Timothy Omundson loosely based King Richard's voice on Sir Peter Ustinov's characterization of Prince John in Robin Hood (1973), a movie that he saw several times during his youth. It wasn't until an interviewer brought it up in a 2016 interview that Omundson realized he'd been mimicking Ustinov.

Upon reading the script, Timothy Omundson clearly decided how he wanted to portray King Richard, so he did a run-through for his wife, who questioned, "What the hell are you doing?" Undeterred, he auditioned with his interpretation of the character and won the role.

Following a year-long hiatus after the first season, Timothy Omundson had difficulty re-creating his British accent.

Creator Dan Fogelman was impressed with Ben Presley's audition, but the actor's natural Scottish brogue made him seem ill-suited for the part. Presley was on his way home when he got a call to return and re-audition for the Jester using a posh English accent. He so wowed them that he not only landed the role but was also given the task of performing the show's theme song.

To whittle each episode down to a network-length twenty-two minutes, not only had scenes been cut, but portions of songs had also gotten the axe. Many of the tunes featured on the digitally-released soundtrack album include additional verses.

After a take or two following the script, the actors and actresses were allowed to improvise. On an episode of "AfterBuzz TV AfterShow", Luke Youngblood and Karen David remarked that seeing the final cut of an episode for the first time was exciting because they didn't know which takes were going to make it into the show.

The lead role of Galavant was offered to Zachary Levi, but due to scheduling conflicts, he had to turn it down.

The musical numbers were recorded prior to photography, and the actors and actresses were wired with ear-pieces so they could sing along with the demo tracks. In some instances the studio vocals were retained and in others they utilized the actors' on-location performances for the final sound mix. The majority of veteran stage-singer Karen David's live takes made it into the show.

In a 2016 interview with A.V. Club,, Timothy Omundson remarked, "I've been doing this for twenty-three years, and King Richard is the part of a lifetime. This is what I've been waiting for my entire career."

Timothy Omundson grew a beard between seasons of Psych (2006), which he had to shave off each year when the show went back into production. One of his hopes was that his next regular gig would allow him to keep the facial hair, and that dream came true when he was cast as King Richard. In several interviews, he's expressed amusement that a fan started the Twitter account "King Richard's Beard" a few months before this show began airing.

Early screenings of the pilot and on-line teasers featured a verse in the title song with slightly different lyrics than those which appeared in the final broadcast: "The man we're speaking of, he had a lady love, a total goddess known as Madalena. Long legs and glowing skin, a body built for sin, plus more than just a touch of nymphomania. Ah! Romance could hardly get much hotter - all day long he'd you-know-what her! Then they'd you-know-what again, three times or even ten! And she'd be screaming Galavant!"

At the end of the first season, the actors and actresses were told to choose mementos of their characters to keep. Luke Youngblood chose the tapestry of Sid featured in "Two Balls", and Karen David decided she wanted the jewel of Valencia, which had caused so many problems for Princess Isabella. David brought the jewel along on several talk show appearances to promote this show.

Oftentimes, the actors and actresses would have to learn their choreography for the musical numbers less than an hour before cameras rolled. During a 2016 interview on Build (2014), Timothy Omundson said that was unquestionably the most difficult part of the show for him, and Karen David quipped, "I know when I'm in my trailer and I hear Tim swearing a lot - oh yeah, he's learning how to dance."

In season two, Tad Cooper the dragon was portrayed by a bearded dragon named Bruce. The show was shot during the winter in England, so the reptile had to be rushed to a hot water bottle to keep warm after each take.

Following the show's cancellation, a fan campaign titled "#MoreGalavant" began in an attempt to get the show renewed by ABC or picked up on another network. The campaign, spearheaded by Karen David and other members of the cast and crew, garnered a large amount of support from fans, including "Lord of the Rings" actor Billy Boyd and "Star Wars" star Mark Hamill. Though the fan petition has gained thousands of signatures, ABC has not responded.

The entire time it was on the air, season two retained a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

During a break after the first season, Timothy Omundson took his family to see the Broadway adaptation of Aladdin (1992), which was also overseen by musical director Michael Kosarin, who was flabbergasted when he realized Omundson isn't actually British.

Joshua Sasse appeared in the final three episodes of creator Dan Fogelman's The Neighbors (2012) and was asked to audition for this show, but he wasn't told until he arrived that the show was a musical and he'd have to sing for composer Alan Menken.

Viewers immediately presumed that the name of King Richard's pet is a cryptic inside-joke. In reality, the writers were randomly pitching names and everyone agreed that there was a certain ring to "Tad Cooper."

Galavant is the character's last name, his first name is Gary. The Jester's name is Steve MacKenzie, the Chef's name is Vincenzo, and the King of Valencia is named Todd.

During her second appearance on "AfterBuzz TV" in 2016, Karen David discussed how there has been talk of a Broadway stage adaptation of this show.

Two-time guest-star "Weird Al" Yankovic sent Christmas cards to cast members.

Luke Youngblood and Karen David had similar experiences with their first readings of the script. Both loved the writing but when they came upon their character descriptions - Sid was described as Jewish, and for Isabella, writer Dan Fogelman had denoted Jennifer Lawrence - the actor and actress contacted their agents because they were convinced they weren't going to get the parts. NOTE: It is possible for a person of African descent to be Jewish. Sammy Davis, Jr., Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet, Zoë Kravitz, and Sophie Okonedo are five examples of this.

In a 2016 interview with A.V. Club, Timothy Omundson revealed that he was completely floored by Vinnie Jones' character arc and performance in the second season. "I said to him, 'Dude, I don't know what happened between this season and last season, but you became an actor.'"

Creator Dan Fogelman began developing the idea for a The Princess Bride (1987)-styled series while he was working on the low-rated ABC sitcom The Neighbors (2012). The show received a ratings boost and an Emmy nomination when Alan Menken collaborated on the musical episode "Sing Like a Larry Bird", which prompted Fogelman to retain Menken and turn his concept into a musical.

Vinnie Jones was the first person cast, he signed on to play Gareth before the script was completed.

During the second season premiere, William Shatner sent out numerous live-tweets about the show. Karen David remarked that she was elated when he tweeted her a kiss emoticon.

When she was given the role of Princess Isabella, Karen David tried to draw inspiration from Princess Diana in her portrayal of a strong-willed feminist Princess who was beloved by her people.

To accommodate actors, actresses, and locations, the first four episodes of the second season were shot out of sequence.

The writing staff composed a "series bible" outlining the various storylines for each character/season and sent them to composer Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater, who were tasked with creating songs to fit the stories.

The hair extensions that Karen David wore were so intricate that they took ninety minutes to weave into her hair, which required her to leave the hotel at 3:30 a.m. and be in the make-up chair at four.

It took seven days to film each episode, with most of the musical numbers eating up an entire day of the shoot.

The tavern in which Galavant and King Richard drink is named "The Bottle Yard". It was named after Bottleyard studios in Bristol, England, where this show was filmed.

Creator Dan Fogelman concluded that Timothy Omundson was perfect to portray King Richard from his first audition, but ABC executives had their sights set on landing a big name star. Fogelman kept championing him, but it took five months before Omundson officially got word that he'd won the role. All of the other principal cast members were announced in mid December 2013. Omundson was announced at the end of January 2014.

For the musical demo tracks which were presented to cast, crew, and network executives, composer Alan Menken performed all of the vocals. The sole exception was the rap battle "I Don't Like You", which was sung by lyricist Glenn Slater.

The majority of the show was shot live on-location. In season two, however, the interior of the gaudy Hortensia palace was an elaborate set. The wide desert exterior shots were filmed in Morocco.

ABC got an enormous tax break by shooting in the U.K., which made the lavish production cheaper to produce than their single-camera half-hour comedies that were shot in the U.S.

This show was produced by Scott Weigner, who is best known as the voice of Disney's "Aladdin" from the 1992 movie, which also featured songs by Alan Menken.

When Muzz Khan was asked to audition for the role of Barry in season two, he was frustrated to find that the show was completely unavailable in the U.K. He wound up watching trailers and clips on YouTube to try to get a feel for the show.

Muzz Khan had three auditions booked on the same day and a very pregnant wife who threw a wrench in the works when she announced that she had to go to the hospital. He blew off one audition, sent in a video for another, and then auditioned live for this show. He didn't think his audition went well and was surprised when he got a call two weeks later alerting him that he'd landed the role of Barry.

Darren Evans (Chef) and Sophie McShera (Gwynne) appeared in fewer episodes in season two because of their regular roles on The Bastard Executioner (2015) and Downton Abbey (2010), respectively.

On an episode of "AfterBuzz TV", Karen David revealed that Vinnie Jones sang a song in the first season called "Man-e-ology", which was Gareth's attempt to get King Richard to butch up, but the number got cut due to time constraints.

Timothy Omundson first auditioned with a song from the stage musical "Les Misérables". Coincidentally, Clare Foster, who joined the cast in the second season as his character's love interest, appeared in Les Misérables (2012).

The night that this show premiered, ABC aired two promotions for that week's programs set to the tune of the Galavant theme song. The first, (performed by Ben Presley), was for the Wednesday night ABC comedies Modern Family (2009), Black-ish (2014), The Middle (2009), and The Goldbergs (2013). The second, dubbed "The Bachelor: The Musical!", featured a stock chorus of singers.

In season one, Hortensia appears to be on a seaside cliff. In season two, a long shot near the end of "World's Best Kiss" used Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazate, Morocco, as a location. The castle, as seen in season one, has been added to the scene at the top of the ksar. The nearby city of Ouarzazate is the location of the world famous Atlas Film Studios.

Muzz Khan became perplexed one day when his phone went missing. Cast and crew members claimed they hadn't seen it, so he began frantically retracing his steps trying to find it. When he returned, he found it sitting right where he'd left it - and in it was a selfie of Robert Lindsay making a silly face.

When the cast and crew arrived in Morocco in season two, they came to the realization that Karen David was nowhere to be found. A mix-up had caused her to miss her flight and get stranded at the airport for seven hours.

This show's recurring title theme song shared some melodic similarities with "If I Can't Love Her", an original song that Alan Menken composed for the 1994 Broadway adaptation of Beauty and the Beast (1991).

In December 2014, ABC unveiled elaborate advertisements for this show in Los Angeles, California and New York City, New York featuring Galavant (Joshua Sasse) on horseback, with a 3-D horse bursting out of billboards.

Because it was such a confined space, temperatures inside Isabella's dollhouse swelled, causing Karen David and the other actors and actresses immense discomfort.

For her audition, Mallory Jansen performed the song "Jimmy" from Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967).

The actors and actresses originally performed the songs to composer Alan Menken's synthesizer demo tracks, but for the final sound mix, a full 52-piece orchestra was utilized.

The show's theme song was composed by Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater in the spring of 2013. There were nearly a dozen different drafts before they finally settled on the right music and lyrical tone.

Hugh Bonneville and Sophie Mcshera appeared on Downton Abbey (2010).

The Enchanted Forest army was led into battle under a rainbow to the song "It's Raining Men".

Composer Alan Menken recorded his musical demo tracks in New York City and shipped them to a studio in England, where the actors and actresses laid down their vocal tracks.

During the series they visit a healer named Neo of Sporin. This a nod to the healing ointment Neosporin.

Composer Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater spent a month working out the show's theme song and "She'll Be Mine" for the pilot. Because of the hectic schedule, once the series was green-lit, they spent an average of two and a half days composing each song (as opposed to one week per song on their various Broadway collaborations).