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  • Jacky St. James' incest sagas released in Digital Sin's Tabu Tales video series blow hot and cold but THE FAMILY THAT LAYS TOGETHER is the best one I've seen so far. All four sex vignettes are well-done and stimulating, with a classic amongst them.

    Jacky leads off with her best effort, titled "Tied Up and Twisted", starring Jenna J. Ross and Xander Corvus. Jenna (as Jessie) finds step-brother David (Xander) handcuffed to a chest of drawers in his bedroom, helpless after his girl friend splits up with him and leaves him literally hanging. St. James establishes a light tone as David reveals the keys to the cuffs are in his underpants, requiring Jenna to reach in past his family jewels and set the sibling free.

    Oddly enough this is tastefully staged and shot -so far the content could pass muster on a network sitcom. But we're talking porn here, so Jessie announces a half hour later: "I've been contemplating my ability to deep throat you", and once the requisite caveats of "We're not blood related", etc., etc. are recited the video gets down to business.

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover Ross is a world-class d.t. expert, and she gives Xander the full treatment, bringing up memories of the all time great in that department, Bobbi Bliss. The two have sex in many positions in the kitchen, and after Xander climaxes the scene presenting her with a facial, he is impressed while Jenna is smug; her voice-over narration indicates the steps will continue their weekly no-stress sex session for the foreseeable future.

    If Georgina Spelvin is the Sarah Bernhardt of porn, I would christen Jenna as the Sandra Bernhard of XXX. HIghly recommended and a useful corrective since I had just seen Jenna dominate (literally) the lesbian epic AGAINST HER WILL 2, demonstrating her versatility as a performer.

    Briefly, the other 3 vignettes are nicely done: Bailey Blue as a 19-year-old seducing her step-dad Alec Knight while mom's flight home is delayed - an excellent combination of suspense and tease titled "While the Cat's Away".

    Maddy O'Reily gives a tour de force performance seducing her step-dad Mark Wood in the shower while her mom remains in an extended state of depression in "The Surrogate Wife". We don't see the mother's face fully as she appears briefly bed-ridden, but I'm speculating that she was played as a cameo by director St. James.

    Final segment is a nice contrast spotlighting the talented MILF Vanilla DeVIle as Brad Tyler's step-mom in a short story with an interesting premise. Brad as Tommy discovers mom's secret when his best friend (Tyler Nixon in a non-sex cameo role) spots dozens of files of written incest porn stories on Vanilla's borrowed lap-top. Confronted with the discovery, mom contends there's a big difference between fantasy and enacting one's fantasies in real life (as porn fans realize all too well) but she succumbs to the kid's temptation and they get it on with gusto. Titled "Afternoon Delight" this shebang brings down the curtain on a most satisfying two hours of A-grade storyline porn.