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  • One of the best movies I've ever seen. Robert Funaro and Armand Asante are captivating. Fred Carpenter hits a homerun with this film. The action scenes are well done. Armand Asante and Robert Funaro are on the same level as Goodfellas. Glad to see this was filmed in Long Island. It has a real feel and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Russian mobsters are scary and will leave you checking your basement. I loved the Lizard Lounge scene. The Russian assassin/ torturer will creep you out. I highly recommend this film. I loved the music and all the Beautiful girls. Sean Young was sexy and Melissa Anne is the next Marilyn Monroe. You would think this film had millions sunk into it. Go see it! Steve Sage is creepy.
  • Roger Ebert once said that "every great film should seem new every time you see it." If that's the case, then Charlie Mantle fits the bill. This addictive police drama and character study gets better with each viewing. Robert Funaro shines as the sharp-eyed but fatally-flawed detective. The former Sopranos cast member looks like he learned a thing or two from the late James Gandolfini when it comes to commanding the screen. The great Armand Assante turns in a galvanizing supporting performance, and it's nice to see Sean Young (a hot Jennifer Lawrence before Jennifer Lawrence) back on the big screen. Top-notch screenplay and well-edited.
  • Charlie Mantle is a wonder--a great modern film noir, in the tradition of Fritz Lang and Elia Kazan--shot on a low budget, it succeeds in capturing the gritty quality of modern NYC. Robert Funaro is great as Charlie, he's a new emerging star--a DeNiro like actor--he'll do great--great Cameos by Armand Assante, Paul Vario, and Sean Young from DUNE--great little film!!

    Fred Carpenter's direction captures the essence of the dark side of the NYPD, and he manages to do a out for a little. Fred has been directing films for 20 years, in his back-lot of Long Island, and he deserves some recognition--He's done Murdered Innocence,Small Kill and has several unreleased films including "Shmucks", a brilliant comedy, and The Blue Lizard--Fred should get some respect--he's launched the career of two major directors, and deserves to be called the Martin Scorcese of Long Island!
  • PMac7431 December 2014
    This gritty little film is a winning throwback to bare-knuckled crime dramas of the seventies. It boasts a solid screenplay, sure-handed direction by veteran Fred Carpenter, and a star-making title performance by Sopranos alum Robert Funaro. Kudos to the casting director too: each and every Russian mobster is more menacing than an ISIS member. If every neighborhood had a gang like this, there wouldn't be a single sex offender in your area. I also enjoyed the performances by Armand Assante and Paul Vario. Their many scenes with Funaro featured strong, real-world dialog. New York locations lent the film a nice authenticity.
  • Truly a performance and director based movie. Fred Carpenter is one of the best independent filmmakers in the country. He is a veteran in the industry that has helped launch the careers of many successful actors and producers. You stay involved for the larger than life performance from the captivating Armand Asante. I was extremely pleased and thoroughly entertained with this movie.

    It almost has a Goodfellas-esque feel. The most impressive part of this film is Fred Carptenters storytelling. He deals very tactfully with the issues of the darker side of the police department. overlapping story's big and small that end up being effected by the main one. He deals with a large array of interconnected moral dilemmas that come together to form a great film.

    Truly one of the best movies I've ever seen. Oh and Steve Sage really stands out as being very scary!

    Go see Charlie Mantle! You won't regret it!