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  • I have always been interested in Lee Hardcastle and his work with clay animation, I've been a long time follower of his youtube channel because I knew one day he'd produce something so epic and amazing that it would literally take my breath away, and now he's done it.

    Ghost Burger, a sequel to the ABC's of death T is for Toilet, is a short film (22 Minutes) about a two boys who fight and kill Ghosts to keep a local business up and running.

    Now I can't say too much because it'll give away plot points and may ruin the experience so I'll just write about how brilliant this is. This short film really sets the standards for other short films and raises the bar immensely, what you've got to know about Lee Hardcastle's way of directing is that it is very reminiscent of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead, in the way it'll create a uncomfortable atmosphere when it wants to but at the same time, draw you into it's characters and plot development, which is superb thanks to Hardcastle's excellent writing.

    Hardcastle is known for using violence and gore to full effect in his clay animations and boy does he use it in Ghost Burgers to maximum effect. The gore in this film does make you queasy but you're reminded it's only clay after a while, the violence and actions sequences a fantastically directed and with it being clay you'd think there would be limitations on what he could do but no, there are camera shots in this film that'll make you question reality for a second/minute. If I had to name some gripes it would be that some of the character development was a bit off, one minute this character will be acting like this, then next minute he's acting differently and his personality has changed drastically.

    All in all Ghost Burgers made me use a word I hate using but I have to say it was just plain freaking "Awesome". When watching you can tell that Hardcastle put his heart and soul into this and gave it his all and produced an epic and visually entertaining piece of art.

    Thank you Lee Hardcastle.