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  • I came on here to see how Galavant was being received and to be honest I am quite shocked... there seems to be negativity and the positivity towards the show seems to be bunked down by people not finding the reviews helpful.

    I understand Galavant isn't for everyone, it's crude, it has curse words, the characters can be mean spirited, but if you know what Galavant is really a love letter to, it makes perfect sense I love the songs, they're really well done, Alan Menken does a superb job with the scores and the lyrics are from the guy who did the Lyrics for Tangled, so no wonder they're so catchy.

    Galavant is a story that in one hand is a satire and a wonderful comedy and on the other has some actually emotional moments if you care enough to see them. And yeah, I get it if it isn't for you, and I understand if it turns you off. However, it doesn't to me. Galavant is something right up my alley. I appreciate what they're doing. If you don't then that's fine. But some of the harsh criticism I've seen sees a little extreme. One Star reviews especially.

    Yeah the comedy is lewd and not for everyone, but for people who appreciate musicals, some good comedy, and the classics like Monty Python and The Princess Bride, this is a show for you, and I will be continuing on. It definitely doesn't deserve one star reviews, that's for sure... even if you aren't a fan, there is FAR worse out there to me.
  • atlasmb5 January 2015
    You'll have to watch and see/ This clever parody/ Broadcast by ABC--/ It's Galavant.

    Filled with addictive tunes,/ A hero hunk who croons--/ Just like in Disney toons--/ It's Galavant.

    Can he rescue her--the greatest gesture?/ Does she want more than a jester?/

    He must scale the castle walls/ (if he still has the balls)./ Will fanfare fill the halls/ For Galavant?

    Can Isabella's fire/ Urge him to reacquire/ The fairest in the shire?/ Or shall his true desire/ Turn out to be the squire?/ Watch Galavant!

    Update 1/12/15:

    I've come to realize/This show is quite the prize,/Can hardly keep my eyes/ From Galavant.

    I must increase my vote./ The first-blush score I wrote/ Did not allow the jokes/ In Galavant/

    Are relentless comic witticisms/ Fueled by shrewd anachronisms,/

    So I'm giving it an 8--/ Which might yet escalate/ If future shows are great,/ Of Galavant!
  • purple-mug10 January 2015
    OK, so it helps if you get the broad English sense of humour (which unlike our sensitive US cousins we certainly do not consider unfit for children!), have a working knowledge of classic British serials like Robin Hood and Ivanhoe, and love a good musical with clever rhymes and much double entendre (which clearly some of the reviewers who've completely failed to get to grips with this magnificent show do not!) but how can anybody not love this? Ever since Buffy did the musical episode we've been crying out for something like this and it has so been worth the wait. The casting is spot on with Timothy Omundson's turn as King Richard a real joy, Mallory Jansen's Madalena pitched perfectly as the queen whom there is no pleasing, and Vinnie Jones natural comic touch ideal for the henchman Gareth, while Joshua Sasse has the lead as half hero, half buffoon very nicely tuned. Add in some truly marvellous wry songs like "Maybe You're Not The Worst Thing Ever" and you have a hit, a palpable hit. I have no hesitation at all in saying that this is far and away the best new show we've had in ages!

    Galavant is musical comedy based on the character Sir Galavant (Joshua Sasse).

    Galavant has a very decent budget, providing good locations in what seems to be a castle infested land, as well a great supporting cast. Galavant doesn't use the same fairy-tale plot crutches that have become common place. Nor does it take it's self serious, always providing a light atmosphere while subtly making fun of the stereotypical characters that fill this genre.

    Overall this is an original plot, offering the perfect blend of musical to comedy.The characters flow very nicely together as well as with the supporting cast.

    If I were to compare this to any existing shows I would say. Princess Bride with Black Adder and a splash of Holy Grail.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What fun! I'm still singing the catchy tunes and lyrics. My husband is still smiling over the Monty Python humor. This is a sitcom for adults that we wholeheartedly and enthusiastically promote to friends and family. We hope it will be able to keep up the high standards in production and creativity it set in the first few episodes. The casting is spot on; from the quirky little cook to the menacing king's right-hand thug. Although, our favorite caricature is hands down, the King. Bravo! The jousting scene in episode 2 had us laughing so hard our stomaches hurt. After a long day at the office, this little gem reminds us not to take everything so seriously and to enjoy life.
  • mt33555 January 2015
    Stumbled on this show and was surprised to find what looks like a gem in the rough. Mainstream TV (ABC< CBS and ABC) has been lagging as of late.Good mix of: Monty Python, South Park, Men in Tights (Mel Brooks TV Show from the 70's) and Glee (in medieval times) I was surprised to find no one from Monty Python was involved with this show. So many things remind me of Holy Grail and so on. If this was a cartoon, the Boys at Southpark would have a field day. I'm looking forward to see how this story line plays out and if and who shows up as guest stars. The songs are catchy, a story that's funny and pretty girls. What more do you want?
  • So, I just finished the first two episodes. I did not feel like turning off the screen like others mentioned. It definitely won't be a show for everyone - Probably will be canceled, like so many others - But I will watch it until it isn't!

    I like the humor of the show. What can I say? Reminded me a bit of the Princess Bride's, if it were a musical ( am sorry if anyone feels offended by this) . I did like the last song of the second episode. I guess it's growing on me (also). In fact, I laughed out loud during several moments of the second episode, so I keep looking forward to the next one.

    Also, the actors are funny and charming. What the hell - Let's give it a shot, shall we?

    (And I can't BELIEVE that not everyone perceived this like a musical COMEDY)
  • Shows like Galavant are an acquired taste. This show will never win any awards, and I think they are wise to go with a four week limited run--it would never survive as an on-going series. But it is FUN. All the actors take their roles right to the point of chewing scenery, then leave it there. The songs are light, and the sexual overtones are just enough to make you laugh without covering your kids' ears. You may not want to go out of your way to watch this show when it is on, but DVR it and watch it sometime. If you like Monty Python or Family Guy, you will probably enjoy this show enough to give it a try. If you don't like it after the first two episodes, it is only an hour of your time. And oh, if you use the DVR, don't fast forward through the commercials!
  • Well, it's fun and it's different. It's kind of a Mel Brooks-Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker-A Knight's Tale-Shrek mixture, a cartoonish medieval musical comedy. If the story goes well and the humor is good, people will respond sooner or later. There are far less comedies than dramas and it's really too soon to be talking about cancelling. Why cancel it? To make another sci-fi/crime/action/cop drama? We've had enough of that and plenty to choose from. I say, support comedies -the good ones, of course- and explore more fresh ideas for that matter. This one is doing just fine in the 2first episodes, it's got fresh faces, I would really like to see it getting better and better. ~

    I see that some people started watching this show without actually checking the genre and got surprised/annoyed about the musical part. It's Period Musical Comedy, if you don't like Musicals or Comedies or costumes etc, or its particular kind of humor, just don't watch it. It's not of yr taste doesn' t mean that the show is not good. And who says that just because it involves singing, its humor must be for children? Nope, fun as it is, it's witty and it is for grown ups.
  • I think that this show is so well done! The editing is fantastic and music is phenomenal. It is such an entertaining show and am sure that it will only get better with the large amount of guest stars. Every character is strong and the actors in it are incredible. I am telling you to please please please watch this show.

    I cannot wait to see the new episodes and think the costumes are incredible. I think that the king, will be nominated for an Emmy, because of this show. The cook is also very funny. Most of all, who can resist the attractiveness of Galavant. Please watch this show, I can guarantee you that you will not regret it.
  • I LOVE this new show. OK, I have to admit, I'm a Monty Python/Mel Brooks lover so this limited (darn it) series is right up my alley!

    I am not one for typical musicals and not even a fan of most comedy (Modern Family, anyone? Ugh) shows so this is a REAL treat. Watch it! Within the four episodes I've seen so far, I can't wait now for each succeeding one to air. The songs, the script and the wit brought on by these talented actors are of course, the result of excellent writing but it would be nothing without everyone's input.

    When this series comes to its conclusion, I for one will be upset. It is the only comedy I watch on TV.

    Yeah, as others have said, if you are NOT a fan of Python or Brooks, you won't like this either. But if you ARE, do NOT miss this!
  • This is my first review, so bear with me. I'll admit, I was skeptical when I first saw the promotions for "Galavant" on TV. I've always been a fan of the medieval/fantasy genre, and I was certain this show would simply destroy it. I was right, in a way. It has taken every cliché' about this genre of film and show and turned it completely upside down and inside out, and I love it! First, I can't even begin to describe how much I enjoy Timothy Omundson. I have always been a fan of this guy's work, but he has taken it to another level of hilarity here. I absolutely love him as King Richard, and he is the main reason to watch the show for me. This is the guy Marvel needs to be looking at when it's time to cast Dr. Strange.

    The other characters in the show have also been quite entertaining. Honestly, there isn't a character in this that hasn't entertained me greatly. Vinnie Jones is another favorite of mine, and this is such a different role than what I'm used to seeing him in. I'm loving his sarcastic, deadpan deliveries. Vinnie has always been great at playing "manly men" to the extreme, and he doesn't fail to deliver here with a comedy twist.

    Joshua Sasse as the title character has also been great. Charming, witty, a bit goofy, yet somehow he still manages to come off as looking cool, even at his worst. He was a perfect choice for the lead, even if not actually my favorite character on the show. Luke Youngblood is also very funny and refreshing as Sid the squire. His comic timing is spot on, and some of his expressions are priceless.

    The two leading ladies, played respectively by Mallory Jansen and Karen David, are also a delight. Both are gorgeous, and each has their own charm about them. You love to hate Mallory's character, while trying not to love Karen's, but just can't help falling for her.

    Finally, I hate musicals. I mean I absolutely loathe them. Yet, I have enjoyed every musical number on the show so far. They've had me laughing non-stop constantly with their parody lyrics. And don't get me started on the guest stars, from John Stamos, Ricky Gervais, Weird Al Yankovic, Rutger Hauer...all of whom have played wonderful roles.

    All in all this show has been a most enjoyable experience for me, despite my initial reservations going into it. It has the sort of charm that Mel Brooks movies always held, which to me makes it an instant classic. I would definitely recommend this show if you want a good laugh and to enjoy some breathtaking scenery and lovable characters. Ironically, the "villains" are the most lovable of all, and that only makes it better.
  • The music along raises Galavant from an 8/10 to a 9/10. This gallivanting musical features original songs by Alan Menken (Disney's Lion King) and Christopher Lennertz, and are so wonderful I had to buy the soundtrack because they're just so catchy! I'm a person who appreciates musicals, but isn't always in the mood, so I was pleasantly surprised with the way Galavant handle the singing-versus-dialogue dilemma. Amazingly, the singing was handled in a way that really balanced the show; the plot kept moving and there are enough songs in each episode without being over-the-top or annoying. I never shouted, "Get on with it!" or, "Stop singing!" at the screen.

    The characters and almost-slapstick humor are what got me to keep watching the show after the first episode. I honestly didn't think I'd like it as much as I do. As it stands, I have currently seen the entire series three times, and I still laugh at the hilarity. Yes, some of the jokes are crude, and yes, some of it is so cheesy and overdone you want to roll your eyes. But Galavant is refreshing in a way a lot of other TV series aren't, nowadays. It's light, not too serious or heavy, and makes fun of itself.

    A note on profanity and sexual innuendos: Some words are bleeped out (it's meant to be funny, but it was kind of alarming the first time watching it). There are quite a few references to sex--including in the songs--and Magdelena is always on the lookout for a new "consort." I wouldn't recommend it to children or young teenagers (not sure they'd get into it anyway).
  • As I kept seeing the advertisements on IMDb my curiosity became peeked. As I began watching it I fell in love. It is an amazing show just by the first two hours with plot twists that I did not expect. It kept my laughing not only by the actions but also by the wonderful music scores. Speaking of music the music and dance numbers are great. I have seen comparisons to Glee but this is a true musical. I grew up on movies like "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and "Singing In the Rain" matter of fact pretty much every musical and this brought me back to those. It is a wonderful event that the entire family can watch with only a few scenes of adult humor. Highly recommend it looking forward to Sunday night now.
  • otterchaos5 January 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I would suggest Galavant is Monty Python and the Holy Grail crossed with the musical Annie with a bit of History of the World: Part 1 thrown in for good measure.

    It looks like its beginning as a parody of the Robin Hood tale.

    Songs are catchy (think Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog), crude, and satirical.

    Acting is a bit over the top but as a parody its completely appropriate.

    Would I continue to watch it? Yes. If you like going to Renaissance Faires a lot of the same types of humor put to music will be there.
  • By the time I learned about Galavant, the series had already come and gone. The show was made as a short-term replacement series--and it only aired four nights here in the States this month. However, this amazing show is available to watch online, on demand with many cable television systems and through Amazon...and it's well worth finding. Why do I so strongly recommend it? Well, it offers something you just wouldn't expect--a show that is thoroughly original, a lot of fun, filled with charm and it's made for network television. Why ABC decided to make such a show, I have no idea...but I am sure thrilled they did and it sure left me wanting more.

    The program is an odd mix, being a musical-comedy-adventure set during the Middle Ages! It begins with a handsome but rather dim knight called Galavant who goes searching for his stolen girlfriend, the fair Madalena. The problem is that although she's been kidnapped by the wicked king, she kind of likes the idea of wealth and power--and poor Galavant's heart is broken when he arrives to reclaim his one true love. The show is all about his adventures after losing Madalena-- and the King's plot to kill the good knight.

    While this may not sound like the sort of thing you'd want to watch, it works so very well because the songs are simply delightful...and extremely funny. Somehow the producers were able to get the services of Alan Mencken (who's written most of the famous music for the Disney animated features over the last few decades) and Christopher Lennertz --and this partnership is the biggest reason the show works so well. All the songs are great, but my favorite is a sick love song called "If I Could Share My Life With You" that talks about the plague, chamber pots, stinking breath, rotting teeth and high infant mortality--yet it somehow makes you smile! Additionally, the characters are hilarious...and very easy to love. Heck, even the villains are amazingly lovable!

    Fortunately, when this mini-series ended, it ended with a cliffhanger and there's every indication that it will return for another season. When? I have no idea. But in the meantime, see season one and don't be surprised if you find yourself singing along with some of the songs...they are so catchy.
  • crimsonrchangel1 April 2017
    I am sure there are a few that don;t care for a musical, but this one was funny as all hell

    Is April 1 2017 and I just looked up when the next season should have started as it seemed late and I find it is canceled. So YES I AM P IS SED!

    Not as bad as the canceling of FireFly but bad enough
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *** Some Spoilers - Warning!***

    Galavant was brought to my attention by a good friend, whose analytic nature usually dissects films to a level I've rarely seen in the media. So, when he said I had to see this, I trusted him. I'm so glad I did!

    But what troubles me, in all these reviews is that all of them have missed the parodies, not only of musicals/films in general, but specific ones, too, that are hard to miss, if you've seen the ones they parody:

    Grease (King Richard and Roberta)

    Les Miserables (Sid)

    Cats (Gareth)

    Rent (Princess Jubilie)

    West Side Story (Giants/Dwarves fight)

    Young Frankenstein, etc. (death scene)

    And more...

    What I loved most about them is the ludicrous volume of high end talent that fill out every corner of this show. And you can tell each actor had wicked fun with their characters, to my utter delight. They played off each other so beautifully, it was absolutely delicious.

    Yes, yes, Timothy Omundson seriously outdid himself at King Richard. Without question, a favorite character. And Mallory Jensen was devilishly delightful as Madelena. Karen David as Isabella is a wonderful counter to Madelena. All of the cast has a shockingly large skill at singing the most ridiculous songs, while maintaining character, and the banter is irresistible. Pure magic.

    Mocking modern inventions (like zippers), and reminding us all that our point of view (from a modern age) makes our understanding of history quite skewed, but also makes all the medieval understanding of the world the backdrop for most of the jokes that make us laugh the loudest. This understated, but clear broadside to our modern way of life and our place in the world, makes this series not only brilliant, but an instant classic I shall treasure forever.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Rare it is when you gather such enormous talent and pull off such a brilliant, and better yet, ORIGINAL show. This one is spot on!
  • I kind of have to start this review by saying this show was pretty much made for me and my friends: a group of musical-fanatic Renfaire actors. The group I watched with were pretty much on the floor with laughter through the entire thing. While there were a few hiccups (and at least one of them isn't evident to someone who doesn't do stage combat as a hobby), we all thoroughly enjoyed it and were trying to sing along by the time it ended. The trick is not to take it seriously and take it as the comedic cliché it's meant to be.

    I'll be honest: if you're looking for a complete masterpiece, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for something funny to pass some time with, with some cute songs and tongue-in-cheek humor, give it a watch. It's more intelligent than half the stuff on TV these days. Sure, the songs scream Disney and never let you forget Alan Menken had a hand in them (one of my very few complaints is that the theme seems to be recycled from Beauty & The Beast's Broadway show), but the lyrics are reasonably clever, the humor is suitably anachronistic and snarky, and it likes to make fun of itself. All in all, it's fun, a pinpoint of light in the dark mire of idiotic reality TV shows. It's light, it's fluffy, and at some times low- brow, but it's still actual fun.

    Oh, and it has a love song called "You're Not The Worst Thing Ever" in the first episode. That alone is worth the watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had about zero expectations for a show that at least looked aesthetically pleasing at best and heavily clichéd at worst. From what I was seeing, I thought what I was going to have an awful time, and pitch this show along the lines of other bad films

    However, after 10 episodes in, I found out what this really was. Galavant is a very dark comedy under the musical guise of, well, a musical. Throughout the beginning, we see the usual fairy tale story that we know from an early childhood, that being of a dashing, handsome knight rescuing his beloved from the generic evil king, all through song mind you. It makes one feel that they are reliving the old stories read to you at an infantile age. Galavant stops the wedding taking place and confesses his love for her.

    And she rejects him for the King. And then Galavant slowly sinks into a great deal of depression and alcoholism, losing his physique, his kindness, and everything that the code of chivalry and Courtly Love were meant to stand for. It's a drastic shift in tone from it's romantic,musically inclined introduction. And I then realized the darker undertones throughout the series, tucked into the walls and painted as a cheery, happy story meant for the whole family.

    There are the obvious jokes, poking fun at modern fantasy. There's a plethora of dark skinned characters in a place that feels like Medieval England despite that not really being the case(in fact, the Princess of Valencia, who is Indian in the show, pokes fun at this in an episode, herself.), The King, Richard, trying to learn comedy despite only knowing how a tyrant thinks, and, I kid you not, an entire city that looks as if it were built by Walt Disney himself that worships the squire as a heroic knight of Judaism. Yes, It goes that far.

    However, after re-watching more of the episodes, I started to see the darker truth

    King Richard, whom I said before was learning comedy, was only learning such a trait just so he can finally get his Queen, Madalena, to accept him as her husband. Under a playful guise that the time spent with the Jester was actually due to jokes is revealed earlier to be more about the queen's promiscuity rather than her love for the Jester's jokes. Nudge nudge wink wink. Another scene deals with two castle-dwelling peasants plotting to murder all the royalty and rule the world as equals, giving us spiteful communist undertones. Frehiet I guess, comrade, peasants of the world unite. All in song, too, WHILE they plot out the murders.

    The characters all start off as their clichéd archetypes, before slowly gaining depth and actual character. Galavant breaks from his delusional quest to "rescue" Madalena, who has now turned into an evil queen, and slowly realizes the futility of his quest. Unfortunately, it's far too late for him to go back now, forcing him to spend, until the next season at lest, the remainder of his time upon a ship, getting farther and farther away from the one land he had just now realized he found the wrong damsel.

    In a similar change of fate, King Richard, the one character who in of himself was a walking cliché of a man-child tyrant, slowly inverts into a surprisingly well fleshed-out character. He starts off as being this laughably incompetent, almost puppy-dog like despot and slowly is revealed to be a sad, broken, inferior royal, who's almost autistic when it comes to both communicating with the people he tries to keep happy under his oppression and with his (rather forced) wife, in which it's revealed he's very much a virgin, obviously showing more of a childish persona. Not childish as in youth, beauty, and innocent, but childish as in ignorance and inferiority. Hell, the songs he sings most of the time reflect it; i.e. Giving off cartoony ways of murdering the hero and spouting genocide and sexual innuendo, him and the hero childishly singing about going on a "secret mission" so loud that people in Scotland could probably hear them, and quite literally giving the most heartbreaking rendition of a tune that was sung to him as a child(which is arguably the most depressing song in the show, as well as my personal favorite)

    Course, all of this comes far later in the show, but I still see a lot of potential of a real story that can come out of this. And yes, there are moments of corniness and juvenile humor that makes one feel embarrassed to laugh at. However, most of those are very much satirical , and it focuses a little more on both the narrative and the music, the latter being hit or miss. I already brought up "Goodnight, My Friend", the heartbreaking song, as my all time favorite. The rest are just...alright. I admitably didn't exactly like "Comedy Gold", "Lords of The Sea" and "Hey, We're the Monks!" as much as I would've wanted to, and Madalena's songs was just irritating on the ears.

    Other than that, Galavant is a surprise hit. It's got the marks of a satire and a musical, but deep inside it's wraps is an engaging, dark comedy with lots of depth....and some singing by many people devoted to what's given to them. While many of the songs are sparatic, some underwhelming, and some actually not that good compared to others. Both Joshua Sasse(Galavant) and Timothy Omundson(King Richard) prove to have the pipes for whatever it is they're singing about, whether it be silly or serious. I would be honestly be crushed if such potential was wasted due to both bad timing and a wonky episode format(two full 30 minutes episodes every Sunday evening isn't exactly how you rack viewers, ABC.). Give the show a watch, and you'll be surprised.

    Final Result: 4 Stars- A-Ranking
  • Very well done. Timing was good with some predictability but it will be watched by my family every week.

    Good comedy.

    I like the humor of the show.

    Plus the music was very good.

    Watch it get cancelled since it is good.

    ABC has a hit if they keep it.

    As one reviewer says: "The songs are catchy, a story that's funny and pretty girls."

    Plus the heroine is which one? If any?
  • We haven't seen great comedy writing like this for years! What a delight... the type of show you can watch a few times to make sure you catch all the lines and jokes. The music is funny, bright and delightful too. A bit Two Thumbs up on this one. Each show builds on a great story line, and 30 minutes is perfect. There are so many ties to historical comedy, and silliness not seen in recent shows. It is a pleasure to see this kind of retro approach, with innuendos like crazy. The show is fun for those in their 50's / 60's, as well as the younger generation. It is cleaver, with a twist, and the historical ties are hysterical. I was a big fan of Monty Python in the 70's as well as Mel Brooks and that whole era of movies. If you like movies like: Airplane, Top Secret, Vacation, Naked Gun, Monty Python's Meaning of Life or In Search of the Holy Grail... you will love this show. The casting of each actor is brilliant as well as the fill in talent and side plots. So many things to focus on, sit back, watch the show and enjoy a good belly laugh. Tends to appeal most to those with higher IQ's, as the double entendre and references to out of period potential inventions are brilliantly executed.
  • ....It's fabulous. Spoiler...alert...spoiler alert... I'm a re-enactor, amateur historian and all around costuming geek. So, no, not all the costumes are accurate for the 13th century. If any. So what? This is one of those rare series that makes even me say "So what?" And that's me, I once got upset with a film ("The Untouchables") because a woman's eye make-up was not appropriate for the time. The only error I could find in the film. But, with "Galavant" It's fun, it's quick, it's quick witted and it's hysterically funny. I have been HOWLING with laughter watching it. They had me at the beginning where a sign points to Valencia one way, and Winterfell the other.'s going to be like that is it? Brilliant. Bring it on. Historical? Not 100%....Hysterical? Absolutely! And well written. Thank you to the team who have created this genius. It's nice to see some quality out there!
  • At first, I thought, well a comedy and a musical? No way I would like this, musicals are like dusty and boring things that people went to see in theaters sometimes when there was no television. OK. I admit most of the musicals are, well bit boring. Mostly boring. When watching this show from the episode one, I was like: "What?" This was funny, and as the first time I hoped the songs would have been bit longer! Strange, I hate musicals. This show is, well how do you recommend a musical show to you friends... I'd say that this is one of the most funniest show that brings nothing but pure joy to those who happen to see Galavant! Timothy Omundson is hilarious as a king, makes me want to be a king!
  • isabella-vozar6 February 2015
    I don't think it is possible not to like this show. It is so funny and smart. For an 8 episode miniseries with only 20 minutes per episode, the character development and large plot seem to come out on top. I can't believe how involved I got in this show! I was waiting out each week for the new episodes! I downloaded it initially just to see because let's face it, the trailer looked dodgy, but after the second episode I was dying to know more. Of course when you have a pile of musical geniuses banding together to create, well, anything, it's going to be good. There are so many tiny witty comments and quirks to watch out for in Galavant that you're attention is occupied the entire time and it's very tongue in cheek humour as well. The King (also the initial villain) is the best developed character and you'll fall in love with him immediately, just because he's so dim-witted and naive. Galavant himself is so self obsessed (something of a Flynn Rider.. if you're a Disney fan) that you have to love him for just ignoring and undermining everyone else. All of the supporting characters are so entertaining as well, like Sid, his squire and Isabella, the princess helping him on his quest. There is a lot of singing though so if you don't like that sort of stuff, maybe just don't watch it. However if you do like musicals and love Disney style humour and fun as well as gorgeous fantasy films like The Princess Bride, then you'll love this.
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