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  • I'm not sure if this is true for others, but the first review that comes up for me describes the show as unrealistic and promoting sleeping around, lying, and other debauchery- the main complaints I've seen about this show seem to be that it promotes sex, lying, sleeping around etc. or is ageist and sexist. What these reviewers seem to believe is that the show is either a guide to life that must teach morals directly, or that it is apparently not a tongue-in- cheek comedy using stereotypes to make social commentary in a humorous way. It is not a how-to guide on being a woman in today's world, and since it isn't a children's show, I don't see why anyone would be concerned that the characters are not all traditionally moral, conservative individuals. I, personally, prefer characters that make mistakes, grow, learn, and change, and have diverse viewpoints. This show has that, and for what it's worth, the main protagonist is neither 'slutty' nor wildly amoral and evil, but is instead rather 'normal' and sympathetic.

    I would say that the show is witty, humorous, and at times thought- provoking. The characters are, in fact, more complex than the stereotypes they portray, and anything seemingly sexist or ageist is done deliberately and self-deprecatingly. Yes, it IS unrealistic that a woman over 40 would have to pretend to be in her 20s to get a job. That's the point. Would anyone really go into watching a show with the premise that a 40 year old divorcée is successfully passing as a 25 year old college grad in order to get a job and expect realism?

    The show takes little kernels of reality and makes them more absurd, extreme, and unrealistic in order to present a charming, funny show that still provides some insight into social perceptions.

    Also note that I managed to watch and enjoy the entire season without feeling the need to sleep around, lie pathologically, or mock anyone over the age of 40.
  • I find it refreshing to watch a show where the main cast is not overly made up, naked and dramatic, chasing men and talking about fantasy love from fairy tales. It is just a really well made story with a nice cast and plot where women can reflect on our new stance in society and the realities we tend to deny. I love how each role has a normal type and depicts the average life and human desires without going over the top with drama and grotesque scenes. I like how fresh, amusing, casually, and simple the story and its characters just show us a good time and the ironies of being a woman in today's world. The young and older woman with its perks and difficulties,goods and bads. Thumbs up!
  • Generally, the previews interested me. Contemporary, fun, includes the older and younger generation? Very cool! Being a woman, I can see how this would appeal to my gender, but anyone can enjoy it really. I couldn't stop watching after the first episode. It's a bit liberal for my taste, I haven't seen other shows besides Hot in Cleveland on TV Land, but even with the "adult-situations" it's easy to watch, and there's a charm to it that sets it apart from new shows these days. Great actors and actresses for the main roles, Hilary Duff was what drew me in in the first place, but a good show wouldn't be good without who's in it! Just watch, be free, and enjoy it!
  • This show is fun and touches on the challenges of getting older while reminding us to stay young at heart. The main character is a women going through a mid life crisis who is forced to reinvent herself after going thru a divorce to a world that sees her as being washed up, out of touch, and unattractive to the job market and dating scene. Instead of accepting peoples'stereotypes she does a makeover of her life and re brands herself as a energetic highly skilled 26 year old. Too many people as they get older become plagued with responsibility and this show reminds people to get out and live life. We all have a lot of life left to live. We are only as old as we let ourselves be. This show reminds us to live life to the fullest. We cannot let stereotypes tell us what we can and cannot do. Love this show as it is well written and gives people the confidence to make changes and take chances. Highly recommended feel good show.
  • jade-5843421 June 2015
    I'm so glad I found Younger. I had seen Sutton Foster on an episode of "Say Yes To The Dress", and was glad to see she's starring in her own show. The cast is perfect and of course NYC is the best. I like the premise and especially Liza (Sutton) who at times seems a wise 20 something, and then a few minutes later every bit a mature 40 year old woman. The story line and characters are excellent and I've even grown to feel comfortable with her relationship with Josh (Nico). Now that he knows her true age, it brings a whole new dimension into things. All the supporting actors are perfectly cast. I hadn't really seen Hillary Duff in anything before but I really like her in this. The new season can't come soon enough! Great show TVLAND.
  • Dangb815 February 2016
    So, I have heard this show being compared to Sex and the City numerous times. I wouldn't necessarily go there. Sure, it's created by Darren Star and the actors are beautifully dressed by the great Patricia Fields. And sure, they live in New York, but those are the only things they have in common with SATC. Is that a bad thing? Not in this case. Younger is fun and addicting. The cast is relatable and interesting to watch. Sutton Foster is perfect. Her acting is superb. The rest of the main cast does a great job at supporting her. The chemistry between "Liza" and "Josh" is wonderful to watch. These days I find myself catching a new show and they get to the point too quickly. I like how this show doesn't do that. And not in the sense that it is dragging on, but that there are so many possibilities and you cannot help but get excited to see what happens next. On another review, I saw someone say it was refreshing. That is the perfect word for this show! My only two gripes are that I feel a couple of characters don't belong and they lack chemistry with the rest of the cast. I also wish the series was a full hour. 30 minutes is just a tease for my emotions. So, there you have it. Forget the book club ladies. Grab your wine and gather with your girls to watch this. You will not be disappointed. Especially with all of the hotness on the show.
  • perrymartin728 July 2018
    I am. 50 year old male Truck Driver who watches a lot of Hulu. I found the first four seasons of Younger and have binged them all. I am recording season 5 on my DVR now so I don't moss a thing. The first 2 seasons were amazing season 3 was slow but picked up at the end. This is a guilty pleasure. I only wish I could see more of their lives. There is so much content that they are missing. This is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. Why did I never hear about this show. EW where was the cover??? Great show. Everything is what I expect in a fantasy based in reality. My question is when do these people sleep. And half their checks must go on taxi and Uber/Lyft. Amazing and full of cliffhangers.
  • Oh come on get a life nay sayers! Show is adorable and shot for 25-60 year old male or females. Very cute premise and spot on casting. If you don't like chick flicks or rom-coms this is not for you!! Sutton Foster is truly a 40 year old who looks 26 & is smoking hot! She pulls off the part perfectly and kicks in enough spice to definitely heat this up a remind you just how sexy a 40 year old can be. Debi Mazar is the perfect sidekick & Hillary Duff kicks in just the right amount of naiveté to her role. I think this show will really start to gel as everyone grows into their rolls. It should have been written as an hour show. Just as the episode starts to hit stride, poof, see ya next week.

    UPDATE; 3 Shows & "Rockin" What a fun show! It is gelling & non stop FUN! UPDATE #2 5 SEASON I sure love this show just wish the would they would make it an hour show. OR join the real world & release all so we can binge, lol.

    Tell your friends, spread the word. They deserve to be entertained by a well written & witty comedy!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    People are getting way into these shows and start analyzing them way too deep.

    This is about a Woman who lies about her age to get a job, imagine that concept lol I think I know at least 10 people who did this exact same thing.

    That being said Sutton foster is cute as a button and despite other reviews I think she can easily pass as being 25, I am also very impressed with little bundle of Joy Hillary Duff in this show.

    But to sum it up, this is a light amush bush of a show, mindless TV but oh so entertaining in my opinion.
  • Omg!!! I found about this show the other day and literally watched all 5 seasons in 2 days!! The show is amazing. Love everything bout it! Definitely must see.
  • I was hooked since episode one. Binge watched it in 3 days! I guess that explains everything! ONE tiny thing.... Whoever is responsible for the makeup needs to get fired (makeup not matching the actors skincolor and YES it's obvious) #sorry. It's 2018. We are watching you!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've always thought that a show about washed-up, useless, outdated, tired, worthless, unappealing, out-of-touch, unattractive, invisible, over-the-hill, moronic women over thirty would be hysterical. Especially when they try to regain some sense of self-worth by pretending to be 26, instead of demonstrating competence, confidence and intelligence. I can hardly contain myself. After all, who wants some old hag working for them. And, twenty-somethings already know everything, so what's to gain by hanging out with, or god forbid, respecting anyone over 30. But, if they are stupid enough to think the much older looking Sutton Foster is 26, then maybe they aren't as smart as they think they are. And bully for her for wanting an inked-up, pierced loser over an age-appropriate man for a sex partner, because why shouldn't she perpetuate the very thing that she and her also over 40 best friend are complaining about. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. The real comedy would be if anyone over 26 was responsible for getting this garbage on the air, because according to them, they are decades past relevant.
  • I will admit that I was skeptical at first about this show but after the first episode I was totally hooked. It's about a middle aged woman in her 40s (well a 40 year old) that lies about being 26 to get a job that she wants. The interesting concept is how long can she keep living a lie to the people she grew close to personally and professionally. I think it's a very lighthearted and funny series that people can relate to. I also love the whole NYC (living life freely in the city) vibes I'm getting (I'm a NY girl lol) plus I love the fact that some of the scenes show some NY landmarks as well. I definitely can't wait for season 2.
  • For starters, I couldn't even watch the entire pilot episode. I turned it off after only 15 minutes (including commercials.) This show is about as funny as a TV ad for "Vagisil." And at least as tacky. I tuned in because the premise of a 40-something woman passing herself off as 26 to get a job is new and sounds like it could have really good comic potential. After all, the "Fish Out of Water" story is a staple of comedy on TV and in movies. Plus, the technology changes over the past 14 years provide a lot of "techno-clash" material to work with, not to mention the inherent "culture clash" in the premise. And with Hillary Duff as a principle character, how could it possibly go wrong? Well, it did go wrong. Very wrong. This show is tasteless and classless. Perhaps with a little re-thinking of its concept, this show could be funny. I like the basic idea. But I won't be tuning in to find out what happens next.
  • ntuitive25 April 2015
    When I was 40 I looked and felt younger than Sutton Foster and never for one minute felt technologically and culturally challenged next to my 20 something friends. Is that what it's coming down to today that even 40 year old women feel like dinosaurs? Or maybe the message here is that we should. To me, Sex and the City felt empowering. This show is depressing. I am 56 and even at my age I don't want to be told I am out of it for being older. In my own mind I am much younger. It's what you feel, anyway. This character acts and feels older than I do. It's unrealistic. I can't imagine how 40 year old women would feel about someone their age who doesn't know how to set up a Twitter account. Isn't that insulting? Even I know how to do that! This is just a show that confirms age-ist stereotypes. I suppose we're supposed to think it's cute but I just find it depressing.
  • karenzyzzy25 April 2015
    Leave it to TV Land to come up with such an empowering show for women. Especially if you are 40 and over. To think, if you are the typical out-of-touch Neanderthal over 40, all you have to do is look like, talk like, and act like a whore and everyone will think you're 26 and thankfully relevant again. Who knew empowerment was so easy. To pass for young, promiscuity, irresponsibility, and narcissism are the tickets. Think of all those years we wasted educating ourselves and working hard. We should have just been drinking jello shots and spreading our legs. Thanks TV Land for giving us hope and showing us the way. I have my eye on a managers job here, so I just purchased a whole bunch of bananas to practice on. CEO here I come!
  • twocastles16 March 2016
    Everything Blacklister said is spot on. Hillary Duff is not a great actress, but, even she sounds bored doing this no class show. It's one half step above "reality" TV...maybe. The only thing funny is the concept that anyone could be fooled by Sutton Foster pretending to be 26...or attractive...or funny. TVLAND's constant barrage of commercials trying to subliminally make viewers watch this junk is the biggest joke. It doesn't belong on TVLAND, nor does that even dumber show, Teachers. Maybe some obscure "Sex and the City" rerun channel, like E! Jesus, I need 10 lines to describe this show? How many ways can I say, "It's awful." without being redundant. TVLAND's new direction is sad and slightly disturbing. At least that other stupid "new direction" channel, ABC Family, had the decency to FINALLY change their name.
  • indiedavid21 April 2015
    The premise and cast have so much promise but unfortunately, the show falls flat by very, very bad writing. The lead character is a 40 year old, posing as a 26 year old who is completely baffled by technology, the internet and iPhones. Such an absurd premise considering that all of the above were invented by men in their 50s and 60s. The younger characters are all cliché. Every woman under 30 is a bar hopping slut with no real self- control or ambition. Every woman over 40 is a desperate, mentally ill husband hunter. If they fired the show runner and hired a new team of writers, this show could be a hit. It's such a shame that is is destined for failure since the lead character is adorable and such a talent. I can only imagine what she could do with great material. The directing is above average and production is functional.
  • This show is awful. 40 year old has to pretend to be 26 to get a job. Seriously?! 40 year-old is so over the hill and out of touch she understands absolutely nothing techie because, of course, she's still trying to come to terms with what smartphones and tablets are. They might as well have had her dressed like Grandma Moses knitting a sweater with her teeth falling out. It is not funny. I did not laugh once during the first show. It is constantly promoting sex. No qualms about lying or sleeping around. When Hillary Duff is the smartest and classiest lady in the show you know something is wrong. Sutton Foster is annoying and comes off as the over the hill idiot. She DOES NOT LOOK 26 AT ALL. The millenials on the show act like a bunch of self absorbed brats. OMG hanging out with a mature 40 year old woman... Like TOTES PATHETIC!! Topless Tuesday??? Really??!! God what is this world coming too if this is a real thing?? This show stinks big time. How about a show on how to be a smart classy woman at whatever age? Sutton Foster should be ashamed of herself.
  • haijai47 June 2019
    I happened upon Younger accidentally and was instantly hooked. The characters are so well written, even the secondary characters. There is so much depth to the plot as well, delving into the lifestyles of people in their 20s, those in their 40s, and looks at the social life and professional sides so realistically. This is a show where you don't have to think a lot, you can simply sit back and enjoy. As a side notes, the eye candy adds to the enjoyment, especially Peter Hermann.
  • This clever dramedy never dulls out at any point in five season and season five ended on really awesome emotional note. This show is full of energy and modernistic environment so much so that i can't put it down. Can't wait for season 6.
  • Such a fun show. I absolutely love it. I feel like the characters are very relatable and I just love the story line.
  • When a TV series is a smash hit you have the options of eagerly waiting for every episode but always the second option of understanding why. Brilliant, timely and enticing are three words coming to mind. Considering the recent trends of former suburbanites moving back to hot New York neighborhoods such as one in Brooklyn the focus of the show's setting and others finding it difficult to get work in fields in which hiring of twenty somethings now takes preference. Almost every episode has something I can hang on to as one performer told to say the line "The secret of aging gracefully is not trying everything new but knowing when to give up the familiar. Some TV land produced series tried this format but failed due to uninteresting character interaction scripted, single camera format to save money making the half hour episode visually uninteresting and using the cogent topic as a springboard to give characters a spin less interesting than following it up. This one is any time as close to television situation comedy perfection as was the long running hit series it replaced,HOT IN CLEVELAND.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am a huge fan of Sutton Foster and I think the premise of the show is fun and interesting. However, it's pretty crude as most things are nowadays. But, I've been willing to look past that because I thoroughly enjoy Ms. Foster. The most recent episode had Matthew Morrisom as a guest star. Having also been a fan of his, I looked forward to this week's episode. The whole episode was the best I'd seen in regard to sexual content and his character was just adorable. Until the end, when he was having sex with a sheep. Beastiality is disgusting, animal abuse and just wrong. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after that moment. I couldn't believe Younger would include this. It wasn't funny. And now I don't think I can watch Matthew Morrison again. As a result, I will not be watching again. Just gross. I hope the show gets cancelled and soon. Sutton Foster- you're better than this drivel and disgusting show.
  • Like all the other reviews, this show is really a good watch. Its funny and quirky. The cast is good. Just watch it
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