Arin: The twins are wasted, they're pukin' everywhere. I'm gonna drive 'em home. I'll be back for you later. Hugs not drugs.

Daniel: Thanks, Mom.

Mike: Hey, Dan, if you, uh... if you need to wake me up in the mornin', don't wake me with your hand. Use a... use a stick or something, all right?, 'cause most times I wake up, I wake up swinging. All right, little bro?

David: The blind lead the blind through the dizzy maze of childhood. How easy to revel in the temple of youth, but all that glitters is not gold.

Stiletto: Chill out, Abercrombie.

Stiletto: Heroin makes you puke, kid. Relax! Do NOT call the cops, all right? This house is full of drugs, and everybody in this house will get arrested, including your girlfriend, which will ruin any chance she ever has of getting into college or ever getting financial aid; so, I know this for a fact, because this happened to me, and look at me now.

Officer Robert Mackenzie: Man, you know, being a Bible thumper and a straight edge, whew, can't make you very popular, can it?

Arin: Well, as I recall, JC wasn't particularly popular, either. I also remember that the cops of that era nailed Him to a piece of wood for speaking truth to power.

Officer Robert Mackenzie: Look, kid, I'm not in the crucifixion business, all right? All I want is the truth.

Arin: That's exactly what they told JC.

Officer Robert Mackenzie: [finding Mike in a bad way] Is there someone I could call to come over and be with you?

Mike: [coyly] How 'bout some strippers?

Officer Robert Mackenzie: Uh, how 'bout your wife?

Mike: There's nothin' worse than a girl who can't hold her liquor.

Mike: Well, Danny, a Marine lives by a certain code, a... a code of integrity, and it can't be compromised.

Daniel: Whoa...

Mike: It means, Daniel, doing the right thing regardless of ever you're gonna get caught or not.

Daniel: That's pretty righteous stuff, but it's a good thing you're not a Marine anymore, eh?

Mike: You're in it for life, brother. No such thing as an ex-Marine. Honor. Courage. Commitment. Yeah, courage. It is... the willingness to take a stand regardless of adverse consequences. It's... the will to heed the inner conscience, and the will to do what is right regardless of the conduct of others. It's not enough to know what to do. You have to do it. Courage is the mastery of fear and to always do what is right, even in the face of death. You have to follow a higher path that... that normal people are too weak or too afraid to follow.

Daniel: With faith, a-anything is possible?

Mike: No, but at least you're not nothin'.

[Officer Mackenzie let an aberrant man off the hook]

Sarge: D'you have any idea what it's gonna do in this department? I'm gonna get fired, and you're gonna get fired, and we're gonna sit together on unemployment and keep each other company. I don't wanna sit on unemployment with you, Mackenzie. I don't like you; so, get the marshmallows out of your face, lose some weight, tuck in that shirt, stand up straight, and get out on the street and make some arrests! Dismissed!

Stiletto: Well, this is all your fault, Dino.

Dean: MY fault? You were the one who gave her those mystery lines, your street junk bag, whatever it was. That was the most irresponsible thing I've ever seen.

Stiletto: Yeah, but I knew she could handle that. You gave her the H after she was trashed. You knew how messed up she was.

Dean: You could have stopped me!

Stiletto: I'm not the party nanny, dude!

Dean: Yes you are! When you're twenty-five and hang out at high school parties, you ARE the party nanny!

Mike: If I ever catch you hanging around my little brother Danny - who's in high school - I'm gonna show you firsthand how brutal the apex predator really can be.