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  • In a sentence: T&E Bedtime Stories is more subtle and less tame, exactly what they have been dying to do. Though it is only "subtle" when compared to Awesome Show Great Job. The humor is what I consider to be so far beyond bathroom humor that it has wrapped around itself and come right back to the beginning (eg. A man says something and another farts, however the punchline is not the fart ((which is too stupid to be funny)) No, the punchline is that they were making a stupid fart joke in the first place.) In this way I hope you can come to understand (and ultimately love) the geniuses that are, Tim and Eric.
  • lenny-2295914 September 2017
    So to be honest I've just jumped in at season to watch the first two episodes and all I can say is wow. It's 100% original so they're meant to be horror episodes but it's like Cardiff comedy with a slight twist of hora yet thoroughly enjoyable. I will now go back watch season one and if it's anything like the start of season tour I should be really happy I hope you all enjoy and I've got a come up with five lines I'm just going to keep rambling on. Have a great day
  • tenlegdragon25 September 2014
    It's not really a horror series, far as I can tell, but in the ten minutes of the first episode, it runs through a lot of the horror movie staples. It has all the bits and pieces, all the tropes of a horror story, but the context is just slightly off, so it all ends up falling into comedy. It's really clever.

    There was an episode of Gintama (an anime) that had a radio program that did this same thing. It professed that it was going to be a bedtime story that would send you off to sleep guaranteed, but the execution was so off that it became a horror story.

    It's really clever, when you think about it, requiring really exact joke construction. Gotta respect that. It could benefit from a longer time run or some rated R humor, but I think it's on Adult Swim so they might be pushing it as far as it will go already. I'm not sure at all what they allow.