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  • The plot is story slow, and almost nothing happens. It shows a collage of scenes of people living in caravans, but there's hardly any plot. There's no music in it either, despite being a film about a rock band.
  • ks-6050016 July 2020
    This movie really reach a new level of suxking for the past 50 movies I just watched. Empty storyline, poor characters and what the director want to film? I prefer watch news rather this be honest.
  • A movie about a roadie travelling with a punk band. Starring Ellie Fanning as a roadie who joins a punk band, who is the best thing in this rather boring but well shot movie. I appreciate the movie is shot from Viena's perspective (Ellie Fanning), but it was dull, Even having some more music would have been good. For a good Punk Roadie movie, although very different, I suggest "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains" starring a young Diane Lane.
  • brent-2784914 March 2021
    Who are these people? What are they doing? Oh, wait, I don't care, get lost.
  • atlastu23 July 2020
    To start telling the story of this film, would be useless because there is no story. If you can a girl who hangs out with the members of a band in their trailer in the middle of nowhere a story. I don't think there is one single good thing to say about it, in spite of the group of talents in it, the script is beyond bad, so it's just a complete waste of time.
  • sing200925 February 2021
    When someone says the best thing about the movie is Elle Fanning I know I have to see for myself because that can't be possible because Zoe Kravitz is in this movie. I gave her my stars.
  • Fanning was a GREAT child actor. However, her abilities did not carry over to adulthood. SHE IS AWFUL in EVERYTHING in her adult years! Her sister, Ella, has more talent in her pinky than Dakota does in all of her being. PLEASE QUIT CASTING DAKOTA!!!
  • Actually I've been waiting for it since 2018 so, I expected much better, but it wasn't a bad movie. I only vote high Bcs others vote low. So I wanted too say its not that Bad. Good acting.
  • What did I just watch? A bad version of Almost Famous? There was no point to this movie at all, no story, no likeable character, no nothing. Just a bunch of bums hanging around in a van on the road in the middle of nowhere, drinking and having sex. Dakota looked like a cadaver in this movie.
  • Why did I just watch that? Is it supposed to be a bad version of Almost Famous? There was no point to this movie at all, no story, no likeable character, no nothing. Just a bunch of bums hanging around in a van on the road in the middle of nowhere, drinking and having sex. Dakota looked like a cadaver in this movie.
  • It caught my interest from the cast and the premise of an 80's Rock band's journey on the road to success with a Las Vegas setting. No. Never saw Vegas. It was boring, confusing and sad. Would not recommend it.
  • timsscold6 February 2021
    Very bad actors game.Evan Rachel Wood is zero in this film. Delete her, and i give 10/10.
  • It's a different kind of movie. I wouldn't recommend it to novice film watchers. I was shocked at how bad the reviews were, which makes me wonder how many other movies i have disregarded in the past, due to the low rotten tomatoes percentage. This film is definitely a diamond in the rough and/or hidden gem in my opinion.

    It's shot really well. The cinematography is really well crafted and thought out. Yes the movie can be slow moving at times, but it's a really delicate artistic film. Some of these films take a while to bloom, and patience is required but the pay off is worth it. It's also worth noting that Dakota Fanning is incredible and the rest of the cast is great too.

    The soundtrack is in incredible. With music choices that are new and melodic, that really capture the essence and the soul of this film.

    This relatively unknown filmmaker took his time to make things right, I believe i read somewhere that he edited the film for 3 - 4 years before releasing it after film production, in order to make things perfect, and it shows. You really get wrapped up in this love triangle and bizarre group of roadies/punk band. It's one of the first films that really engrossed me into this world, which I don't think many other films have delved too deep into, which I appreciated. To me the film is really about attraction and a study on what that means, how important personality is to relationships. With a thrilling frightening final act.

    Overall a very thoughtful crafted film. It's refreshing to see a movie that is so different from other films.

    Thumbs up all the way on this one, great job, and I hope to see more of what this director has in store for the future.
  • vladvms16 September 2020
    Why would you even waste the resources like cameras, cast's time, crew's time and viewers' time? This is not even a script. This has no point whatsoever. Who found this script and said "Yes!!! Oh my god what a movie let's do this let's call everybody and make this happen in reality" should be absolutely fired and never allowed to work in the movie industry ever again. Nothing has any point and nothing has any value in this movie. It does not say anything, it has no message, it has no end point, it has no story, no nothing. I'm sorry I really believed this movie was nice and incredible but it turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments ever. Thanks for ruining what could've been a cool story into a nothing. Please never work with the people that wrote this. They're not writers.
  • This movie is more of a cautionary tale than anything else. I was drawn to it by the incredible cast and after watching it, I found my s/o and I talking about the scenes for the next few days, analyzing, questioning, critiquing. Yes, the film dropped the ball on backstory..but maybe that was the point. We were supposed to follow this girl in this moment in time and that's it. Dakota Fanning (not Ellie, as another reviewer mistakingly called her) was phenomenal as Viena and her love triangle outlined the harrows of an abusive relationship juxtaposed next to a functional and passionate one. I was left wanting to see more of the band and yes, I craved that back story, but I was happy with the result of this movie. Frank Dillane and Caleb Landry Jones were exceedingly fun to watch, as usual. For those who say it meanders, I think that's the point. It escapes from you and with you. And who doesn't love a happy ending?
  • The music industry is full of abusive people and systems that enable them. I think Evan Rachel Wood is very intentionally in this film. If you know anything about her relationship with Brian Warner it seems obvious that she took this role because of her experience touring with Marilyn Manson when she was a teenager. Unlike other rock god fantasy movies, this one shows you how mundane, sad, and ultimately dangerous these situations can be. I don't get why this film has been rated so low. Maybe people just don't want to lose the illusion?
  • I rented this movie being a fan of Evan Rachel Wood. I made it through the first half hour before I was done. Boring with little discernible plot. Evan didn't have a major role and there is a major lack of character introduction. We are just dropped into a road tour with some random musicians. Save your money.
  • watkinsdustin9 July 2020
    Doesn't know anything about post punk, fans or the attitude of the 80s. This is just another poor attempt at feminism, art house. Fans, bands, and roadies like the o es portrayed in this movie dont exist.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I do not know what I just looked at. It's a movie about nothing. The movie does not explain the origins/motivations of any of the characters, there is no coherent storytelling - no beginning, no climax, nothing tragic or otherwise happens, and the ending might be good for the main character but it's doesn't do the movie any good overall. It's simply 1h 30mins of showing people smoking and living a miserable life on the road for the most part. And by the way, for a movie about a band there is not much music playing except for when they turn on the retro cassette boombox - which is the only reference to the 80's of this movie that I could find. And the way they filmed this made me turn up the brightness to maximum at times, that and the lack of colour, which now that I think of it might have wanted to be another reference to the 80's. I was confused by the trailer and even more so by the movie - please someone explain to me what was the point of making this movie. I am dissapointed because some of my favourite actors are in here - Evan Rachel Wood, Jon Bernthal.