Tiffany: A true classic never goes out of style.

Chucky: [3 different Chucky-s planning their next ordeal]

[the one with burnt hand]

Chucky: Now I am gonna go kill Andy!

Chucky: [the one with one arm] No, I wanna kill Andy. I earned it.

[Showing his empty arm socket]

Chucky: I have been through a lot today!

Chucky: [the one with burnt hand] You got to suck titty today!

[Showing his melted fingers]

Chucky: Look what happened to me.

Chucky: [the one with the terrible haircut by Andy]

[Showing his hair]

Chucky: Hello? Look at my hair!

Chucky: [the one with one arm]

[Shocked at the hair]

Chucky: Oh shit. You win!

Chucky: [the one with burnt hand]


Chucky: Absolutely! Sorry, pal! You go fuck him up real good.

Chucky: [laughs] And they call me sick?

[Chucky walks by Angela in the hallway]

Chucky: Where's Nica?

Angela: Last door on the right. You can see me.

Chucky: Yeah, I can see ya.

Angela: Don't be afraid.

Chucky: What?

Angela: I'm not going to hurt you.

Chucky: [giggling] You fuckin' with me?

Angela: No. I'm not. Tell you the truth, I'm happy to have the company, even if you aren't real.

Chucky: Ok, let me explain something to you. I am a vintage, mass marketed children's toy from the '80s, standing right in front of you, holding a very sharp scalpel.

Angela: No, you're not.

Chucky: Yes, I am.

Angela: I'm a schizophrenic. I see things.

Chucky: Aren't you the crazy bitch I talked to last night on the phone?

Angela: [nodding] Sometimes, I hear things, too...

Chucky: Okay, lady, you know what? You're next. I'm gonna be right back.

[to himself]

Chucky: Jesus. Fucking cuckoo's nest!

Angela: Bye.

Chucky: Night, night.

Chucky: [at the very end credits] Kyle?

Kyle: Andy sent me. We're gonna have some fun.

[takes a small knife on Chucky; Chucky screams as the screen goes black]

Claire: [Whispers] No.

[Glass Ceiling breaking... ]

Chucky: Sometimes, I scare myself.

Chucky: [Reads out from a NO2 gas cylinder, in front of a tied & sedated patient] Compressed.

Chucky: [Looks at the patient] Does it mean, what I think it means?

Chucky: [as the patient keeps looking at him, terrified] Seriously! I am not sure.

Chucky: You fuckin' with me?

Claire: [after being bitten by Chucky] Dr. Foley, it's true! He's alive!

Andy Barclay: [to Chucky] This is the end, fucker!

Claire: [about Chucky] Listen to me, HE'LL KILL US ALL!

Madeleine: [to Chucky] Come to Mommy!

Angela: [to Nica] Chucky's coming for you!