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  • njmountaineer10 March 2014
    I really loved this film. From the opening credits I was hooked. The story pulls you in and you just find yourself along for the ride. I know the church that did this and it was their first movie production. They had over 100 volunteers assist with this film. It was shot, edited and released in three months and it is great! Gods hand was all over this.

    The story revolves around a politician who has to come to grips with some bad decisions he has made in his life. Its a tale that hits home with everyone. Lets face it, politician aren't perfect, and well, we aren't either. Everyone can relate to what the character faces, some more than others. What you realize is the character you hate in the film is really the part of you that you cant stand, but want to fix.

    Forgiveness, acceptance, family. These are the keys to this movie.

    If you want something meaningful to show to your church or family and you don't want a "cheezy" Christian film, than this is it.