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  • David Stanley and B. Skow were to team for several fine features funded by Girlfriends Films but not this one. It has one of Stanley's worst scripts (and that's saying something) and the pair of pornographers seem to be trying to prove that they can execute Actors Studio type drama but merely make fools of themselves in the process.

    The cast tries hard, too hard, to fit the ridiculous characters Stanley has created. For his many Vivid and later Wicked projects he aimed at tongue-in-cheek often surrealistic shows that provided entertainment by sheer strangeness. For this Skow feature, the earnestness of the dialog and character relationships is failed seriousness (aka Camp).

    Unusual for porn credits, the male leads get top billing over the femmes, with Kurt Lockwood cast as a horny guy who can't help himself when it comes to being unfaithful. His wife Brooklyn Lee is at the end of her tether: his cheating with her ended his previous marriage, and now she's about to end her stint with him, too.

    Opening scene has lesbian sex in progress with Allie Haze and Prinzzess going at it while Kurt merely watches, chugging vodka from the bottle. Brooklyn comes home to catch them in the act, and Kurt's protests that he didn't partake of sex with either gal is unconvincing to her. For the fans, watching Prinzzess in a mainstream, boy/girl movie, albeit in a lesbian scene of course, is a novelty, though the movie was made for her banner Girlfriends Films where she is the undisputed queen of the genre (boasting over 250 features for them so far).

    Stanley jumps three months ahead, and we watch some highly aribitrary sex scenes as Kurt and Lee seem headed for a breakup, as his pledge of "no more cheating" to her is preposterous. Key subplot concerns plain Jane actress Claire Robbins (a favorite of mine dating back to her decade earlier jail-bait role for Gazzman and England's Harmony Films) who is stuck with an unplayable part as one of photographer Kurt's employees. Another of his workers, Michael Vegas, is terrible in a fake and contradictory role that Stanley tosses in for both XXX content scenes and dubious attempts at plot twists.

    Title dialog bookends the film and is banal in the extreme. For his coterie of fans, Stanley inserts a stupid and irrelevant mini-scene (flashback) of an anonymous cab driver's dick shooting cum on Robbins' feet, one of his favorite fetishes, literally shoe-horned into the movie.