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  • trshr11 June 2015
    Okay, so I must admit I started doubtful. The subject matter was turning me off (boy, do I *hate* "bully TV"), and lifetime... well, let's say I was envisioning the worst in TV.

    But I saw good reviews, took a careful plunge, and wow. This is truly THE best show this year.

    The characters are meaty, with thick back stories and deep, intricate personalities and relationships. Great cast - Appleby and Zimmer make a dynamite duo.

    It's kinda like the anti "Newsroom", and still, almost as good :)

    Really recommend it.
  • As a 33 year old male, Lifetime isn't where I tend to look for my programming but I actually like this show.

    The cruel way that the 'actors' are manipulated is very believable.

    My favorite is the boss, Constance Zimmer plays a powerful bitch beautifully.

    This show is everything I generally don't like: a sequential drama with romantic subplots (and even the main-plot, kinda). But I ended up really liking it so maybe give it a try if the premise is interesting to you. Give it two episodes, if you aren't interested after that then you can probably safely pass on the rest of the season.
  • vulcon8 June 2015
    Welcome to a new horror show! Do despicable things happen? Sure do.

    Make sure you watch to the end before judging, because it's quite a ride.

    This feels far more real than something so filled with manufactured dramata should. I'm uncertain which is more despicable, reality TV or something that holds a mirror to it.

    I'd suggest that most unreal part of this show is that workers in reality TV would not quickly become jaded and care little for the "marks" they manipulate.

    Perhaps I'm wrong.
  • thesaboteur729 September 2015
    Let me get this straight before I begin: unReal is disturbing and sickening and hard to watch. But that is the aim of this show.

    It centers around a fictional reality dating show called "Everlasting". The show may start out slow, but by the second episode, it sinks its teeth in.

    The main character, Rachel, is suffering from some sort of mental disease. It seems like she is bipolar. The show's manager, Quinn, is a complete control freak while Rachel, Shia and Jay manipulate the bachelorettes, Quinn is really the one doing the manipulating.

    I like to think that this show is very similar to house of cards, and like house of cards, it seems realistic in a very strange way. I have no doubt that a lot of this stuff really goes on behind the scenes of these sorts of shows, and that is what unReal does best. The scenes that it spends showing how the handlers manipulate fights, arguments and who is eliminated really hits home hard.

  • paternostersofie4 June 2015
    If you thought you had seen it all, wait until you've discover this new drama-filled Lifetime series: UnReal. Have you ever wondered who makes television and how it works, then this is the perfect show for you. I warn you: it is 'drama' all the way. Brought to you from the lovely minds of Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro.

    Ten minutes into the pilot, I knew I was hooked. I love me some drama, but this is taking it to the next level. I can't wait for the next episode and just the whole season in general. If you are watching in the USA, it's on Lifetime Mondays at 10/9pc and for all the online watchers, it will be airing on Tuesday.
  • Warning: Spoilers gets really interesting. Maybe it's a little over the top but still - as a viewer of reality shows - that's how it has to be made... I definitely think that this show is worth a shot and that the ongoing plot might be more interesting than the first twenty minutes.

    Nonetheless, the last twenty minutes got me hooked and it's a perfect review on what's happening behind the scenes. Reminds me of a scripted (fake) reality show where people just invaded a normal family and "added" some drama by poisoning people with peanut butter through a dog just for the quota. It all endend up by the family father going berserk and killing the whole family out of desperation*.

    That show is really promising. And I hope it will be still on next Tuesday.

    EDIT: Watched the first four episodes and BOY... it's getting intense. I am really hooked and the actors/actresses are pretty awesome.

    Decent finale. Good opening for season 2 which hopefully soon will be to come... I bow down to such mind-effing stories.


    *The above mentioned show with the "peanut butter" is called "Reality Show" from 2013 and way underrated (
  • An original show with salacious character development and juicy "made for TV" story lines. If you're looking for something that'll make you think and feel good about watching with positive, happy people, then this might not be for you (Lifetime generally isn't at all like PBS). But if you, like me, hate reality TV and would like to see the gritty, honest (as honest as they can for TV) side of film making and how people behave behind the scenes to wreak drama and tension for ratings, or the shots that viewers think are "real" and not heavily edited or manipulated, then this show is for you.

    If you, like Chris Harrison, is offended by UnREAL, you probably got your "competing to find true love and monetary rewards with a stranger that's being filmed" bubble burst.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is literally the scariest thing I have seen for a long time. I watch the dating show it's a parody of, full well knowing that it is heavily edited and scripted. It has still managed to last many many seasons and continue the illusion of genuine feelings.

    HOWEVER this show depicts manipulation, deceit and control I really didn't except. Not only that I feel terrible for nearly ever person who has been on the dating show ever. Really scary. So I suppose job well done UNREAL... I'm scared. Great performances by everyone on the show to make it so real. Can't imagine how long this show can last though now the exposé is complete. Enjoy it while you can!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show gives u a new perspective on so called reality TVs. After watching this u will never see them in a same way again. And imo that is not a bad thing. (Unlike some previous comments who were trashing this show for lacking "in colors" I am tired of watching obnoxious cliché and predictable shows. Shows about super perfect heroes who alone can change the world and all that ... all those unreal role models. If we dress them in pink and put some sparkles on, world would be a better place? You have got to be kidding me. If we close our eyes others can still see us duh. How can u change what is wrong "in a world" if u turn your head away, srsly. Anyway..) This show is well written. Acting is very good, characters are interesting, realistic and intriguing. Story looks promising and with a bit of imagination can develop indefinite. I see this show failing in only one way - by "overdoing it" and coming to a point when this show starts to fit its own name. Looking forward to see what happens next. So far so good.
  • cekadah5 August 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Didn't miss one episode and - in my opinion - this has been the best TV series to date. What an incredible cast, superior scripting, first rate acting!

    Of course there are flaws (there are always flaws and holes in these type of series) but I can think only one right off hand. And that was in the finale episode but if you think about what Adam did at the time of his escape he knew he would be seen! So I doubt that scene was a flaw in the plot line but that's how I took it when watching.

    Shiri Appleby as Racheal stole the show!!! She is a WoW! And Constance Zimmer as Quinn is so incredibly good she stand out on her own.

    All I can say is BRAVO and I'm looking forward to next season. I hope I don't die before then!
  • zjohnsonj-122 June 2015
    This show is incredible. The writing, acting, direction, all excellent. And how timely, with the fascination of all things "real", which is to say, of course, not close to real at all. The manipulation of the lead characters is stunning in it's depravity. As a friend who's watched it said, "this is on Lifetime?" I'm no fan of reality TV and this skewers it to the wall, warts and all. I have a suspicion that there's a good bit of truth behind this show, from the story lines, the "girls" and the "bachelor" and the crew. It's equally entertaining and frightening. Saw all four currently out in sequence, but each one is great. Sometimes brutal, the well-acted psychosis of the main characters is worth the watch.
  • Great dark comedic exploration of the horror and terror of narcissism in society, in the characters and in their relationships while exposing particular forms of psychological exploitation and manipulation used by narcissistic personalities in the real world.

    Characters are all trapped in one big web, uniquely intricated by making the viewers experience the dark contradictions of both suffering from and struggling with narcissistic 'love', desires or pathology and being at the mercy of it - with or without knowing, with or without self insight.

    It's satire and wildly brash, sexual, fast paced and perverse.

    Looking forward to the next season.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is groundbreaking as I believe it is the first to delve deeply into the machinations that take place behind-the-scenes in reality TV. The reality behind the 'Reality' is absolutely uncomfortable viewing, with unpleasant and (for the most) unlikable central characters whose self-interested manipulations drive the plot lines. The show could be better if character motivation was explored more thoroughly and was more coherent and believable. Also, some plot points stretch credibility to breaking point. For example (*SPOILER ALERT) The suicide note faked by Rachel used to admonish the producers' responsibility in relation to a contestant's death would have been confiscated by the police and soon found to be a fake.

    Having said that, I'm hooked.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I found this a little slow to get going, the female Ari gold was not as punchy as her mentor but she is fastly moving from apprentice to out Entourage movie II, Ari will be replaced.

    As for the other characters, Shiri is in perhaps the best role of her life and managing to hold everything together whilst the whole place falls apart and yet she has major problems of her own.

    The writing is quick and snappy and the directing is on point with no wasted air time. This is perfect for the digital generation and keeps your attention on the screen. If you dare to look away you will miss something important.

    If you are not yet hooked i suspect it wont be long until you are!!
  • I think it was a great first episode, its a show about reality shows!! I loved it because we watch/I watch Reality shows all the time, in every channel, they have become so important in our society and the worst part is that we actually believe its true!!!! And there is so much more behind!!! They don't show you the way they play with the women, how they use them and how they manipulate all the information just to get audience... And sometimes we don't realize that reality shows are script, they're just people performing, it's great to watch all those things from the other side of the camera. Great show I just hope it doesn't get canceled!! I wanna watch more.
  • Ever Lasting is the best show of 2015. The characters are so realistic to everyday talk and how people act nowadays. It had me yearning for more i'm literally so upset that the season is over, I hope there's a season two. Watching Adam and Rachle have like these secret passionate talks made me get all excited inside I knew they were going to hook up from the beginning. I pictured Adam picking Rachel in the end to be his wife and Rachle transforming like miss congeniality. All though she looks good still for being on set for that long. I love her personality and i think her moms a nut job she needs to stop feeding people pills. The story writer is brilliant. You have me addicted to your story, When the show aired I couldn't wait for every Monday to watch it.
  • Wow... this show came out of the gate with a bang... has really digressed into a second rate soap opera. Thanks, at least, for the deliciously arch Constance Zimmerman.
  • I loved the first 3 seasons of UnReal but found season 4 a little too dark for my liking in particular Rachel.
  • I gave it four stars because the great production values. A big zero for the rest. What started out as a fascinating look behind the scenes of a reality show eventually turns into a bad soap opera featuring absolutely despicable people.

    Why am I supposed to watch this if I cannot stand anyone on the show? Your guess is as good as mine - probably better, since I have no idea what the appeal is here.

    This show is just flat-out absurdity, dreck, and based on the star ratings, the future of television.

    And thus did the "Golden Age of Television" begin it's decline into mediocrity.
  • It's trashy, nasty, camp and the show is littered with despicable narcissistic individuals. UnREAL is one of my guilty pleasures, you could stop at season one but chances are you'll want to binge all Four seasons.

    Season 4 is arguably the weakest season, i would have been happy with three. Graham saying "it was probably too painful to say goodbye to me" was probably my fav line whole season.

    Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman was really rocking it 3 & 4, Shiri Appleby -extraordinary, and Constance Zimmer -always great.

    Loved it.
  • Just watched the last season of the series. This shouldn't have been. The story is messy and there is no real story here. You can feel from the start that things (and actors) are recycled and can't wait to get out. The series should have ended on a high at the end of season 3. Too bad as the previous seasons were really good.
  • The plot line and acts of manipulation are genius. Like, scarily genius. I find myself relating to every character in some way. And through every episode, I have a complete 360 emotional response to every single character. You love them, then HATE them! (omg how can he/she do that?!) and right back to loving them; all in one episode. I've never been so addicted to a show this fast.
  • Great series. Glad someone finally did a show about the unreality of reality TV. They nailed it. It shows how morally challenging those shows are, And how they manipulated. It makes you realize to stick with real drama and jettison these fake shows. Shir is great loved her. Finally Lifetime has a show wanna watch. They have too many of these cheapo movies this show is the real deal. Run don't walk to see Unreal with Constance Zimmer. Al;ways been a big fan of hers from Entourage and now an Emmy nominee!!!!!!! Incredible. Hope she wins she deserves it You watch actors over the years develop and she really has. She has great confidence on camera and I'm blown away by her abilities.She was great on House of Cards. Great series. Saw her originally in WarmBlooded Killers on Amazon. Wow. She plays a hit woman. Fun stuff.
  • This Show started off strong in the first season and I'm now kind of confused of the direction of the second season which seems to be a more or less mimicking the idea of season 1.

    None the less i have to give this show some credit. Not terrible acting and a story line that is VERY different. I like this show not necessarily because of what it is but more what it represent. I would describe it as introduction to media manipulation. This concept in television has seen a really big rise lately with Scandal, Mr. Robot and House of Cards. And UnReal addresses this new idea under the light of a reality TV rather than political.

    Not your top of the line big show like the previously mentioned are but now too far down the list for when you feel like a lighter show. Bonus if your guilty pleasure is reality TV and drama, you will definitely satisfy that craving with this one.
  • Discovered this series on a long distance flight and binge watched the full first season. The show is entertaining, laugh out loud and also thought provoking. The character dialogue is wonderfully written, particularly for the character Quinn. I am always happy to find programs with strong female characters and this one really tops it for me. "Reality" and reality TV are placed side by side, showing female stereotypes, their creation for the media and the women and men behind them. Rachel and Quinn may not be how you imagine feminists, but they raise a lot of interesting questions about female agency. I highly recommend watching, definitely a ten out of ten rating. More shows like this please! Its about time we had some decent female leads in television and I feel like UnREAL is also trying to tell us this.
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