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  • Wanna experience a hot air balloon ride? If not literally, Vikas Bahl's 'Queen' will surely give you the feel! This one too takes off after fire of strife but gradually zooms up in the air higher and higher, all liberated from the shackles of earthly rules and grief. 'Queen' is a journey of discovering oneself. Simply put – "When things go wrong, cry not; gather your guts, not just move over but fly!". A more detailed analysis follows:

    • Plot: The plot resembles Gauri Shinde's 'English vinglish' in its theme but it is the execution and premises which makes 'Queen' more exuberant. While the former was poised and mature, this one is raw, yet sensitive, sensible, effervescent, all at the same time. How an otherwise banal story on paper could become so entertaining on-screen, only Bahl can tell. He injected the same positivity in his debut venture 'Chillar party' earlier. Another endearing fact is the handling of 'haww'-type (by Indian sanskriti standards) cheeky humor gracefully enough to make it watchable with family. Dialogues by Anvita Dutt and Kangana (yes, she has contributed here too) are pertinent. Despite lot of French and little Japanese here & there (with no subtitles), you don't mind as the situation and emotions say it all. Dilliwali Punjabi lingo, though, adds credibility. Heartiest congratulations to Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane for shelling put money for such a cinematic delight!

    • Cast: It is out and out Kangana's film, with all others in supporting role. Bahl is believable in saying he penned Rani's role keeping only her in mind. No other actress would have better lived the vulnerability, innocence, craziness, elegance and emotions of Rani, the way Kangana did. This movie will definitely mark as a milestone in her career and give all reasons to other filmmakers to look beyond her fashionistic persona. Donning demure, no make-up, plaited look and wearing kurti with sweaters, she looks perfectly the Indian girl next door. At the climax too, she looks glamorous not out of the dress but the confidence she wears! Full marks to casting directors as all actors play within the skin of their respective characters, be it the confused Rajkkumar Rao, Rani's family (Dadi is esp. lovable), sensuous smart Lisa Hayden or Rani's endearing firangi friends.

    • Cinematography: On Rani's canvas, you get to move from rues of Lajpat Nagar to the majestic Eifel Tower to the picturesque bridges of Amsterdam! Kudos to Siddharth Diwan and Bobby Singh for the awesome camera work!

    • Music: Amit Trivedi is a winner all the way. Already hit "London thumakda" gives way to "Ranjha", classical pop 'Badra bahaar' and 'O gujariya'. However, it is the remixed "Hungama ho gaya" from 'Anhonee' (1973) rendered emphatically by ever boisterous Asha Bhosle, which stays with you even after you leave the theatre. Songs are nowhere a speed- breaker in this flick.

    • Flaws: I failed to find any. :)

    The film ends with a confident rejuvenated Rani thanking her betrayer for giving her the opportunity for self-awakening; we as audience thank the director for infusing optimism into the minds and hearts of esp. female watchers. Go ladies, this one's the best Woman's day gift you can give to yourself. Men too will surely enjoy it for all its youthfulness. It's a movie for all. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    My rating: ****1/2 (my favourite in the last 1 year)

    P.S.: Ending credential FB ishtyle are not to be missed!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    QUEEN is directed by Vikas Bahl, starring Kangana Ranaut, in the lead role, along with Rajkummar Rao and Lisa Haydon.

    The film revolves around Rani (Kangana Ranaut), an innocent Punjabi girl, who gets dumped one day before her wedding day. She gets an idea to go on her honeymoon all by herself, and that very trip shows her road to self-empowerment while going through several comical situations...

    The trailer of Queen didn't quite attract much attention, therefore, the film was extremely underrated by several critics, including me. However, the songs did grab a portion of my attention, so I was curious to know whether I was looking at Queen from a wrong angle. The film, itself, faced fierce competition from Madhuri-Juhi starrer, Gulaab Gang and the much-awaited Total Siyapaa. However, the reviews came in for the three films, and I was shocked to see so much praise for Queen. So I decided to go with the critics and chose Queen over Total Siyapaa that weekend. And I think its safe for me to say that it is one of the best decisions I've made in my life (and it might be yours too).

    Queen starts off in the most mainstream desi way possible. The Big Fat Indian Wedding with relatives at every nook and corner and dance to Punjabi tunes is galore. The calling off of the wedding takes place and you feel yourself going through the very same events as Rani. This is due to pure direction and acting. However, the film takes a VERY sharp turn when she leaves for her honeymoon. Rani meets new friends, goes through life how a woman should, and I think it was a smart move on the director to release it on Women's Day, because at the end of the film, the message is pretty clear. However, I shall not go on further about the plot, because after she leaves India, its all just fun.

    The acting is just top-notch. Kangana Ranaut, in all honesty, carries the film on her shoulders throughout the 2h30m run time. She portrays her character with such finesse that she deserves awards and utter praise for it. Rajkummar Rao played a great job as well and the rest of the foreign actors were just delightful and splendid to see.

    The songs are great as well. Amit Trivedi also deserves applause for the great music as well as background score. Every single song captures a theme of the film and just blends perfectly with the several scenes in the film. It helps you feel like Rani while she goes through her journey. 'London Thumakada' captures the Indian Wedding Theme, while 'O Gujariya' is just great to listen to. A special mention about the remake of 'Hungama Ho Gaya' which is just complete fun to listen to.

    In conclusion, QUEEN is possibly one of the best films of the year. I can't seem to see any flaw in the film; it is just complete fun. Go watch it; I highly recommend it.

    QUEEN- 10/10
  • Its not every year (or sometimes even years) that you come across a bollywood flick that stays with you for days after you watched it. Queen is one such film that will make you want to watch it again.

    The story is similar in theme to English Vinglish (Yet another masterpiece) but stands out in execution and story telling.

    Kangana Ranaut delivers her career best in Queen no doubt.

    I was actually there on location in Amsterdam sometime in September 2012 when they were filming the last scene where she runs down the bridge to meet her friends at the rock show. The simplicity of the set and all involved was an indication of a good film which i later found out was to be named 'Queen' Watch it right away and you will leave the hall with a smile.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Kangana Ranaut delivers a performance that marks her light years ahead of any of her contemporaries. She conveys most through her pitch-perfect body language. And even in her dialogues she gets the right tonality for it all. 'Queen' might be the birth of a legend and thank God for that!

    If Kangana was exemplary, a large part of the success of it can be attributed to Bahl. He had done the detailing of the film with a hawk like precision. I won't be surprised if the director had already painted in his head the image of how he will pursue every scene and every slide in the film.

    'Queen' is easily one of the most accomplished films made in a long time. The skillful direction of Vikas and Kangana's easy virtuoso makes this one an indulgent affair.
  • 8th March is International Women's Day and Queen celebrates it with panache. When Rani played amazingly brilliant by Kangana Ranaut discovers herself on her solo honeymoon trip in Paris and Amsterdam, she comes back to India with a winning smile on her face. The same smile is pasted on your face throughout the movie. There is hardly any feminine emotion left that is not being touched upon in this witty, gritty, funny, emotional and very subtle cinematic portrayal of finding that a woman is more than being a mother, a sister or a wife. The movie talks in the language of love and affection which is not bound by the country in which you were born. All foreign characters here, be it Indian French single mother, the child-like Japanese guy, the European artist, the French restaurant owner or the black guy here play true to their cultures and don't seem fake at all. After Kangana, movie belongs to writer-director Vikas Bahl who shall be remembered now forever for penning this neat story and screenplay flooded with so many fresh and out of box ideas. So don't wait, go and experience the fun (read hungama) with your friends. It is one of the finest cinematic work of Bollywood. Period.
  • This film is a good example of Director's clarity of mind regarding characterization, mood of scenes and way of approach. Director Mr Vikas Bahl work is fantastic. In spite of very thin story line he projected this movie in a very unique, interesting and entertaining way. This movie speaks less and shows maximum. Screenplay is average. Dialogues by Anvita Dutt and Kangana Ranaut are very good. Even very average scenes are so good just because of expression and the way of taking the scene i.e When Rani goes on stage for dance, she copies other dancers and removes her sweater, rolls it like them but in spite of throwing it like them she keeps it in her bag. The way she struggles with the bag snatcher that this average scene comes out a laughter riot. Director inserted some flash back between the scene, which enhanced the scene very well and also projected some different emotions. Even the small characters are minutely observed . In a scene Rani goes to meet her family friend in Paris but that family ladies discuss about the money given to her just for a good luck or rituals. They minimize the amount because Rani is a distant relative. When Rani lives in Paris with her wonderful room mates, in this complete sequence Rani is wondered so director chose a T-shirt for Rani with quotation Alice in wonderland. This quotation clearly reflects Rani state of mind. Director never goes over board and never let the actors go over board. So, interest and entertainment remain intact. Of course Director has been supported by fantastic performance of actors. Kangana Ranaut is out standing. No one could have have performed better than her. Raj Kumar Yadav is OK. Lisa Haydon as Vijaylaxmi is fantastic. All actors are very good including Rani's Paris room mates. Music by Amit Trivedi suits the mood of film.
  • achsu9 March 2014
    Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Joyride that Kangana a.k.a. Queen takes us through. However, the ride wouldn't be same without the supporting characters; all of them detailed really well. The ride wouldn't also be same without the Rocking music of Amit Trivedi. And How can I not mention Vikas Bahl here? Quality Direction;Quality Screenplay. Too many names; too little space. With Big names such as Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane involved in Editing and Production as well; the product had to be Top Notch.

    A movie that would require the audience to connect with the Lead Character; eventually got me connected to all the characters, including Vijay played by Rajkummar Rao. I am sure most guys (at-least in their heads) can relate to that lad.

    Some scenes were executed perfectly. Some Punchlines were too good. Kudos to the whole Team.

    Kangana gave it all in this movie. She was immersed deep in the character. Her dialogue delivery;her posture;her expressions. One of the finest performances I have seen by any Bollywood Actress in Long time.

    From the right perspective; you can see that Queen has many messages. Highlights the issue that women do face in this country. Don't tell me i am wrong ; THEY DO.

    Overall; A MUST WATCH. Salute to the QUEEN.
  • Today is international women's day and this movie is a perfect gift. Kangna acts super fantastic with her cute expressions as a typical Desi girl who loves her family, gets over the fear and humiliation of no marriage and lives her own life to the full. First half is very pleasant, Lisa has a good comeback to this movie and impresses well. "London Thumukda" song makes audience tap their feet once. I had no idea that Kangna can live up to this mark, her appearance is quite impressive and i guess every Indian girl will like her. If you are assuming her to be the same as in "Tanu weds Manu", you are mistaken. You will not be disappointed. My rating: 8/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    QUEEN - We hardly get woman oriented movies in Bollywood,,,,and most of them does disastrous business at box office....but our country kind of started liking woman oriented movies after superlative No One Killed Jessica,,,,and then comes Kahani..... Both of these movies create some space for heroins in Bollywood to get movies for them only.... But they too are not commercial movies,,,,being thriller they have limited audience,,,,so we want some light hearted movie and guess what we got English WINGLISH,,,,a perfect example of light hearted woman oriented film.....Queen goes on the same track of English Winglish but has crossed it...... Vikash Bhal (director of Chillar party) on his second directorial venture has taken care of each and every scenes of the movie.....There is a scenes where Kangana gives French toast to a french person in breakfast and the person replied m from France and there is nothing like french toast there ,, so Kangana replied 'Ye Sirf India Mein Milta Hei'...... You can laugh 100 times on such jokes,,,,,they are written with such cute humour...... There is another scenes where Kangana run out of the bathroom screaming after seeing a lizard and feel like a fool,,,,but when three of the boys who are her roommates also get scared Kangana take a deep breath with happiness and say 'Savi Dar Gaye',,,,.....Such cute scenes are rare in bollywood...... Story is simple,,,Kangana ' s Mangetar says he will not marry her a day before there marriage and with frustration Kangana decided to go to her Honeymoon alone..... So a girl who barely cross road in India without anyone's help in going to Paris alone.....Here is start of interesting session..... Most of the Bollywood movies make u laugh in there first half and become melodramatic in the second half like what happened in case of Ye Jawani Hei Dewani and a little bit in case of Shaadi Ke Side effect,,,,,but Queen is something far from being melodramatic..... Infect we have a very few films in Bollywood which can make u laugh from start till end despite of some emotional scenes in between those laughs.....Queen is one of the best among them..... To talk about Kangana m speechless,,,,she has always done glamorous roles in Bollywood but she walks into the shoes of such anti glamorous character of Rani with ease.....She has proved that she is far far ahead of the other actresses of her league....Get warned other actresses..... Lisa as the french friend of Rani is too good....Infect she has something great in comparison to what she last did in the movie RASCAL.....When she left Kangana on her way to Amsterdam u wish that she would have gone with her..... The three Roommates of Rani in Amsterdam are perfect...... Vikash Bhal need special mention,,,,,he has crafted every scene with his heart in it.....Casting was so perfect...... Songs goes with the mood of the movie.....Not a single song is wasted,,,,,or stop the flow of the movie,,,,my favorite are O Gujariya and Harjaniya....... I cant say that editing is bad but the movie could have been small,,,,that doesn't mean it will bore u...... So its the first film in 2014 to which m giving more then 3.75 .... M going for 4.25 out of 5...... Its a must watch for every body on this women's day occasion..... By ANuP APu KuMaR
  • GO and WATCH this movie in theater. Bollywood needs high quality movies like this, which are not only meaningful but also provide full entertainment and fun without appearing pretentious/ fake. These are the kind of movies that need to make money so that producers invest in them.

    I feel a bit out-of-league reviewing this movie. When all the movie critics and stalwarts of Bollywood such as Karan Johar and Aamir Khan have highly praised this movie and Kangana Ranaut's performance in almost unanimous voice, it really leaves one with nothing more to say. So I am going to only mention few things in more detail.

    Ranaut's performance: One of the best performances to come out of Hindi cinema in several years, this is not about shedding tears, yelling, looking cute/ gorgeous or dancing (which interestingly accounts for "good acting" for most Indian audience). It is marked by subtleties, such as faintly raised eyebrows, shrunk nose, narrowed eyes, aversive gaze, awkwardly positioned arms/ legs, contorted body, crestfallen face, shadow of a smirk, etc. Even when she cries, her wailing makes you wonder if you are really watching an act? Ranaut, who in real life is well-known as a fashionista, has transformed her body language, her mannerisms and her expressions completely for this role. One thing is certain - it is hard to imagine any other actress in this role and hard to imagine this movie without Kangana Ranaut as Rani.

    Vikas Bahl's direction: The credit also goes to the director, Vikas Bahl. Without him, the movie could have been a wreck. The movie has a very simple plot and is therefore not an easy story to make a movie with. But Bahl manages to steer clear of all traps for derailment that the story provides. The movie may seem a bit slow in the middle, but then, without sufficient time to develop the emotions and attitude of the character, the movie would not be as effective. He is also one of the very few directors who have managed to utilize Ranaut's potential as an artist. I heard in an interview that Bahl allowed Ranaut creative freedom, allowing her even to pen her own dialogs for some parts of the movie - wish all those control freaks out there are hearing!

    Story/ Screenplay/ Dialog: Rani's challenges in this story are not hers alone - they are the trials of every person, man or woman, who has felt diffident owing to their cultivated nature or low-spirited when bowed down by circumstances. This is a story of gaining perspective and discovering one's potential through travel, cross-cultural exposure and external support. That is why the story is so meaningful for every person. One of the reasons the movie works is because it has realistic dialog - dialog as Indians use in normal daily life, nothing cheesy that Hindi movies are so used to.

    Music: The movie is aptly supported by Amit Trivedi's foot-tapping and innovative score. That said, if I could, I would either eliminate some songs or shorten them just to reduce the length of the movie.

    Entertainment factor: Make no mistake, this is NOT an "art film" or parallel cinema. This is a highly entertaining and fun movie that also happens to be high quality and meaningful. Though the protagonist of the movie is a woman, the movie is equally entertaining for all men and women.
  • To All the Bollywood fan's you should watch QUEEN not because it has a good story no it doesn't the plot has been used numerous times but the journey of Kangana from a shy obedient Rajouri Garden Delhi Girl to a confident open minded today's modern girl is quite awesome. The small moments the little subplots that define Kangana's character is brilliantly written and filmed. Bollywood often becomes predictable but this movie isn't, u ll never be able to guess that such subplots would appear. The dancing of drunk Kangana in front of police scene, the sex toy shop scene, the boob pressing scene there are many more. Kangana's acting is brilliant even the side characters have played their part perfectly. Amit Trivedi's Music as always is amazing it suits the movie there are brilliant songs within the movie which has not been promoted in trailers plus oh Gujariya and Hungama Hogaya would rock any party. Director Vikas Bahl does a brilliant job. Only part where they could have done better is cinematography it is average. This movie falls in the category of very few good women centric movies that Bollywood has created and you can count them on your fingertips. Consistently entertaining i am going with 8/10 rating for this movie do watch it.
  • yashmishra917 March 2014
    Queen (Hindi): The Phantom Productions are back with a bang this year after their fresh romance in "Hasee Toh Phansee" with the story of a typical Punjabi girl whose journey causing the change of her real identity which has been shown brilliantly in the film which has shades of films like "Jab We Met" , "Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara" and even some of the Satyajit Ray's films like "Charulata" and "Mahanagar" . Hatsoff to director Vikas Behl for showing the brilliant character development of the protagonist (played by Kangana Ranaut) from Rani to Queen which scores in its riveting screenplay (Behl, Parveez Sheikh and Chaitily Parmar) along with crackling dialogues (Anvita Dutt and Kangana Ranaut), the cinematography by Bobby Singh and Siddharth Diwan actually reminds of the film 'Dev D' and it captures the locales beautifully along with the moments in the film and then comes the music score by Amit Trivedi which is simply fabulous and scores in making the narrative flow like anything. In the performances, the foreign cast (Bokyo Mish, Jeffery Ho and Joseph Guitobh) are simply superb and riveting. Rajkummar Rao and Lisa Hayden provide shoulder brilliantly to the protagonist and it's development. Last but not the least, it's Kangana Ranaut who brilliantly carries the film on her shoulders and she repeats her brilliance what we saw in films like "Gangster" and "Fashion" and she comes out as a real winner and a real Queen. Despite some draggy moments, director Behl's narration succeeds in making the film worth a watch for some fresh cinematic experience. My rating would be: 4/5.
  • mittalvikram10 March 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    movie review : QUEEN Story of a gal who faces her fears and the fake sympathy that comes after a failed marriage and goes on to learn the most important lessons of life. Once she decides to get out of her comfort zone, the magic happens. She learns, lives the unthinkable. She makes friends, lives in a male dorm and goes on to kiss an Italian guy, all sober and in full senses. Now my hope from this film is that young women of our country will see the movie and realize the meaning of freedom and importance of decision making. Travelling provides you the opportunity of doing all that. It makes u stronger and confident. If u want to grow, don't wait for a failure in life but go ahead and move out of ur comfort zone because that is where the magic Happens..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The acting is just top-notch. Kangana Ranaut, in all honesty, carries the film on her shoulders throughout the 2h30m run time. She portrays her character with such finesse that she deserves awards and utter praise for it.

    Every single song captures a theme of the film and just blends perfectly with the several scenes in the film. It helps you feel like Rani while she goes through her journey.

    Possibly one of the best films of the year. I can't seem to see any flaw in the film; it is just complete fun. Go watch it; I highly recommend it.
  • Every moment I was just hoping that it shouldn't come to an end! This movie bring smile to your face. Very very well done Kangna.I would give it 100/10 if I could. The simplicity of it to really touch people is just unbelievable. One word, MESMERISING.I just want to watch it forever. This movie deserves 10 times more money than bullshit Dhoom 3. To bad it's just cutting the edge of the budget. The story, direction, acting everything is perfect. Just perfect.I don't have enough words to describe the amazing experience. Whoever said this was a genius, "this movie is a tight slap to the Indian men who want to westernise but still want their sisters and wives to be typical Indian."
  • Take stunning performances from Kangana Ranaut (and all her co-actors), brilliant direction and a crisp-smart 21st century storyline... Mix it with spoonfuls of Parisian streets, Champs-Élysées, Tour Eiffel, Sacre-Couer, River Seine and Pont de l'Archevêché …. Stir well with Amsterdam Canal Ring, Canal Cruises, Tram-rides, glimpses of Rembrandtplein, Red Light District, Sex shops and last but not the least, the famed THE BULLDOG COFFEESHOP…….. And there you go…. your delicious dish of a new-age bollywood entertainment is ready to be served…

    All hail the "Queen"!!!!
  • Do you like to laugh? Do you like to cry? Do you like to be surprised. This is the film. An Indian queen does the unexpected and meets many surpriding events but with a happy ending. She is beautiful gorgeous and fertile but has to travel solo. She does it and wins the world. One reason all men only love beautiful fertile Indian women. Other women cannot compete for the attention of Indian men. Another reason shy (and lady like Indian women) need to speak up and be more proud
  • Good shift from general mainstream Bollywood. It's a feel good movie with a non-definitive story-line. You'll definitely feel rejuvenated and might end up with some good vibes. It signifies how traveling can change a person and her perceptions.

    Initial scenes of the movie are kind of overdone. The protagonist acts like she's new to human civilization - afraid of crossing roads, running from people on the streets. It might make you cringe a little.

    Cities like Paris and Amsterdam has been portrayed in a stereotypical manner.

    Some might find the end-credits sequence interesting - gives a short visual of the protagonist's journey.
  • Kangana's performance is simply outstanding. One of the best movie of the millennium. Must watch movie of the decade. It's simple and clear to understand. Outstanding performances by the actors. Queen is irresistible. Highly recommended. A must see film. You will leave the theater with your heart humming happily. There isn't a moment in this cozy and charming film when you aren't smiling. The writers are the kings of this Queen; they've made every character so real. Kangana displays a surprising capacity for both comedy and emotion. As Rani, she displays amazing vulnerability and depth that very few performers can pull off. She is a delight - be it in the drunken scene, the ride back home in the rickshaw after she has been dumped, or fighting off a mugger on a street.
  • Its all about movie actress queen, heart of film lovely actress Kangna , She must get Filmare award for her role, She did very well role i really loved her, how she manage situation with her innocent face and dialogue show that real Indian girl which is well discipline and belongs to well cultured,

    Apart from actress i really enjoyed songs and role played by her friends all of them are amazing, its look new actor but they showed talent beyond and language is not issue for all of them, how they express their feeling on movie they don't need words, its just amazing new guys.

    Finally, I would say that just go and must watch movie .

    Enjoy life with Fullest!!!
  • aditya-mhta6 April 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    I had high expectation from the movie as it was rated 9 on IMDb. Everybody praising the movie and I disliked the movie. I watched the movie twice just to make sure that I am not missing something. The story was straight forward and little different from others. That was the only thing I found good about Queen. I find that like many other bollywood movies, the director doesn't believe in logic. All the technicalities have gone for a toss. It includes all known jokes. I really do not understand Why people have liked the movie. The movie tries to show empowerment of a girl and how do they show it by simply lowering the standard to start with. A Delhi girl who is scared to cross streets in Paris ( was she not crossing much crowded streets in Delhi? ) , Speaks continuously in Hindi. Rukhrsar(Roxette) comes to Amsterdam to study because they had no money(BOLLYWOOD LOGIC). Every scene follows some cliché. Gol gappe scene, the web cam scene, the sex toys shop scene etc were too predictable. For me there was nothing extra-ordinary in movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There are not many reviews which cover how bad this movie was and so I felt compelled to write one. For one, a rating of 9.1/10 on IMDb. Its an insult to the entire film making industry. Off late specially for the Bollywood movies people are being able to rig the ratings on IMDb as well at least for a short duration which is sad.

    Coming to the point...everything is fine till Rani lands in Paris. Within a few sequences she completely forgets that she is in Paris and starts talking in Hindi with almost everyone...LOL. So the character is not conservative she lacks common sense and downright stupid. And then she has the guts to travel in dark and deserted alleys and is surprised to hear that the stewardess has a child without marriage...Give me a break..perhaps they did not have a television also at their home or was she from the 50's. I am not sure if the Rajouri they are referring to is in Delhi.

    If it was Delhi, its an insult to the Delhites. The director tries all these gimmickry to evoke sympathy for the character of Rani but sadly there is none. In fact, the sheer stupidity that the character portrays evokes contempt for her.

    It's evident why so many people have rated this movie highly as they take it to be female empowerment. Going on a binge is not becoming assertive or becoming empowered it only shows the weakness and shallowness of character.
  • Do you ever get that sinking feeling , as though you are being pulled down or the world is just collapsing before your eyes..and does that leave you feeling depressed and despondent? This is exactly the same trauma that Rani (Kangana Ranaut) ,a middle class Punjabi girl , experiences when her fiancé Vijay(Rajkumarr Rao) calls off their wedding at the last moment. You would think it to be a lamenting saga sympathizing with her but director Vikas Bahl adopts a refreshingly delirious approach and tells the adventures of the female protagonist who decides to travel on her honeymoon all alone , establishing an implicit ode to women empowerment.

    Rani is the quintessential conservative girl hailing from a small-town Mithaiwala family whose solo-travel(on honeymoon) marks her plunge to self-discovery. With a well-articulated narrative, resonating with the same sentiments that Shashi of English Vinglish carried , Queen brims with compassion and celebrates the joy of breaking free. It also reinforces the fact that - no man is foreign. The language barrier begins to fade when Rani befriends a Parisian waitress, shares flat with inmates who happens to be boys ,but she remains in the confines of her traditions and yet defies the norms set by others. You rejoice when she triumphs over a mugger, lets her hair down to Bollywood remix at a pub, gets drunk ,does some nut-crazy talks with strangers and inadvertently buys souvenirs from a sex shop. Bahl's deft direction with splendid cinematography handles these aspects pretty well. Amit Trivedi's soulful music brings in an added advantage but the dialogues(additionally penned by Kangana herself!) replete with humor, are bang-on!

    The plot however gets meandering and over-indulgent at times, Rani's first kiss and the golgappa becoming a rage in the Dutch boulevard appear fabricated but those are minor passable glitches .The beauty lies in the authenticity of the characters and Bahl brings out the flavor of the NRI influences in a refreshing way. Specially in one of those conversations where Rani goes to her meet her NRI aunt's family and they pretend to express grief over her getting jilted at her wedding.

    The film benefits from the bravura performance by Kangana who carries the film on her shoulders with aplomb. Her Rani doesn't shy from the problems, she chooses to embrace them and tries to find a solution. Sweet and diligent, yet strong willed and individualistic, Queen stands as the epitome of a liberated and independent Indian woman.

    Rajkumar Rao is brilliant as her egotist fiancé and his portrayal of an archetypal MCP is terrific. Lisa Hayden is a complete revelation playing the unapologetic Vijaylaksmi.The depiction of the refusal to feign hypocritical coyness while encountering the physical relationships is no mean feat and she does it with gusto.

    Queen is a gem and one must watch it for Kangana's heartfelt act.Right from its start till the ending credits rolling and paying tribute to Facebook,its a winner all the way. I strongly recommend that you go for it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A delight to watch film. Kangana is so genuine in this movie that you don't even think for a moment that she is not a well established actress in Bollywood. Very well narrated and evenly executed. Talking about music than i assure you, Songs will surely make your body dancing on the beats, and there are soothing and slow numbers too. Every one on the screen gets enough attention from the director and these small small things makes a big movie. Scenes from lajpat nagar of Delhi to Paris and then Amsterdam are very well shown in the film. Vikas Bahl, Well played. :) Overall a must watch film. A good film to freshen up your weekend.. :)
  • The story revolves around the journey of Kangana's character as she discovers herself and gains confidence after her fiance has left her a day before the wedding.

    Although a simple and predictable story, it is quite enjoyable to watch.

    It is completely a Kangana Ranaut show. She is the star of the film. But the supporting cast is likable too.

    Finally, the message in the film is a much needed one for the Indian audiences.

    Worth a watch!
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