being made into the Merchant of P*ss. Maybe he did something to get Mike Clattenburg and Barrie Dunn particularly angry with him.

    I think the actors did their best but the writing just wasn't up to snuff. It almost feels like Clattenburg and Dunn were doing their best to torpedo any future for the Boys. Luckily the strength of the series has always been the characters and their respective actors. So it's worth watching for fans but if you aren't a fan don't bother. Luckily I found TPB Season 8 to be a lot better than this movie and it looks a lot more like the series used to be than this movie.
  • For relativelylate in the TPB game, this is pretty durn good.... all the movies are either good or very good, the specials run from very good to great (not the live stuff, which is tough after the first 30 mins. usually; but the filmed "bookends" w/the live stuff are always very good)

    but i digress.... nice to see the boys in a different environment; the production values/film quality are high, and the story moves along at a nice clip. it has a slight "toned down" feel compared w/other more manic TPB stuff, but that doesn't really hurt it. some of the things towards the end don't make perfect sense - is ricky lobbying to legalize pot cuz it's "good," or not to, cuz it'll hurt his business? - and they wrap things up quickly w/randy oddly back in their good graces, but these are minor quibbles

    if you're a fan, you'll love it, of course. if you're new to TPB, you could do worse than to start w/one of their movies, including this one
  • I am just waiting for season 10 to be released. Yes I am from the USA> And the small town I grew up in, in the 1970's, this show reminds me of some of the people I grew up with. I watch the show over and over because it brings back so many funny memories. Yes, there are actually people exactly like Ricky, Juliene and Bubbles.

    I liked all their movies. And every season. I am amazed that after all the seasons watching the actors, age, grow-up. etc.. they still can pull it off. I am curious who will still be on set with the next season. Swearnet. Yes. enjoyed that as well. I guess at my age, 53... I am a die hard fan. It is like watching my hometown people from the 70's. Love it. They are coming to Boston. I am curious as to what they do on stage. I will go and take a peek.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It (2014): Dir: Mike Clattenburg / Cast: Rob Wells, John Paul Tremblay, Mike Smith, John Dunsworth, Patrick Roach: Third in the popular comedies based on the Canadian TV program about three middle age males who live in a run down trailer park and sell marijuana for cash. This time out Ricky feels threatened when Canadian government holds a conference that could legalize marijuana and Ricky plans to trek to Ottawa because this could threaten his marijuana business he operates in his basement. Julian is involved in a hair brain scheme where he sells clean urine to those who need it for drug tests and he needs to transport a bunch of test tube urine samples to Montreal. Finally Bubbles receives notification that the parents he never knew had passed away and left him their home / bus in the middle of nowhere. John Dunsworth steals every scene he is in as Mr. Lahey who is out to frame Ricky for possession of cocaine but becomes hooked on the drug himself. He and shirtless Randy, played with disgusting perfection by Patrick Roach, follow the trio on their road trip where they further spiral down the delusional crash. Rob Wells, John Paul Tremblay and Mike Smith embody these roles to perfection and they're relatable despite antics and lifestyles that are hardly complimentary. The legalization of marijuana is something many would approve but Ricky presents arguments that can invade his methods of making a living. Fans of the show will enjoy this film otherwise it hardly advances or innovates past expectations. Score: 8 / 10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love Trailer Park Boys. Maybe it's because I'm Canadian, but I would be a huge fan if I were American too. Each season got better and both movies were sick too. The only Trailer Park Boys thing I did not like was the TV special entitled, "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys." I Thought it would be awesome because I love the show, the other specials were great, and the DVD cover has just Bubbles on it in a Scarface illustration.

    The third instalment in a series of movies is usually said to be the worst. This is one of the rare ones that is the best. Me saying this was the best was an easy decision to make. Other movie series like the Hangover and The Karate Kid had me contemplating which was the best. Luckily, I am not alone in saying this is the best TPB movie. This has a higher rating that the previous two movies on other sites. Do I think this was better than the specials? Yes. Better than the first two movies? Yes. Better than the show? Some yes, some no, some equal. But for the most part, no.

    What makes this special is how much it differs from the others by being the most serious and being, somewhat, a monomyth archetype. Ricky lives in a regular house and makes a fortune selling dope. He hears about weed possibly being legalized and decides to head to Ottawa to stop it because he knows it would hurt his business. Julian works with archenemy, Cyrus selling clean urine for people to pass urine tests. They need to go to Moncton, New Brunswick for their latest shipment. Bubbles lives under J-Roc's porch and is unhappy. He receives a will from his deceased parents leaving him their home in Kingston. The boys reunite and hit the road, where betrayals occur and danger follows them. They ultimately learn the true meaning of loyalty and friendship as they must watch each other's backs and do ultimate sacrifices for the greater good.

    Friendship and loyalty is a content theme in the show. But since this is 95 minutes, the theme is conveyed in a stronger way and that comes from the heart. The concept of legalizing pot is something every stoner very well supports and would love to see. I am no stoner, but I thought it was done well.