Vikas Bahl said, that they didn't have the budget to shoot elaborate sequences or stay put at one location for long. "We were just 25 people from India for the shoot. We would book a place for a couple of hours, then rush to another location. We would eat at the nearest hotel where we were shooting, and at times Kangana would change her clothes in public toilets! We shot in about 145 locations in 40 days."

Kangana Ranaut won the Best Actress Award at the National Film Awards for her portrayal of Rani Mehra. It is the highest honour for any actor in the country.

The film was a surprising hit, despite only having one recognizable star in Kangana Ranaut, and barely any marketing.

Vikas Bahl had written the script keeping Kangana Ranaut in mind and Anurag Basu helped Bahl in meeting and casting her.

Queen won 6 Filmfares at the 60th Filmfare Awards, Best Film; Best Actress; Best Director; Best Editing; Best Background Score and Best Cinematography.

Kangana Ranaut's wasn't available to receive the Filmfare best actress award so Director Vikas Bhal went to receive it on her behalf,Rekha was giving the award told Vikas Bahl that she would personally like to go and give to Kangna at her residence.

Kangna Ranaut is seen wearing an "Alice in Wonderland" sweatshirt on her last day in Amsterdam. This is a tribute to the book on which the movie is loosely based.

The song Bindu Hungama Ho Gaya from Anhonee (1973) was remixed for Queen and gained similar popularity to the one it held during the 70s.

Kareena Kapoor was offered the role of Rani, but she refused.

When talking to Marcello, Rani (Kangana Ranaut) claims that Indian's are the best at kissing, citing the films of Emraan Hashmi as an example. In India, the media have dubbed Hashmi the 'serial kisser' - due to the fact that he has a kissing scene in the vast majority of his movies. At the time of Queen's release, Ranaut and Hashmi had starred together in three movies and shared a kiss in Gangster (2006) (Ranaut's debut film).

When accepting the Filmfare Award for Best Director, Vikas Bahl said, that one day his father was on the film's set to see what job his son does as a director, however, it was the assistant directors who were working that day.

This is the 2nd National award Kangana Ranaut recieved for best actress. Before she has got National award for best supporting actress for Fashion for the portrayal of super model.

Remake of producer Deepa Sahi ' s completed and unreleased film " Phir Zindagi". Starring Milind Soman, Gul Panag. Directed by Parvati Balagopalan. Vikas Bahl saw the film in a trial showing and remade it as Queen. Phir Zindagi has been completed and unreleased for 10 years.

Lisa Haydon had learnt French for a month to prepare for her role as a Indo-French hotel staff member, Vijaylaksmi.

The invitation that Rani places in the hostel's room wall, reads that her wedding was going to happen on Saturday, 23rd February, 2013, 7:30pm.

The film's story is loosely based on Alice in Wonderland.

The remixed version of the song "Hungama Ho Gaya" was shot at Club NL, in Amsterdam, where a Hindi song was played for the first time.

The famous Paris Love Padlock location was featured in the film.

When the boys in Amsterdam tell rani that they take her to church but they end up at the famous red light district, they have not totally lied! There's a church in the middle of red light district!!