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  • Shooting a production on exotic location is more expensive than your usual porn junker so Adam & Eve did a two-fer: "Adventures in Eden" had this same-cast second-feature shot back to back in Brazil.

    Hack scripter Cash Markman gives us terrible dialog (encouraging poor performances headed by hambone Evan Stone) in a timid porn-parody of "Fantasy Island". India Summer takes over from Ricardo Montalban while "Wesley" is a blank playing sidekick Bobo in place of Herve Villachaize, opening the show exclaiming: "Ze boat, ze boat!". Yes, folks arrive by boat rather than plane.

    Director "Eric Avalon", who I have guessed is actually cameraman Jake Jacobs, manages to deliver nine sex scenes in under two hours, quite rare in modern porn given the preference for XXX scenes in the half hour-plus time range. The Brazilian locations are lovely, but much of the sex is shot in bedrooms or bathrooms.

    Best or at least oddest scene is saved for last, as Tyler Nixon humps his co-worker, busty platinum blonde Kaylee Brookshire. After his money shot, Kaylee grabs a guy out of the closet and has sloppy seconds, his face not shown but hairy chest identifying the mystery performer as, perhaps you guessed it, cameraman Jake Jacobs. He does get his for-acting moniker Jay Crew listed in the end credits.

    India Summer brings her regal presence to a couple of sex scenes, including Sapphic sex with Krissy Lynn, while breast in show goes to Brazilian lady Fabine, who humps Stone in a flashback as well as her own hot lesbian scene with Suzana Rhios.

    A & E's cost-conscious 2 for 1 strategy results in two forgettable clunkers. Fortunately, Cash Markman's far from illustrious (prolific is the only positive adjective he deserves) screenplay career ended here.