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  • Lisa Ann takes control of her destiny with "Black Out", an indulgent but satisfying showcase of her talents and predilection for mixed-combo action. Best moments come in the "Behind the Scenes" featurette where she and her Black male co- stars open up about the whole interracial craze. Oddly enough, some of their qualifying remarks are already dated since in the two years elapsed since this was released the craze has intensified by the slick wannabe releases of new labels like

    Since this was made for Jules Jordan by Lisa, it is slick too. Mandingo humps her, and also humps in threesome with Chanel Preston. Wesley Pipes, wearing an odd blue cock ring for some reason (or as a good luck charm to help maintain wood?) services Lisa and lesbian icon Syren de Mer. I had only seen Syren in girl/girl roles previously (they predominate in her career) and wondered why she went the black boy/girl route, but I guess bills must get paid somehow.

    Lisa contrives a 5 on 1 gang bang which she probably enjoyed shooting more than the gentle viewer will enjoy watching. Problem here is that ideally the fan (include me in) puts Lisa Ann on a pedestal, and to see her lying there as a succession of BBDs are shoved summarily into her posterior one after the other is neither entertaining, arousing or even educational. it's hardly a gross-out, since we've already seen the even bigger Mandingo dick make that penetration quite easily, thank you. Personally I can't wait for both the two hottest current fake-crazes (anal and interracial) to die down, while actual crazes (MILF worship and the skewing toward jail-bait femme casting at the other end of the female spectrum -and breast-size continuum) look to be ongoing.