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  • mii-983989 September 2018
    I hoped the second season would fix the show, but instead, they added bad writing to make the show even worse than before. Generally speaking, if you are looking for an action Sci Fi with a good story, then Iron Fist is not the answer.
  • Cultural appropriation: a phrase that is never too far from a press review of Iron Fist. It's also what I'm focusing on here, rather than the questions about this show's pacing and editing (for the record, I think it's great).

    Should a white man be playing the Iron Fist? That's the big question on the lips of many a film critic. And the answer, in my humble opinion, is 'Sure, why not?' After all, the character was white in the first place.

    Is that 'cultural appropriation'? I guess so. But what's it's not is a problem, and I say that as a person of East Asian descent. There is simply nothing wrong with white people doing kung-fu, just as there's nothing wrong with a white person rapping or, indeed, a Chinese person wearing a baseball cap, while eating a Big Mac and singing Sweet Home Alabama.

    Yet critics are making out that Iron Fist is like some kind of throwback to Yellow Peril characters like Fu Manchu, but it's nothing of the sort. There's a simple reason why that was offensive and why Iron Fist isn't.

    Iron Fist features a white man playing a white man, whereas Fu Manchu was a Chinese man played by a white man, complete with 'slitty eye' makeup.

    In spite of this obvious truth, a lot of people suggest that an Asian person would have been better suited to the role. Why? Another chop-socky Chinaman is not what the Asian community needs in terms of media representation. We need more Asian people just being people. An example that springs to mind is Glenn in The Walking Dead. He's great because he's just a regular guy, who also happens to be Asian.

    But the critics continue to pile on the criticism when it comes to Iron Fist. I wonder, though, how many of those same critics heaped praise on Kill Bill, which is far more guilty of borrowing from East Asian culture than Iron Fist.

    Call Iron Fist what you like. Say it's badly written or boring. That's fine. I disagree, but each to their own. Just stop getting offended about something that's not offensive - and if you aren't Asian, perhaps stop and think about what Asians actually care about.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, the lead character could be green for all I care. The issue is everything else.

    Right from the beginning, we get the main character coming to the city after being assumed dead for 15 years. He has to try to prove his identy to his childhood friends that run this multi-billion dollar company. It goes downhill from there. They don't believe him (of course) but he insists he just wants to talk. Instead of even asking him any questions from their childhood (or him mentioning anything), they kick him out and he goes rampaging crazily around town. Why why why can't anyone believe me.

    He constantly reminds us that he spent 15 years training to be this great warrior and how he can survive things like sub 0 temperatures with no shirt off and that he doesn't need to walk around in shoes cause he's Iron Fist.

    A few goons get the drop on him, place him in a mental hospital and the only guy who believes him is another mental case. It took 4-5 episodes before the doctor even discovered is identity and that took the main character slipping out a bit of information about his past while watching a commercial #smh Anyway, he hooks up with this young Asian chick who is also a master of some style. She barely looks 21 but hey, she's good. They show her berating her students about fighting in the ring and how dishonorable it is only for her to take up fighting too. She needed the training because she now becomes the hero's sidekick.

    So the hero is trying to find the main antagonist and everyone whoops his tail. He has trouble with all the simplest of goons. He eventually wins his fights and then decides to take on the big baddie herself. The only smart chick says, "Hey it's a bad idea right now" but the guy reminds us of his 15 years of training and that he's good enough to take on the old lady; who mind you, just threw him 15 feet into a wall with the wave of her palm a few episodes back.

    Not spoiling the entire thing but it's a terrible show, fights are poorly choreographed and the dialog is poorly written. I'm not sure where all the hype comes from but this show needs an Iron Fist to the head.
  • To start with, I was not happy with the casting even before the show aired, still i hoped to be proved wrong once i watched it.... i wasn't.

    Iron fist for those that are comic book fans , is supposed to be one of the most lethal martial artist on the planet, which serves as a good starting point to bring in an expert martial artist to fill the shoes. since that didn't happen the action scenes seem rehearsed and at times slow with no creative choreography. the lead character does not come off as a strong person rather a kid with parent issues that is so annoyingly naive. out of the similar series done by Netflix Iron fist ranks last on my list, with daredevil being first and Jessica Jones second. they really missed the mark on this one.
  • mmoneta18 March 2017
    Iron Fist falls short of previous Netflix Marvel productions.

    The writing was sometimes cringe-worthy and while some blame the actors, there's only so much that can be done with a poor script.

    The direction was also lacking, with oddly constructed scenes and action. It felt like the actors had little feedback on their performances, which led to the repetitive silliness.

    The fight choreography... well, I'm not entirely sure there was any. Unlike Daredevil (for example), where there was a genuine sense of reality in the fight scenes, in Iron Fist it felt like the scenes in Arrow. Unlimited energy, unrealistic combat, no real damage.

    That said, it's not actually horrible, and makes for a good weekend binge-watch. Just imagine you're watching a 13-hour Saturday Kung-Fu movie marathon, and set your expectations appropriately.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This Will Contain Major Spoilers!!!

    I'm a huge Iron Fist fan. He's one of my favorite comic book characters. I defended season 1 when everyone else was hating on it. But after watching Season 2, I hope it doesn't get a third season. This honestly felt like I was not watching Iron Fist season 2, but rather Colleen Wing season 1. I love Colleen! I love that her & Danny are (were) in a relationship! But she's not the star of the show. As the show went on, it felt more and more like all i was seeing was Colleen. And When Davos broke Danny's leg, I became concerned. And rightfully so. Because Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist, the champion of K'un L'un, one of the best fighters in all of the world, asks Colleen Wing to train him.

    What the actual crap, Marvel?

    Danny Rand is a much better fighter than Colleen. He knows techniques she's never heard of. But in typical SJW fashion, the girl has to be better than the guy.

    Season 2 is radically different from Season 1. As stated before, most people hated it. And a lot of things are much better! Rand enterprises isn't featured at all (win), Ward isn't a douchebag (win), Davos is a much better villain than Harold Meachum (huge win), and the fighting was much better!!! It also didn't feel rushed. However, the outlash from sjws who have no idea about Iron Fist, never read an iron fist comic or ever intend to, complained that Iron Fist was a white dude. Well, Marvel fixed that, didn't they?

    After Danny finishes his training with the Immortal Colleen Wing, he tells her that SHE should be the Iron Fist.

    WHAAAAAAT THE FUUUUUUUUU------!!!!! And guess what? She accepts it. Colleen Wing is the Iron Fist now. And better than Danny was (in typical sjw fashion) because she can channel her chi into her katana. WOW.

    I've never been so angry at a tv show before in my life.

    The borrowed from The Immortal Iron Fist, one of the greatest comic books ever, and included Wu Shi, the First female Iron Fist, but they made Colleen a descendant of hers. After Danny leaves to go find himself, he leaves Colleen a note saying thqt mayne his destiny was bringing the iron fist to Colleen the whole time. And I'm done. I hope it doesn't get a third season. If it does, I'm not watching it.

    Marvel comics have been flushing themselves down the toilet for years now by infusing sjw bullcrap into their books, which are selling so poorly they can't even give them away. And now they appear to be doimg the same thing with their tv shows. Runaways is the most sjw pile of crap I've ever seen and I didn't even mqke it through the whole first episode. It's only a matter of time before Marvel's movies follow suit. And then Marvel will no longer exist. And quite frankly, I'm so pissed that i hope that happens. If this is how they "respect" their characters, which are legendary & timeless, then they deserve it.

    So if you like Iron Fist, save yourself from watching this garbage season. Oh, and just an fyi, the showrumner for this season is the guy that gave us the Elektra movie. Thanks, Marvel
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Danny Rand: defeated by women, scolded by women, saved by women, bettered by women in every way. Danny's masculinity is too toxic to hold the Fist, so he gives it to his girlfriend, who says about it, "ehh...I don't know where I end, and it begins." Get it? It's no big deal for her to wield it because femininity is pure. Nevermind that she scolds Danny during a tense scene at the dinner table, commanding him to "Let (Davos) go!" You see, it's cool for her to do this to him because she's heroically turning the tables on the eeeeevil patriarchy.

    Danny does nothing worthwhile this entire season. He's white and male, so the writers make him extremely stupid with poor instincts/intuition (unbefitting the Immortal Iron Fist of K'un Lun), and they make him apologize for himself a lot. Ward, also a white male, is a toxic addict who makes gigantic mistakes like getting his erstwhile Narcotics Anonymous sponsor pregnant just before he falls off the wagon. Of course she decides to not let Ward even try to be in their lives. You see, it's because men are unnecessary for raising children. Nevermind that fatherlessness is arguably the premiere epidemic contributing to the rot of our society. Suppose she has a boy. What do you think he's going to think of himself as he matures into that which his mother insists is unnecessary? Of course, they don't think that far ahead. Not in the illogical feminist utopia that is the second season of this show. Davos is nonwhite and male, so he's at least allowed to express his masculinity fully, but since he's evil (remember these are interchangeable: evil and masculine), this only ends up with dozens of people being brutally killed because, lest we forget, toxic masculinity is toxic. Joy's master plan just comes off as petty and more than a little myopic as she uses two people she can't begin to control - Davos and Mary/Walker. M/W suffers from multiple personalities and is interesting but horribly undeveloped. Saw her 3rd alter A MILE AWAY, and even when it's revealed on the show, it's a huge letdown. Oh, and she defeated the Immortal Iron Fist of K'un Lun and basically turned the Fist into a dang glove that anyone can just take and wear themselves if they get inked by witches and can pull the dragon out of the current wearer's head.

    It used to be that to spot the most messed up character, just look for the Christian. Now, just look for the white male(s). To find the most heroic, look for the character with the most intersectional victimhood. In IFs2, Colleen and Misty (both female AND minorities) are far and away the most heroic of the show. It would be provocative if it weren't so boringly predictable, as this narrative is the center of the current zeitgeist of Hollywood, the media, and academia. I'd forgive it all, or at least most of it, for decent writing. But alas, here we are. Hard pass on this awful virtue-signaling drivel. 1/10
  • For those worried about whitewashing, give the show a try. Yes, they could have very well cast an Asian for the lead. But I feel that the producers were afraid of letting fans down for not sticking to the source material. Finn Jones is fine as Danny Rand. He's no where near the size of his comic book counterpart, but let's be real, Iron Fist is completely shredded in the comic books. It's kind of hard to get that ripped. People wanted this show to fail from the beginning, and that's why people are giving it such bad reviews. Plus, most of the critics know nothing of the source material. Even if they try to say that they do. All you have to do is google facts about the character. The show has pacing problems as do all TV shows. But if you are a fan of the comics, and have watched the other Marvel Netflix series, this show will feel familiar. It has the musical style of Luke Cage with the fighting style of Daredevil. You're going to find things you don't like about the show, of course. Just like any other show. But the critics are dead wrong in my opinion. It's a good show. It would have been cool to see an up and coming Asian actor in the role, but being a fan of the comics, I'm glad they stuck to the source material. I understand when Iron Fist was created they made him white in fear of him not selling as an Asian character. But it's not the same in the modern comics or this show for that matter. This show hasn't made him out to be some white savior, and I'm thankful for that. I do wish there were strong Asian superheroes, but I still like this particular character whether he's white or Asian. If you read any of this review, read this part. Watch the show for yourself. Judge it based on your feelings towards it. Don't let a critic tell you not to watch it. Form your own opinion, and please stay open minded.
  • 1st season was bad but still a little interesting. 2nd season just terrible. I tried watching it all but kept getting easily distracted cuz it was so bad.
  • I binge watched already the whole show since I'm sick at home. I was aware of all the bad critics, but I had nothing else to watch. I was pretty surprised, the show has an entertaining storytelling, good acting (I like Finn as the sometimes childlike but also wise Danny Rand), some humor, sometimes a little bit cheesy, good fight scenes (even though Daredevils hallway scene is unparalleled ). I would rate the show in line with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, Daredevil is better, but Iron Fist doesn't deserve the hate. It has also three strong, interesting female characters: Rosario Dawson has a comeback as the Night Nurse, but in stronger appearance than in Daredevil or Luke Cage. Also Jessica Henwick as Coleen Wing is a great female lead and Madame Gao is a wonderful fleshed out female villain. Give it a try.
  • I love marvel series or super heroes in general, this one was also not bad. I have to admit that the first episodes were a bit boring, but after it it started to be very interesting and thrilling. What I love about the series are the support actors Colleen, David, Joy and Ward. Especially Tom Pelphrey was acting, he is an incredible talented actor. I am honest, I didn't like the main actor, he didn't act so well in my opinion. What the series made so great for me were the support actors, they did a great great job.
  • Don't know why people are hung up on details. This movie checks all the boxes.

    You may get popcorn overdose. Of course there's the small fights....but there is the cosmic fight as well. A sure fire mix.

    Complex enough plot but easy to follow. All set decoration and effects are first rate.

    Special Kudos to his Bushido ally Jessica Henwick and a solid turn from Jessica Stroup..

    Had to watch episodes until my eyes gave out!
  • nvfone18 March 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I saw about half of this before finally giving up. Finn Jones is utterly unwatchable. He's as bad as that guy who played Anakin Skywalker and I hope his name quickly fades from memory like that guy's did. Unfortunately, I assume they'll bring him back in The Defenders, which will be a real shame because Finn Jones will completely bring down the value of that production.

    Why did Marvel not find a real martial arts actor to play this part? They could have made a huge star out of someone. At least with Daredevil you could hide an expert under the mask - in this one it's not possible and quite frankly they should know that there's no way to fake martial arts skill. Finn Jones doesn't have any "chi" whatsoever, and the fight scenes suck because of it. It takes years of training to build that, and it can't be faked - especially when "chi" is the super power of the character.

    But, honestly, the entire Iron Fist production is just crap. The details are lazy, unprofessional and not worth the attention of an adult. Just one example - there's a guy with a sucking chest wound and the hospital staff are tossing him around like a sack of potatoes. There's no way they would pick the patient up out of a wheelchair and carry him halfway across the room to a gurney - he's got a sucking chest wound! But that's what they do. There are multiple b.s. moments like that in every episode I saw.

    In the end, this is a huge disappointment. I consider The Arrow to have better production value than Iron Fist, because at least The Arrow is marketed to teenagers. Iron Fist is for juveniles when Daredevil, Jones and Luke Cage are all college level or above. Do yourselves a favor, Marvel, and write off Danny for the Defenders. Bring in an Iron Fist who can act and fight - I personally don't care about ethnicity.

    Didn't make it past episode 6 on this one. Utter crap. I even resurrected my IMDb account just to post this. Seriously, this is complete garbage.
  • Trash writing destroyed this series. It's so bad it should be on the WB. Every character is a hypocrite in their morals and direction. Every other scene is simply a distraction from the fact half the writing staff has no clue where the story is going and the other half has never seen a martial arts movie before. According to the time line they tried setting up Danny would be over 45yrs old.Colleen is trained by the hand but can fist fight and win against both Danny and Davos, also seems to be better at all the attributes given to monks and these two characters from the first season. This show is a dumpster fire. Netflix pls never rehire this director or writing staff. Complete waste of time.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    First off i have to say that i didn't read the comics so i don't know if this is the original story line (god i hope not).

    So to start it off: this series is progressing way too slow and more important 90% of the plot doesn't make any sense at all.

    For example i was wondering why Danny didn't use his fist more frequently and after like 8 episodes we finally learn that he cant use it that often because he has to recharge his chi (which he later learns to do by doing what seems to be some awkward dance moves). And beyond that ... - even he doesn't know anything about his powers + he is the whiniest superhero i have ever seen. A guy which supposedly trained 15 years non stop with super elite monks which apparently didn't teach him anything about his powers, self control or dealing with your emotions (you know ... what meditation etc is all about). The last scene - the setup for season 2 i guess? - shows his old buddy from the monastery convincing Joy that they have to kill Danny .... because? reasons! .... its kind of believable that Dannys old friend is turning against him, but Joy? .. she has literally no reason besides ... i feel bad and I'm one of the main characters .... lets be evul. ALso madame Gao seems to be working with Davos which, again, is simply unbelievably out of character. I could go on and on and on about plot holes but well to sum it up ... its boring, confusing and they try to replicate daredevils fighting style but fail miserably - DO NOT WATCH!
  • feehan17 March 2017
    I too am baffled by the terrible "professional reviews". I'm also a little irritated that they get to watch it early. I love most of these Netflix lesser known Marvel hero stories some are better than others. This one is very good. I like the characters and story. It's just enough action to make me believe it's a superhero story but not so much it's just one explosion after another. I appreciate the point of these shows which is to dive into the character, show a complete origin story just like in a comic book. The acting is good, the stunts are believable and the story is interesting.

    I don't mind that a white guy is playing a white guy from a comic book about a white guy. I'm reviewing the TV show not the identity politics. Thank you Marvel and Netflix for deeper, adult story-telling.
  • yoyopa24 March 2017
    Let me start out by saying: I'm an actor, so criticizing other actors is not my thing. Also, I understand that with a series like this, the choices that are made are made by several people not just the lead actor him/herself. I say all of this because I've seen some scathing comments directed at Finn Jones. I very much enjoyed the series, and I still standby the idea that everything Marvel/Netflix has done absolutely dwarfs the CW/DC series on television..makes DC look like a childs coloring book. Even Marvel/Netflix at their weakest episodes is still better.

    The thing that leaves me slightly confused is simply: Why is every supporting character on Iron Fist so much more interesting, compelling and fleshed out THEN THE IRON FIST HIMSELF?!? I mean seriously it's bizarre, I've never seen anything like it. They could have made a show entirely based on Joy and Ward Meachum and it would've been more interesting then following Danny Rand. They could've made an entire show based around Colleen Wing..again..more interesting. Clare Temple. EVEN DAVOS who was only around for 3 eps! And so on and so forth.

    Before everyone throws Finn Jones to the wolves lets remember SOMEONE made the call to cast him so if you don't like his look..welp! nothing he can do about that..someone way above him thought he was the guy, then someone else wrote his character a certain way...full of holes and honestly rather bratty and childish.

    I get that Danny Rand, when we meet him, is in some way still the 10 year old kid from before the crash. Perhaps the thought process was that during that time in Kun Lin he didn't quite mature the same way Joy and Ward did...makes sense. But it's a fine line playing an imbecilic child and a grown man with deep vulnerabilities and fears. Danny's outbursts of anger were almost laughable..he looked like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Now compare that to the actor who played Davos. He had the same issue...these bursts of anger from residual issues. But when his burst forth, it wasn't funny, you knew something was deeply wrong here.

    The point is, this is a solidly good show, but it's main character is the weakest and least fleshed out and thats excusing the pathetic and confusing excuse for a villain Harold Meachum. For everyone throwing darts at this series, I guarantee they like everything EXCEPT...The Iron Fist.
  • This show is a lot better than some of these reviews would have you think. Is it the best of the Marvel shows? No. But it's still pretty damn good! Season 2 especially is pretty good! Give it a chance and judge for yourself.
  • I'm a long-time Defenders fan. I started watching the first episode with my hopes up. There was a lot of negative press before its release, but I wanted to give it a fair shot with an open mind.

    Six episodes in, I'm done. I can't force myself to watch anymore. The show is just so boring, with such awful pacing and bland, often pointless dialogue that I found myself rolling my eyes every few minutes. The fight scenes are mostly awkward and obviously scripted, and as a martial artist myself, they make me cringe. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that there are so few of them?

    This is not the Iron Fist I know. Honestly, the more I watched, the more I realized it seems like a bad rehashing of Daredevil season 1. I love Daredevil season 1, but I don't need to see it done again, with a character that the show does not allow me to connect with or like.

    I'm sorry, but this is just awful.
  • spideynw19 March 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Danny Rand (a.k.a. Iron Fist) has to be one of the stupidest characters I have ever seen. I mean, what a flying idiot! But so are some of the other characters.

    He shows back up in his hometown after being gone for 15 years. He shows up in ragged clothing with no shoes on. Who knows when the last time is he took a shower? He has a beard (his flight went down when he was 10 years old). And lastly he has no I.D.! And what is this idiots first idea? To go to "his" business building in downtown and let everyone know he is back. A nice, posh building. And he is dressed like garbage. Does he actually think anyone will take him seriously? Apparently! So he walks in and announces to the front desk that it is him and he is back! What do they do? They call security and toss him out. What does he do? Goes back in and beats the crap out of them and breaks into the building. He uses the elevator to get to the top floor. Apparently only the top two floors require a badge, because someone gets on at a lower floor and he sneakily uses her badge to get himself to the top floor (yeah right!). He then gets to confront his friends who are now running the business. Obviously they don't believe it is him (they thought he died and now this homeless man showed up claiming to be him). Do they call the cops? Nope, because they are so bright. They just have their security throw him out. The reasoning? Apparently he will just get let out of jail. Because assaulting five guards and breaking into a building is not a felony right????? I'm not going to keep going on about how stupid the writing is for this show. Just one other thing, I watched a couple of episodes. He gets put in a psych ward and he is just about to get out, and then he starts telling the doctor how he was found by mystical monks and went to a mystical place. What do you know? Now he isn't getting out. This show is all about creating unnecessary drama and characters that are just flying idiots.

    The level of writing of this show is one of the worst I have seen, and I don't know how anyone could like it.
  • rncrnr10 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    The ending was so horrible I now regret watching the show altogether I suppose that is an achievement by itself. That's why I gave the second star. I don't even know where to begin...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Do not watch Iron Fist. Fine. Watch it. Then you'll be like, "I wish I had listened to to this guy".

    Watching Iron Fist was like swimming in molasses. Uphill. Blindfolded. In the dark. It was just really, really bad. The beginning was bad, the middle was bad, and when you were praying for the agonizing end so the misery would be over, and you hoped there would be some sort of redemption by way of a cameo by DD or Jessica Jones or the Easter Bunny or anyone more get screwed by a god awful ending that made no sense whatsoever.

    Character development was soooooooo slow. Danny was made to look like a simpleton. Claire as an action hero was just over the top. The senseless relationships between the characters did not move the story and the bad guys were just plain idiotic. Pick one bad guy and stick with it already instead of trying to be sophisticated and keep the audience "guessing". Bad guys turned good, good guys turned bad (sometimes twice) It was insulting to the viewers.

    The action was the same old fight scenes over and over and over and over and over with little to no sign of Iron Fist. Danny is just a regular karate kid wannabe who makes a couple of glowing fist moves throughout the series. It's as if the studio simply had no budget for special effects. Karate girl fighting cage matches against two fighters at a time was just plain silly, and then struggling against one of her half trained students. So stupid.

    Not good acting. Not good writing. Not good action. Not a good story.

    What was good? Nadda.

    Edit: What was good? We know who WON'T be leading the Defenders. I'll be surprised if they let Danielson clean up the Dojo.
  • gca_3619 March 2017
    Sorry Marvel, but this show is really trash in a really negative way. Finn Jones is definitely a miscast. The main character acts like a simpleton and has no development at all. The fighting scenes are the worst I have ever seen, which brings us back to Finn Jones. He is not a martial artist and this raises the question, why was he the first choice for this role? Even as an actor he doesn't do a good job. Well, maybe he was the only one available for the budget.

    The story telling is very slow and there are quite a few plot holes. But I don't want to go into further details.

    I have to say, I had high hopes for the Marvel shows on Netflix after watching Dare Devil, which was really great. Good actors, good story! Jessica Jones was not for me, same for Luke Cage. Unfortunately the descent of quality in Marvel shows continues with Iron fist. I hope, they hit rock bottom now and the future Marvel shows Punisher and Defenders will be good again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How are you going to take away his powers and give them to someone else worst ending ever
  • Lion_Hearted2217 March 2017
    After watching Iron Fist, I am convinced that the only reason it received bad reviews before it EVEN PREMIERED was because of the fact that Danny Rand is a white man.

    Yes, in the comics, Danny Rand is a white man. So in the show, Danny Rand is a white man, accordingly. Some people campaigned to have him played by an Asian actor. As a Mexican man let me tell you I consider this to be incredibly racist and hypocritical. Nobody complains when the very norse and very white Valkyrie in the Thor comics is played by a person of African descent. In fact, to even have a problem with that casting automatically makes you racist. People, you cant "white wash" a character who has always been white.

    Problems? Every piece of work has them. But the pacing or action problems in Iron Fist were there too in JESSICA JONES and Luke CAGE. Media decided to let those series be because they featured a woman in an abuse survival story and a black urban man in a refreshing heroic and unabashedly positive role. I liked both of those series, and I LOVE Iron Fist. I've known the character since he popped up in the MAXIMUM CARNAGE event in Marvel Comics and I completely fell in love with the character upon reading IMMORTAL IRON FIST. As a die-hard fan, I absolutely approve and adore this series, if you are a fan, or you've enjoyed DAREDEVIL, JESSICA JONES and Luke CAGE, watch it.

    Oh, and then sign on for some Kung Fu lessons (Ng Ga Kuen-style Kung Fu is the best!)
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