• WARNING: Spoilers

    Things are looking bleak for the members of rock band, Tennis Pro. They have been struggling to connect to an audience in the Seattle music scene - their recent run of shows have drawn empty audiences and their uninspiring day jobs are quickly eclipsing their dreams. So when an opportunity arises to take their act on the road to Japan - where the allure of a second chance at recognition awaits them - they cant refuse. Embarking on their Tokyo musical odyssey, the guys experience all the thrills and setbacks of taking their music into unknown territory (at least to them) and in the process learn a thing or two about themselves. Its just possible they wont fade away.

    BIG IN JAPAN is a semi-fictionalized rock 'n roll road movie based loosely on actual events. Told with rollicking humor and catchy tunes, director John Jeffcoat (OUTSOURCED) utilizes a fresh narrative approach and guerrilla production style mixed with an international storyline to craft a dynamic and entertaining story. Music and film intersect with two cultures to reveal simple, oftentimes hilarious, universal truths.