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  • Maybe I'm just getting old, because I really liked this show, yet couldn't put it in the category of favourites like Elfen Lied or Claymore.

    It revolves around Rentaro, a civil service officer in the Tokyo area of the near future. For the past 10 years Gastrea, man-eating monsters, have been constantly attacking humanity and are being just held at bay by huge monolith fortifications around the city made of Varanium, the only material that is impervious to their attacks. Rentaro is aided by Enju, one of the Cursed Children. These are all female girls with red eyes and extraordinary abilities, brought about by having part Gastrea in their blood. Eventually, the Gastrea find a way around or through the monoliths and someone needs to save Tokyo...

    This show has great animation and characters with plenty of bloody violence, which I dig. Yet, I felt something was lacking, because I couldn't put it up there with my old favourites. Maybe I'm just getting too old for this stuff haha. Anyway, for you younger guys, check this out, it's fun!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In the near future humanity is almost destroyed by the Gastrea; a parasitic virus. A few cities survive; they are surrounded by monoliths made of Gastrea repelling 'Varanium'. Shortly afterwards children are born infected with the Gastrea; they have special powers which make then invaluable in the fight against the Gastrea but also feared because they might one day be overcome by the virus; for this reason they are known as the 'cursed children'. The series protagonist Rentero Satomi is a member of the Civil Security forces and he battles Gastrea alongside cursed-child Enju. When an especially dangerous Gastrea attacks one of the monoliths they have four days to find a way to stop them or their city will fall.

    There is plenty of excitement to be had in this series and a fair amount of strong bloody violence. The story might not be the most original but it was told in an interesting way and there was a good cast of characters, including some entertaining villains. On the way to the final confrontation there are the expected setbacks; including one particularly tragic moment. The animation and character designs were pretty good. Overall I'd say this series is worth watching if you want an action anime with interesting characters.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • Before I watched this I read a lot of mixed reviews, saying its over hyped, not that good, etc. My first impression after 2-3 episodes in was "this is kind of typical but its pretty decent for being typical. Even though, it definitely looks like something i'm going to enjoy". My ending opinion drastically changed from the beginning of the season, it was much darker & more profound than I realized from the beginning and it even has a bit of a twist at the end that genuinely caught me off guard & makes me hope for a season 2 as i'd really like to see where this story is going. Now as the story goes, from what we've seen so far & can tell (imo) its kinda typical shounen. Evil creatures, killing people, good guys kill them. Badass op characters with awesome attacks, but as the story itself seems pretty black & white it actually begins to develop pretty deeply & you learn this world is far far darker than it gives in the very beginning. The animation is pretty great, the fight scenes are all pretty badass. All the character designs are great, & all of the background artwork is very appealing & as well. The music all seemed to match fine, nothing ever felt out of place or bad. Now as the English dub goes, I definitely like it as a hole but I can't ignore the fact that their are at least a handful of characters whos voice just doesn't fit at all. For example the one freshest in my mind is the 10yr old samurai girl(later in the show) she has this deep woman voice that just doesn't fit at all, theirs others as well but all of these are minor/side characters so its not a huge deal. But on the better side of this, some of the characters match 100% great like the main villain with the mask, i couldn't imagine another voice for him if i tried. He's perfection. In the end I really enjoyed this, badass characters, awesome fights, & the story really began to develop into something much deeper. If your looking for a darker themed, bloody battles, profound language, & cool badass little kids then you should check this out.

    4/5 Or 8/10 Why? It appeared very typical(although thats not always a bad thing, the best things are usually very simple) but then it began to develop into something more. Much darker than I thought it was going to be, has a bit of a twist that makes me want to watch more. Pretty great animation, epic fights, everything is appealing. Music seems fine, matches well. All the main cast English dub match quite well, a handful of the minor/side characters voices don't match at all. Thats one of the biggest negatives I really have with this. Its not anything crazy "MUST WATCH!" but its an enjoyable show & I definitely wouldn't mind more! If your looking for bloody fights, more seinen genre, with good animation & cool characters then check it out. It will surprise you if your willing to give it a chance.
  • cheetos009910 August 2014
    I cannot, in good consciousness, recommend Black Bullet unless you simply want eye-candy. The production values are high, but if you're into animes for deeper experiences, stray far from this one.

    At only 13 episodes, any anime that's filled to the brim with a lot of material is going to struggle. Black Bullet is many things: it's a social commentary on the ostracizing of a group, a romance, a comedy, and a tale of humanity's struggle to endure. On top of this, within its 13 episodes are 3 distinct plot arcs. Black Bullet tries to achieve so much in so little time, that it stands out only as a Jack-of-all-Trades, Master of None.

    Taking place in a city where humanity is pitted against invaders known as the Gastrea, Satomi Rentaro is an officer who fights against this enemy alongside his young partner, Enju. However, Enju is one of many girls persecuted by much of society for being a Cursed Child. These are girls who have enhanced combat capabilities because they were exposed to the Gastrea infection before they were born. Cursed Children, despite being hated for what they are, often assist as members of the defense force.

    As interesting as the premise seems, it's only a part of the greater, messy scheme of things. While all of that is going on, Black Bullet attempts to develop characters and a relationship and unravel plot details in an almost incoherent way with little devotion to any one particular element. For the first couple of episodes, you'll be trying to wrap your head around exactly what this anime wants to be, only to give up in frustration and try to just enjoy the ride. Sadly, all the way up to the final episode, you'll find that this is just one messy ride that can only be enjoyed for its pretty animations on screen with occasional flashy action sequences. So many times, I found myself wanting more of something the show offered, only to never get it because the writers wanted to show a little bit more of other things.

    I have never seen a more jumbled up anime than Black Bullet. Do yourself a favor and watch a show that knows what kind of identity it wants to carve out for itself.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    An anime that had everything to be great, a real and possible theme (with a little bit of fiction), strong and deep characters, themes like prejudice and sublimation are glimpsed, however during the anime all this is lost. Where at the end of the saga it ends in a depressing way and distorts all the struggle of hope and overcoming that the anime should be, very sad to see how they destroy themselves throughout the chapters.
  • invisibleunicornninja18 September 2018
    I got about two episodes in before quitting. The animation and voice acting are pretty good. The characters haven't been really developed by episode 2 so I have nothing to say about them. The main problem with this show is the awkward and clunky exposition that comes out of every characters mouth whenever it opens. They don't even try to hide the fact that it makes no sense for characters to be saying certain things to each other. Information is given directly to the audience nonstop. A lot of it is even repeated. Maybe once everything is set up it gets better, but with how much stuff is being set up, I don't see how it could really fit into only 13 episodes.
  • While it was a good idea to add a kid girl, a teenage guy and a smiley face mask villain with a kid girl dressing up as a lolita, the plot for me still didn't match what I wanted out of this anime. Ok, they are fighting bad guys and trying to save the cursed children from the government but I think there had to be more than that. I just felt the plot was unoriginal and just boring. I had to drop at 3 episodes, it just wasn't the anime I ended up liking, unfortunately. I really did want to like it since it had great English Dub voice actors but they weren't enough to keep me viewing more episodes I'm afraid....
  • Total waste of time.. Lazy stupid senseless story, It had potential but flopped from the start
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I started watching Black Bullet about 2 weeks ago in English Dub. Rentaro is my favorite character, he is cool and he is strong. I always believed that Rentaro and Kisara would be together, but after what happened on the final episode of season 1, the relationship is strained. I hope their relationship would go good again. I guess he would be with Miori, because she loves him. Not sure what happened Takuto Yasuwaki, last time he was seen he and accomplishes were trying to sabotage the operation for the final battle, hoping that Rentaro dies. Takuto Yasuwaki and his accomplices failed to do so, but they are responsible for Rentaro's friend, Shoma die. Wherever they are, I hope they would be punished for what they have done. If Takuto and his accomplishes did not sabotage the operation, then Shoma would be alive. Other than Takuto and his accomplishes will be punished, I'm worried about what would happen now, such as will the relationship of Rentaro and Kishra be good again, because I hope it does. I really liked this anime and that it is the best. I hope there is a season 2 for this show. I give this show an A+.
  • I like enju alot, She's so cute. But why hasn't season 2 come out yet? I've been waiting for years and I'm finally excited that season 2 will come out on july 2020. But why hasn't it come out yet? I'm hoping it will come out soon cause I've literally been waiting for years. For the makers of this anime, Please Continue your work I'm really looking forward to Seeing it.