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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me start this review to explain the film's title (, which I like a lot,) to non-German speakers. "Hin und weg" is a bit of a word game here. It metaphorically means to be bowled over by something, but the literal translation is "there and gone". If you see the film, you may understand at least the latter.

    The movie is written and directed by Christian Zübert. If you are interested in German cinema you may have seen his last work "Dreiviertelmond" or his most popular movie so far, "Lammbock", a stoner comedy from 13 years ago. The lead actor in his newest film is Florian David Fitz, one of Germany's rising stars in the last couple years. He won big at the German Film awards for his work in "Vincent will Meer". Here, he plays again a man with an illness. But, unlike what the trailer suggested, the movie, except the ending, turns out to be much more about his friends, their trip together and why everybody is the way they are. This is probably the way Fitz' character would have wanted the film to be like. Here and there I found a weakness in the writing, but all in all, it is a decent screenplay and the performances are all solid as well. The only thing that left me fairly detached was the central character's relationship with his brother. I am not entirely certain if the problem here was the acting or that it just was not explored enough.

    Victoria Mayer's character was a bit strange to me. Her actions seemed really contradictory throughout the film. The weed scene and the cheating scene just did not fit her character at all. None of her other actions implied to me that she would be the kind of character who would just simply sleep with another man only because her husband did so. Maybe that was just me though. I really had some struggles with how the character was written.

    Finally, lets take a look at the ending ("Hannes was here"). I thought it was nicely done, but I would also have liked the film to end the moment the toxin was injected or, even better, during the night dance sequence. The addition of the final scene, one year later, however, showed again that this film really was just not only about Fitz' character, but also about everybody else. The accident of the doctor left me a bit surprised, possibly to add some more tension and make the audience ask themselves if he will still pull through, but I could have done without it. The music was chosen nicely throughout the film. I liked that they did not really go for a feel-good ending. Or maybe you could say, they actually did. It's ambiguous somehow. In any case, I don't like movies that do a 180°-turn in the last 20 minutes to have the audience leave the theatre with a smile and sacrifice everything else before the last act and all credibility for such an ending. This movie certainly did not do that.

    I very much recommend watching it. You should not expect outstanding filmmaking here or anything that comes close to a "perfect film". It has its flaws, but what it delivers most and what makes it worth watching the most is its emotional impact. And most importantly, don't see it as a benchmark statement for assisted suicide. That is really not what it is.
  • kosmasp14 June 2015
    This is a tough movie to watch. Yes everything must end, but can you stomach watching it through? The chemistry the actors have between them is really good. From time to time it feels like some have issues/are struggling when it comes down to acting in certain areas, but it's really just a small amount and it doesn't hurt the movie. Plus there seems to be a bit of ad libbing going on. Give the actors points (starting point, end point and maybe some hints in between) and let them do their thing, in this case a good idea.

    The drama is really good and many things just feel real. Not everything will be resolved by the end, but the movie is able to touch people. Not something many German dramas can claim (unfortunately). This is very well made and deserves to be watched, if you are able to watch drama like this and cherish it.
  • Dear drama lovers, I really really recommend you to watch this German movie, Hin und weg. This is a really touching adventure of true friendship. In the middle of hypocrisy world and hidden agenda of our daily lives, this movie shows up about being true to be yourself and being true to be real friends, to accept any condition of your friends, without questioning and without force love. This movie makes me realize that there is still true friends in our life to stay in our life no matter what, no matter if destiny will spare us apart, but the most important thing is the presence of our friends to be forever in the boundaries of our self-path of our private journey. Several audiences feel so sad and crying while watching it, especially in the moment when the main actor decided to do euthanasia in Belgium. In Germany, euthanasia is still illegal and how the scenes beautifully show up how he strongly brings her friends to go on bicycle tour from Germany-Belgium in about one week with several challenges, funny moments, and beautiful scenes of nature before he is getting euthanasia. This movie will warm your heart. Love it so much.
  • ellearuauver22 January 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    It is not only the story of the lead character,but others.He looks so positive to take this measure,but at the same time,he feel fear and anxious to it in mind.He don't want to show this feeling to his friends he is going to remind.The last scene is beautiful.He is surrounded by all of his friends and can say good bye with calm face and voice.Actually,His life is too short.He maybe remind here hat he want to do.But as he said,His life deserved living in.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hin und Weg [2014] – Review by Arno Ramon

    Hin und Weg tells the story of a group of friends deciding the destination of their annual bike trip. Of all places the German group decides to ride their bikes all the way to Oostende, Belgium.

    Hannes, the main character does initially not reveal why they're riding to Belgium, cause let's face it besides the aptly-named French fries and the loads of delicious chocolate, it's not the world's greatest travelling destination.

    About 20 minutes into the movie and halfway through the cycling trip, Hannes reveals to his friends that he has ALS, a rare terminal muscle disease and he is going to Oostende for euthanasia.

    This is quite a shocker to the group of peers and they deal with this information in various ways.

    The character development in this movie is very slow, and not so engaging. I wasn't emphatically moved when following the story. The acting was fair but not convincing. The soundtrack was minimal and not very creative. But the screenplay on the other hand was well thought of and inventive.

    This movie was showcased on the first night of the FFO2015 – Film Festival Oostende 2015 and about 10 minutes before the end of the film, the fire alarm went off.

    So I have no idea what actually happened to Hannes and his comrades, but I get the feeling it wasn't a happy ending, although romanticized for easier processing.

    Hin und Weg [2015] gets a overall 6.2 / 10 Score, and was a great pastime but no recommended watch.

    Reviewed by Arno Ramon on Sunday 13.09.2015