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  • Drifters follow three friends who share and flat after university and have not yet got their lives quite figured out. As they try to progress in their lives they encounter many downfalls in their lives and relationships. You can really relate to the characters in Drifters, we have all been Meg, Laura and even Bunny at some point in our lives. We get ourselves into tricky and embarrassing situations which we don't know how to get out of and end up embarrassing ourselves even more... and this is what is great about this show... the characters are believable, flawed and unbelievably relatable. It's unlike a polished comedy where everything is canned laughter and sunshine, it really shows you the awkward, messy and laughable side of life, especially as a woman, there are not many comedies out there that show that actually, women can just be as immature, awkward and embarrassing and funny as men (haha) The performances are great, you can tell the actors really enjoy their roles and that's what brings a show to life. You can just imagine how much fun they must have on set. Not to mention, the hilarious story lines. It's easy to get into and binge on and it really helps to brighten your day.
  • pinkladysz17 September 2018
    A bunch of idiotic friends unable to adult, having fun doing crap jobs and having a raucous life. I loved it. I came to check if another series was planned whilst watching the writer on Travel Man and needed to leave a review.
  • 'Drifters' is sometimes unbelievable funny. The three girls in the center actually aren't girls anymore, they are women, but occasionally extremely childish, helpless, deceitful, or, among other 'features', simply dumb.

    They always fail on an epic scale with their versions of loving, being happy, finding a job, standing on their own feet, finding the right partner, being smart, being popular and so on, because if they achieve something, they are messing it up, always.

    Now, one would think that they aren't likable, but they are. Very. After every failure they manage to overlook its reasons and continue to stand tall, despite any embarrassments.

    This is one of my most beloved comedies, and it's always sad to have only six episodes a season. I'd like to have sixteen.
  • terraplanetom30 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Drifters (2013-2016) follows three wacky millennial Brit gals as they stumble and bumble their way through life and love in Leeds, England. Earlier seasons of this series tend to focus on dorky, dark haired Meg, played by series creator Jessica Knappett, who epically fails at a number of jobs and easily blows up more than a few relationships. Her hilarious partners in many funny escapades are her redheaded cousin Bunny, played by Lydia Rose Bewely and bitchy blonde gal pal Laura, played by Lauren O'Rourke.

    Season 4 finds the trio as a cohesive comedy team trying their hands at acting in Big Break, attempting to get healthy in order to run a marathon in Sober, wandering the streets of Leeds the night before their high school reunion in Homeless and throwing a "sexy" party in Halloween. These best episodes comically embrace more universal themes and are also the funniest.

    Maybe the best episode of all, The Third Way, also from Season 4, finds our trio meeting up at the "dumping pub" while Meg bounces between two blokes, the wholesome Andrew, played by Larry Michell, and sexy jerk Hot and Cold, played by Perry Fitzpatrick, who convinces Meg that "there's a third way" when it comes to relationships.

    Look for Laura's long suffering boyfriend Gary, played by Bobby Hirsten, in many episodes; their on-going train wreck of a relationship supplies plenty of laughs to earlier season episodes.
  • DavidYZ28 April 2017
    This is a very funny and lighthearted full-on comedy about three girls in Leeds. The acting and writing are excellent. It's great to see girls enjoying casual sex, having fun and getting into all sorts of crazy situations. Curvy hot girl Bunny is hilarious.

    I've watched and loved every episode.

    It's like a twentysomething, female version of The Inbetweeners.
  • shannen-l-c14 April 2019
    Drifters is a sit-com following three young women in their 20s who are stuck in that awkward time of life when you're no longer a child but also not quite responsible or mature enough to make it in the adult world and are basically just trying to get your life together. Meg, Bunny and Laura are very flawed but relatable characters who are very straight-talking and somewhat obnoxious and attempting to 'make it' in the world. They adopt a 'fake it until you make it' philosophy and consequently get themselves into some hilariously awkward situations in front of their partners, colleagues, friends and family.

    It's not a spectacular show, but it does what it says on the tin and provides some very funny moments. It does what only British comedies can achieve by never holding back in showing the more disgusting antics that young people get up to (particularly sexually) and the language they use. Face it - a lot of young people ARE sex-obsessed, they ARE vulgar and they ARE party animals, and that's what Drifters shows. It's refreshing to see a comedy that depicts three females who aren't perfect and who are shallow, self-centred, promiscuous, immature, loud and vulgar - qualities which are generally associated with young men.

    For anyone that really wants to know what to expect from Drifters, it's basically a slightly older female version of Inbetweeners - there you have it.
  • Lying in bed with stomach flu going on day 4, I found "Drifters" on Amazon Prime. Lucky, lucky me. Binge-watched the entire four seasons. Nothing better than crass, crazy humor to take one's mind off feeling nauseous, feverish and completely out of it.

    I love this series. I wish they had renewed it for at least two more seasons. I miss all the characters already, What a cast. Each and everyone perfect in his/her role. Stellar writing and acting all 'round.

    Laughed out loud too many times to count. The alcoholic culture of UK really shouldn't be this funny, but it was all portrayed so very well.

    Please watch this and see if you agree: this is top-notch entertainment.
  • Jellybeansucker4 February 2018
    A sitcom written as a series of increasingly unrealistic scenarios the three get themselves into. Okay it's exaggerated reality under comic licence then, as almost all sitcoms are. Still, the formula here gets cartoony and really stretches credibility beyond the suspension of disbelief thing.

    The show's humour is modern language based which at it best is simply coarse and worst full of sexually explicit comments. It becomes at times one long extended hen party with the three of them all embarrassing themselves in different ways, giving us the show's major source of comedy - the comedy of shamelessness which is currently very trendy.

    Some may gel with its reflection of modern life but if you're a fastidious sitcom fan who likes some subtlety and nuances of humour instead of being smashed in the face with it, Drifters may not be for you.