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  • I admit my bad: I had enjoyed several B. Skow story features from Girlfriends Films lately (SILHOUETTE; VOILA) and ordered a bunch more, including this surprise package, Unfortunately in this instance what arrived was pure gonzo material. The concept of tarnishing one's reputation with inferior product never has taken hold in the Adult world.

    For well over 3 hours you can get too much of a bad thing. Simple-minded premise of this wall-to-waller has attractive young models pitted against a rather worrisome roster of guys (only Billy Glide who I've enjoyed in real movies is presentable here) with the goal of deflowering their assholes with outsized dicks. Sort of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, the antithesis of eroticism.

    Photography, lighting and any other niceties you might consider are of little interest to Mr. Skow for this exercise, clearly a fast-buck diversion. No danger of this catching on -it's not even competitive with an army of specialists who crank out this sort of all-sex stuff with abandon and (practice makes perfect) some technical skill.

    For Girlfriends Films a message: stick to what you're good at, and for which you've built a loyal following. For Skow: if you persist in this nonsense, have the decency to think up a clever alternate pseudonym.