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  • This came up first in my Netflix list so I decided to have a look. I am so glad I did. This is one of the best films I've seen for ages. It is graphic, violent at times, harrowing, nail biting (in more ways than one), heart rending, heart warming; but overall inspiring.

    It is very realistic and is well acted by everyone. The lead roles are excellent and very convincing. That it is a true story is mind blowing. I was absorbed in the film from the start and it just got better.

    It is different than most war films I have seen, quite a low key production, but it tells this story in a way that takes you right into the conflict. You can't help but feel for the characters involved and marvel at their resilience and bravery. It will have you cringing and crying and watching mouth opened.

    I was blown away by it. Very very highly recommended.

    I can't believe I have not come across it before. I guess being Norwegian and subtitled it just staying the background of mainstream blockbusters, but for me it was a marvel.

    I am so glad I watched it. It inspired me, moved me and educated me.

    There was just one thing I wanted at the end, that was not to be, but that's real life I guess.
  • This movie is amazing! It will keep you on the edge of your seat as it's tense & thrilling. 100% recommend! What this man and everyone helping him endured is pure inspiration just unbelievable. we need more films like this!!! Great acting, scenery beauty and much more!
  • The whole family went to see this film. We had high hopes for it. Neither of us was disappointed. Its a brutal story, told like the soldier who went through the ordeal wanted it to be told.

    It has been made before, different title. (9 lives, 9 liv) Jan Bålsrud did not like that version because he did not see himself as a hero. He felt the people who helped him was the heroes. That film received an academy nomination for best foreign film

    The helpers really are the story here. The role of Jan Bålsrud played by Thomas Gulestad is potrayed brilliant and brutal.

    I like Harald Zwart, brilliant underrated filmmaker.
  • The 12th man is based on a true story so that alone makes it even more interesting. I read from another reviewer that it didn't exactly happened like this, who knows, with lesser Germans searching for him, but does it realy matters? Jan Baalsrud still remains a hero as you see the battle he fought to reach the neutral country Sweden and that in harsh winter conditions. And like he said and wanted, the true heroes were the ones that helped him. Like all people from the Resistance in any country those people deserve being called heroes as they fought underground risking their life almost everyday. The movie is very well made, with alot of gripping moments full of suspense, and great cinematography of the wintery landscapes. Jan Baalsrud played brilliantly by Thomas Gullestad, is a character you can only feel sympathy for. Nice job as well from Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing the Nazi officer Kurt Stage. A movie with a good story, with a good cast, and based on true events, what else do you want?
  • ealasaidr15 June 2019
    Good shall always triumph over evil ! Thank you for telling this incredible true story of courage and bravery . May our children and children's children never forget those who were tortured, sacrificed , suffered , and died for our freedom.
  • This film is about a sole survivor of a Norwegian resistance mission. The plot follows his struggle for survival and his devotion to his cause and his mission. So we become witnesses to an excellent adventure that contains pretty much everything. Ruthless nazis hunting down anyone who opposses them, ruthless nature with really hard conditions, everything against the will of a single man who never gives up. This is a story of devotion and fortitude. It's a story about selflessness. A story of a man who amongst thousands like him, sacrificed for their country and for freedom, in a period where darkness and morbidity were prevailing.
  • michelleayn16 September 2019
    I had to write a review because this film was such a masterpiece from the storyline, dialogue, acting, cinematography, pacing. I honestly don't know how they didn't win awards. I can't believe the main actor is actually a musician not an actor. He was phenomenal. This was one of the best films I've seen in a long time. The pacing kept you at the edge of your seat and to make it even more striking, it's based on a true story. I couldn't believe it. What a testimony to the human spirit and how the worst of life circumstances and cruelty also brings out the very best in some and the bond of our humanity. Go and watch this film!
  • Biographical movie with suspenseful ending.He was strong man.

    Did the last scene really happened?
  • I suspect based on some of the reviews people have come to this film expecting a classic tale of espionage and war.

    On the surface this is indeed a film that takes place during WWII. That said, more than anything else this is a tale of survival and endurance in the face of overwhelming odds. What makes it a little more interesting is indeed the fact the key protagonist must confront both nature and a determined human enemy.

    The pacing of this film which has accumulated a lot of criticism reflects its survivalist emphasis. Its a slow, thoughtful film, that in terms of cinematography is really quite beautiful, in a rugged, snowbound way. The human interest component that makes up much of the difference offers up an insight into a how people draw on an indefinable "something" within themselves with faced with a harrowing series of events.

    I enjoyed this film. Its well acted, directed and in its own way its very heartfelt. It looks at war for the tragedy that it is and does not shy away from expressing, in very raw terms, the horror that conflict between people evokes but also the decency and human spirit of those who help others at great personal risk.

    9/10 from me.
  • djones-4231113 July 2019
    What a brilliant film, even more so as it's based on a true story.
  • Move over Rambo! Here comes Jan Baalsrud, arguably Norway's greatest WW2 Resistance hero, who I admit to never having heard a thing about, until seeing this movie. The 12th Man is based on his true story of escape and survival from a compromised and failed Norwegian Resistance commando raid in Northern Norway in 1943. He was the only escapee from his squad of twelve and was able to evade capture from the occupying German forces for over two months, despite suffering from frostbite, gangrene from a gun shot wound and snow blindness. His deteriorating physical condition forced him to rely on the assistance of Norwegian patriots. The 12th Man is as much about their stories of helpfulness under fear of German reprisals, as it is about Baalsrud's own amazing wilderness ordeal.

    I've seen a few of director Harold Zwart's earlier Hollywood productions, but nothing quite like, or as good as The 12th Man. Apparently the Dutch-born, but Norwegian-raised Zwart, has long sought to do a story about this Norwegian folk-hero, about whom has had books written and a previous film made about his exploits. Baalsrud himself, during his lifetime, was at pains to stress the importance of the help he received from local folk along the journey and this production has clearly aimed to provide those sort of kudos.

    "The 12th Man" is also first rate in technical and design aspects, utilising frequently spectacular widescreen location photography of alpine valleys, snow-capped mountain ranges and icy fjords by Geir Hartly Andreassen. I was staggered to find out that Thomas Gullestad who plays the central role of Baalsrud, is normally a hip hop artist and not a trained actor in any professional sense. Though he doesn't have a huge number of lines to rattle off, he is incredibly convincing in demonstrating the enormous physical and psychological challenges Baalsrud had to overcome in surviving situations, he really didn't have any right to survive. Likewise, Irishman Jonathan Rhys Meyers' impressive German-speaking turn as Col. Kurt Stage, the Gestapo officer obsessed with tracking Baalsrud down, provides a villain whose rage simmers under a rigid surface rather than bursting into stereotypical tantrums.

    The film is by no means perfect. At a lumbering 135 minutes it's overlong. I feel the imagined delusional scenes and conversations with a ghostly doppelgänger are just overkill. Similarly the extended sequences of confinement in his ice cave and "The Hotel Savoy" could have been much more tightly edited, rather than being allowed to drag on to the point of near tedium. However for those sticking around to the end, I have to say that the crossing into neutral Sweden is brilliantly conceived and choreographed, supposedly (just about) true and incredibly emotionally uplifting. It even almost makes some sense given the part of the world in which it took place. The 12th Man is well worth a look.
  • I really do not care how accurate this movie was made. It's a great movie worth seeing. It keeps you focused with almost no boring moments. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story.
  • Den 12. mann / 12th man is a different retelling of the story about the flight of Jan Baalsrud, hunted by the Nazi occupants after a sabotage action hiding important papers. The story was told from Baalsrud's angle in the 1957 Academy Award nominee-movie Ni Liv (Nine lives) by director Arne Skouen, This time it's Hollywood director Harald Zwart, known for his comedies and the rather good remake of The Karate Kid, and he has made something he has never done, a survival drama and war film.

    And he has succeeded well in telling a story about a hero, which became so due to good helpers in good believing Norwegians, being able to assist him on the two month struggle of a journey through very harsh winter terrain and weather.

    The film tells the story of not only Baalsrud, but also the 11 other which were alle killed by the Nazi's, and also tells the story about the survival spirit of a war-occupied country. This film is actually much more accurate than the original 1957-film, and completely differently told, which serves both the story and the film well.

    Debuting Thomas Gullestad is amazing in the lead, and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is excellent as the German Kurt Stage. And the rest of the cast does fabulous as well.

    Well worth a watch!
  • nortonwilcock7 November 2019
    Was looking for something to pass a couple of hours and came across this Gem . It really shows the lengths and the risk people went to to assist the allies during the German occupation of countries like Norway. It was gripping from the get go with fine performances all round. 👍
  • I loved this film! It's an outstanding, yet excruciating, film to watch. The acting is spectacular! I felt like I was right there with Jan on that harrowing journey.

    If you're not a fan of torture scenes or watching a person almost freeze to death then this might not be the film for you. I can't believe that this movie was filmed in the Norwegian winter because there are scenes of different characters wading in the fjord!!! The scenery is beautiful but imposing. The pacing was a little slow, but that pulled me into what must have been Jan's struggle and desperation to reach Sweden.

    Watch this film. It's incredible!!!!
  • Found this while looking through Netflix absolutely brilliant film, Although subtitled It not distract from the film. Edge of the seat, gripping sometimes harrowing true story. One of the best films I've seen this year.
  • u-emoli26 November 2019
    Unexpectedly great film, full of suspense and unexpected twists through to the end. Beautifully filmed and directed, it is also easy to watch, despite the original Norwegian language.
  • albankrz15 May 2018
    That was a big surprise for me. Didn't expect something like that. One of my fav movie about WWII do far, shows the terrible things that happened in nazzi's time. Great acting, true story , everything top.
  • This is the first and probably only, This movie was so good I was thinking about it the entire day the next day. The visuals were stunning, the director did an amazing job. Incredibly tense from the very get go, I can't praise this enough. A+ deserves awards.
  • RosieD10110 July 2020
    There is nothing to really dislike about this movie: the acting is brilliant and the unbelievably harrowing true story keeps you on the edge of your seat. Grab the popcorn, rug up and enjoy!
  • What an excellent movie. There were several things I loved about this movie. First, in all too many non-fiction movies, when you research the actual events, you find the director has taken extreme liberty with their literary license. In this case, as amazing as the story seems, the filmmakers stuck very close to real events. Second, the story is so gripping, and the film is done so well, you rarely notice the dubbing. I much prefer well-done dubbing over subtitles any day. Excellent production, fantastic story, highly recommended.
  • This is a war story but really is about the battle of a man over odds and both physical and mental challenges that are beyond our wildest imaginings. Beautifully told and filmed.

    The acting is superb and understated. The dialogue and characters so real. Thomas Gullestad, the hero and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the villain are both excellent. As are the supporting cast.

    This is a special story that is presented so thoughtfully and realistically that you will find it hard not to feel a part of it.

    You will certainly be rushing to Wikipedia to learn more!

    A must see!!!
  • This is things you wished you were taught about in history class in school. This film has you gripped from the first few scenes till the very last. The true story of Jan Baalsrud. If you haven't seen this then please give it a viewing. Amazing!
  • You will not be disappointed. A truly amazing and gripping watch from start to finish. Absolutely superb acting from all cast members. Wow, wow, wow.
  • It was an incredible film. Very tense. I loved it from start to finish. The fact it is a true story just adds to its brilliance.
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