Ironically, the movie's release occurred when the real Cincinnati Public Library was being taken over by activists who were demanding the leadership not sell one of the downtown buildings.

The first film directed by Emilio Estevez which does not feature either his father, Martin Sheen or his brother, Charlie Sheen, in the cast.

Has been in development for over six years. Aubrey Plaza, Zoe Saldana, and Justin Long were all rumoured to appear in the film at one time or another.

The second film in which Emilio Estevez character spends most of the film in a library. The first being the 80's classic The Breakfast Club (1985).

The first screen appearance of Emilio Estevez in six years.

Rapper Rhymefest portrays Big George in this film. He also wrote and performed three songs for the film's soundtrack: "Weaponized," "See Clear," and "Make Noise."

Big George spends a large chunk of the film isolating himself from others, reading a book at one of the tables. A quick shot during at the halfway point reveals that the book is, fittingly, Thomas Dumm's "Loneliness as a Way of Life."

Due to the long development process of the film, it was shaped by such events as the Occupy Wall Street movement. In an interview, Emilio Estevez admitted that he was concerned about being called an opportunist for making his film in the wake of those social events.

According to Michael Kenneth Williams, the film's cast had access to trailers during production, but many of them voluntarily spent their nights in the library instead. It became an act of solidarity to better understand what their characters would have been going through.

Jeffrey Wright and Michael Kenneth Williams had previously appeared in Boardwalk Empire (2010).

Jacob Vargas and Christian Slater had previously appeared in Emilio Estevez's film Bobby (2006) together.

As with his previous film The Way (2010), both of Emilio Estevez's children participated in the film's production. Taylor Estevez is credited as a producer and stunt coordinator, while Paloma Estevez contributed music to the film's soundtrack.

Emilio Estevez's first directorial film since The Way (2010).

Spencer Garrett was also in Estevez's movie Bobby (2006).

Alec Baldwin and Susanna Thompson previously appeared together in Ghosts Of Mississippi (1996). In the former, Thompson plays Marcy, his ex-wife. In the latter she also plays his character's wife in a second marriage.

When Det. Bill confronts Stuart about why he didn't tell him that his son was in the library, Stuart references the Connecticut Four. In 2005, four librarians filed a lawsuit known as "Doe v. Gonzales" as a challenge to the USA Patriot Act, as well as a challenge to the demand that "libraries in the Library Connection network identify patrons who had used library computers online at a specific time one year earlier." The lawsuit sought to maintain the civil liberties of libraries' patrons, which is how Stuart defends his decision not to reveal the identity of Det. Bill's son among the protesters.

Det. Bill reveals that Mr. Goodson has "been 51-50'ed twice." "Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code is the statute that allows peace officers and some others into protective custody for evaluation of mental competence. It is operable only in California, not in Ohio, where the movie plot takes place (though it's left open to interpretation that Mr. Goodson could have been 51-50'd while he was in California, as the aforementioned events took place long before the film's events and Det. Bill never claims that Mr. Goodson was 51-50'd while in Ohio).

When Alec Baldwin's character Detective Bill Ramstead and his team are getting ready to storm in to the library, he asks Christian Slater's character Josh Davis if he is joining them, Slater's character declines and says "it's your gang". This is the second time Christian has said these lines in a film that also starred Emilio. In Young Guns 2 in which he stared alongside Emilio Estevez (who wrote and stared in The Public) Emilio's character in young guns 2 (Billy the kid) tells Christian Slater's character (Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh) to lead them out in a shoot out against Pat Garret as it's his gang, Slaters character replies "it's your gang"